Empire Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Stage Fright

empire-season3-ep2-lucious-cookie Chuck Hodes/FOX

Is it Cookie’s birthday or is Lucious really trying to buy her? He’s gone mad if he thinks he can buy her a few things and call it even. On last week’s episode of Empire, Cookie told him she was done with him and she meant it.

Yikes! I see things aren’t any better at Lucious’ house. Anika needs help taking care of Bella, so she tries hiring a nanny. Nope. That’s not going to fly in Lucious’ house. Leah tries to help by telling Anika she would be willing to take care of Bella. Once again…nope. Anika yells at Leah that she’s not going to let her crazy pants near her baby. That was pretty harsh, Anika.

Oh Jamal! I don’t understand how you and Lucious are related. Jamal wants to help Councilman Angelo Dubois promote anti-violence with the kids and invites them into Empire for a personal tour. Just because Lucious hears an opportunity to make Cookie happy, he tells Mr. Dubois that he’d like to host the WOKE event at Empire. Well played, Lucious.

Chuck Hodes/FOX

I feel uncomfortable watching Andre suffering. He’s yelling at nothing, demanding that Rhonda show herself because he can only hear her voice. At least Jamal seems to be showing an interest in helping his brother. Jamal agrees to help Andre keep track of all the pills he needs to take, because Rhonda was always the one keeping things in order. Now that Jamal is taking medication after the Freda incident, he knows how to help Andre keep his medication in order. Thank goodness for one Lyon being kind and thoughtful!

One way to wake up in the morning is being surprised by Biz Markie singing “Just a Friend” right outside your bedroom. Looks like Lucious is pulling out all his secret weapons to try and win Cookie back. So what was he doing the whole time Cookie was behind bars?! Now he’s calling Cookie his destiny. Don’t fall for it that easily, Cook.

And now Cookie is coming to Andre’s rescue. She tells him that, no matter what, she’s got his back. Let’s just hope he doesn’t do something crazy so she questions her support.

Looks like Hakeem has a new business partner who he might also want to make his new girl. Only problem is, Nessa is Shine’s little sister. I don’t think Hakeem wants to get on Shine’s bad side by hooking up with his sister.

Chuck Hodes/FOX

It’s a never-ending battle between Jamal and Lucious. At the WOKE event, Lucious gets up on stage and asks for Jamal to get on stage to perform a song, since he hasn’t since the night of the ASA awards. Lucious knows exactly what he’s doing. Just as he predicted, Jamal starts to panic and can’t get on the stage to perform. Jamal tells his parents that he can’t perform on stage anymore. Lucious was already accusing Jamal of not being able to perform, but apparently thought it would be better to humiliate Jamal in front of a crowd to prove his point. We get it, Lucious. Don’t you care about your son at least a little bit? He did save your life.

J Poppa is back in town. Becky was expecting to hear good news once he arrived but she didn’t exactly get what she was thinking of. J Poppa wants to leave Empire and have Becky go with him. He’s worried about his music career going down the drain once the feds start to investigate things further. I can’t blame him, it’s his career, but Becky doesn’t feel right leaving Empire.

Aw! Andre is giving his brothers pep talks. I never thought I’d see him smile again, but he’s smiling. And giving pep talks. Who would’ve guessed? Andre tells Jamal that he’s going to get through his PTSD and tells Hakeem that he’s a dad now and needs to be there for a daughter. Wise words, Andre.

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Uh oh! I know that sound. The static and humming sound that Anika hears on the baby monitor is coming from the camera inside the teddy bear. I’m not an expert with technology but I know my clock makes the same sound when my phone is near it and I’m about to get a text. It’s weird. Anika’s lucky she caught that sound, otherwise she wouldn’t have known about Tariq’s surveillance-video teddy bear. Lucious makes sure to rip the bears eyes out and reveals the wires inside. You know he’s not going to let Tariq get away with that one!

I cannot believe what I’m seeing! Andre is trying to better himself by picking up a few things left at his old house he shared with Rhonda. As he comes outside with a box of things in his hands and a smile on his face, he’s immediately questioned by two cops. They ask if he knows anything about recent break-ins in the neighborhood and refuse to listen to Andre when he tries to tell them that he used to live in that house.

When they ask for identification, Andre lets them know he has it in his car. They try to say that Andre has an attitude when they were the guilty ones. Andre proceeds to put the box in his trunk so he can go about his day. The cops immediately tell him to put his hands on the vehicle and tackle him to the ground, telling him to stop resisting as they handcuff him. One police officer pulls out a gun and points it at his head, threatening him.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Empire? It was a bit slow for me but at least the ending had a big shock. I guess they wanted to tie in a current issue in society to show viewers that it could happen to anyone. Do you think Andre should have been arrested? Will Jamal ever be able to perform on stage again? At least he can record music in the studio. Will Cookie let Lucious in and bring back the dynamic duo? I think it’s going to be hard for him to win her back, especially with Anika around. What will Lucious do now that he discovered Tariq’s teddy bear? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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