Scream Queens Star Taylor Lautner Reveals the Hardest Part About Playing TV’s Hot New MD

Forget #TeamJacob, We're Gushing Over Dr. Cassidy Cascade!

Taylor Lautner Tommy Garcia / FOX. © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co.
Oh Doctor! Taylor Lautner joins Scream Queens as Dr. Cassidy Cascade.

When Ryan Murphy’s Scream Queens returns to FOX, it’ll be bringing a shot of adrenaline — in the form of a few sexy, new, hot-shots — to Tuesday nights. Last season, Jamie Lee Curtis molded the minds of America’s youth as the dean of Wallace University; but now, she hopes to cure the ills of the American Heathcare system. “Jamie Lee’s character, Dean Munch, has purchased a hospital, and opened a hospital that is specifically for very rare conditions,” reveals Taylor Lautner, who has joined the cast along with fellow hunk John Stamos. “We have some interesting patients coming in and out every episode. Stamos’ character and I play the 2 head surgeons.”

With Lautner and Stamos playing doctors, I can imagine people dying to get sick, and Lautner reveals that the weekly maladies create opportunities for him to play doctor on a few famous folks. He tells us that, “Every episode will have a different guest star that’s playing the patient coming in for that episode, and we’re trying to find some sort of cure for whatever they have.”

And while creator Ryan Murphy has added new (and handsome!) faces to his cast, there’s plenty of Season 1 standouts returning for a second dose. In addition to Curtis, the series welcomes back Niecy Nash, Lea Michele, Keke Palmer, whose character is now a med student, and the disgraced Chanels (Emma Roberts, Abigail Breslin and Billie Lourd).

Lautner says that playing a doctor for the first time has come with a few challenges. “The dialogue is so insane,” he admits. “Having to deliver pages and pages of monologues of words that I’ve never heard before in my life, is challenging.” But the actor says that while playing a man of medicine isn’t easy, “It’s fun. It’s another reason I was directed to this because it’s like, ‘I’m playing a doctor?!?’ I’ve never done that before. It seems like a stretch, but I’ll take it!” And when Lautner answered our “5 Questions,” we found this charming man of medicine to be the perfect prescription for fall.

1. What are 3 foods you have to have in your fridge or pantry at all times?
If I wasn’t on a diet like I am now, ice cream, frozen pizza, and materials for me to make my own special guacamole.

2. Since you’re joining a horror franchise, what’s a scary movie that you can watch over and over again?
I could watch The Strangers over and over again.

3. What are you binging on TV right now?
The Bachelor — anything under The Bachelor umbrella. As soon as I finish this interview I’m going home to watch Bachelor In Paradise.

4. Tell us about a time when you were completely star struck.
On set of Scream Queens, on the Paramount lot, Denzel Washington pulled by in his car. I was walking with my co-star Keke Palmer, and I was like, “Did you see who just drove by?” She’s like, “No, who?” I was like, “Denzel.” She’s like, “Washington?” I’m like, “Yes. What other Denzel?” She’s like, “Shut up!!” She worships Denzel. She freaked out. She spent the next hour on a golf cart trying to find him on the lot. A couple days later he actually rolled by again and I saw him and said hi to him.

5. Tell us about one of your strangest or funniest fan encounters?
There have been a lot of funny ones over the years. There’s this girl out there that has my last name tattooed on the inside of her lip. Twice, I signed a girl’s arm and the next day she had it tattooed on him. I’ve had some — when I was 17 years old — I had some very passionate middle-aged women asking if they can take their panties off for me.

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    • That is so awesome! You’ve definitely made an impression on Taylor and he recalled meeting you with a giant smile.

      • He had a smile while mentioning me? How exciting! Is there any way to view the interview? There shows a YouTube link but it is not working

        • Hi Breana,
          Thanks for letting me know about the video link not working. It was a clip from the show and I’ve replaced it with something new. Sadly, my interview with Taylor was recorded as audio only (and it was at the world’s loudest party.) FOX throws legendary shindigs!

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