TV Talk: Hallmark’s Home and Family Returns for Season 5

Hallmark's Home & Family jeremy lee/Alexx Henry Studios LLC, ©2016 Crown Media United States, LLC
Home & Family hosts Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos

Hallmark Channel’s weekday talk and lifestyle series Home & Family is as plucky and cheerful as one of the network’s signature rom-coms. At the end of Season 4, former “Family Member” Debbie Matenopoulos was promoted to co-host after the June departure of longtime host Cristina Ferrare. Matenopoulos says that with the help of her co-host, Mark Steines, the transition has been a smooth one. “He is an amazing friend and a top notch co-host. He is so good at what he does and at the top of his game. I have been hosting television shows since my days at The View when I was only twenty-one years old so I feel very comfortable in my new position. Not to mention, having a great time. A day does not go by on the set where we don’t laugh so hard we nearly cry.”

And in Season 5, Matenopoulos and Steines will continue the series’ longstanding tradition of interviewing entertainment’s most interesting and beloved names. “I am excited over all for this new season!” gushes Matenopoulos of the fun that she, Steines, and the series’ close-knit “Family Members” have in store. “We are such a close knit group and what you see on TV is truly what you get. We really are like a family we share our highs and lows, our good days and bad days, our successes and failures, and everything in between. I think that’s the reason our fans keep coming back.” 

The series’ close-knit experts includes beauty specialist Kym Douglas, healthy living advocate Sophie Uliano, designer Paige Hemmis, medical expert Matt Iseman, garden coach Shirley Bovshow, chef Fabio Viviani, DIY expert Ken Wingard, pediatrician Dr. J.J. Levenstein, family man Matt Rogers, renegade chef Dan Kohler, men’s fashion expert Lawrence Zarian, fashion designer Orly Shani and mommy lifestyle expert Kristin Smith. Each lends his or her expertise to DIY projects, cooking segments, crafts, lifestyle and fashion pieces and general on-set antics.

Check out Home & Family’s premiere week exciting guests and craft-tastic DIY fun!

Hallmark's Home & Family
jeremy lee/Alexx Henry Studios LLC, ©2016 Crown Media United States, LLC

Monday, Sept. 12 – Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos welcome pastor Victoria Osteen; Adam Nimoy, the son of actor Leonard Nimoy, talks about his new documentary For the Love of Spock; the finalists of the American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards roll over for a visit; DIY expert Ken Wingard creates DIY Spock bookends; renegade chef Dan Kohler breaks down the science behind brain freeze; and learn how to build a DIY pallet coffee table with design expert Paige Hemmis.

Tuesday, Sept. 13 – Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos welcome Hallmark stars Paul Greene and Danica McKellar to cook a delicious dish; actor Hal Linden from the musical “The Fantasticks” joins us; chef Margarita Kallas makes all-natural ice cream and vegetable sprinkles; Bishop T. D. Jakes visits our home; Madeline Fraser from Homee Interiors reveals our newly redesigned family room and breakfast nook; psychologist Julie Austin leads a discussion about the loss of a pet; Hollywood beauty specialist Kym Douglas shares her favorite functional jewelry; and Maria Provenzano makes DIY mini animal canvases.

Wednesday, Sept. 14 – Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos welcome actress and singer Naya Rivera to talk about her memoir, Sorry, Not Sorry; Simone Missick from the Marvel Netflix series Luke Cage is here; celebrity chef Sharone Hakman cooks a delicious dish; the author of “Everything is Possible,” aerialist and acrobat born without legs, Jen Bricker joins us; Leonard Kleinrock, known as the “Father of the Internet,” is in our home; design expert Paige Hemmis creates DIY home state art; fashion designer Orly Shani shows you fashionable DIY colorblock sweaters; healthy living advocate Sophie Uliano makes an energizing, all-natural afternoon snack.

Thursday, Sept. 15 – Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos welcome actress D’Arcy Carden from NBC’s The Good Place; nutritional therapy practitioner Breanne Rice cooks a delicious dish; touch therapy expert Michelle Ebbin shows you an accupressure facelift; Kathy Freston, the author of “The Book of Veganish,” is in our home; family man Matt Rogers and medical expert Matt Iseman try to break Guinness World Records; fashion designer Orly Shani makes trendy DIY feather purses; and save money with Hollywood Steals and Sandie Newton.

Friday, Sept. 16 – Mark Steines and Debbie Matenopoulos welcome actress Katee Sackhoff from Netflix’s Longmire; actress Michelle Ang talks about AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead; television host and author of “One Pan Nan,” Nan Kelley cooks a delicious dish; DIY Star Amber Kemp-Gerstel creates a DIY placemat clutch; men’s fashion expert Lawrence Zarian shows you what’s new for fall jackets; garden coach Shirley Bovshow has everything you need to know about bringing your plants indoors from cooler temperatures; and Hollywood beauty specialist Kym Douglas leads a talk about toxic girlfriends.

Home & Family is always one of TV’s most warm and welcoming viewing destinations; the series seems to thrive in its ability to surprise and delight its fans. I especially love when the series hosts reunion episodes and brings together the cast members of a beloved series for a morning of memories and merriment.

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  1. On Friday’s show there was a animal print jacket featured in the fashion segment. What store was that from? Cant find details on your website

  2. Mark I wanted to let you know I love your show Home @ Family. I never knew it was on until you@ Julie got married. I started out with Norbert @ now I’m into your whole family. On the show@ at your home. Thank you so much for putting on a great show.

  3. I stopped watching the show. I remember back in the summer when we were told that Christina was spending time with here family. I found Debbie and Mark beyond annoying then, but figured I could hang in till Christina came back. Then the callous way that good OLD Mark announced that Christina would not be returning, but she was always welcome to come back and visit. Really. Would you come back and visit a show that says you are too old, and they want to appeal to a younger audience. This old bird is not only not watching anymore, but not buying anymore of Hallmarks overpriced, out of date, junk. Here is a clue you can grab Hallmark. My mother handed down the tradition of giving Hallmark cards and gifts to me and my sister. It is called traditions. I will not be handing down that tradition to my child, as you do not, as a company, demonstrate the family values we hold dear in my own family. Ageism is just another form of discrimination, and families are inclusive of all age groups.

  4. I am a fan of Cristina and very disappointed in Hallmark Would like to see her in her own show I dvr everything and looked forward to see her before I called it a day I know tv heads are listening

  5. I watched every day and was shocked to find out Cristina was fired. I also taped the show when I knew I was going to be out, I didn’t want to miss it, but I am no longer watching. I agree with the previous commentor, Debbie was good in the background but not as a host. We loved Cristina and the repoire between her and Mark. So sorry it had to end. The name of the show should be changed. It is Not Home and Family!

  6. What was the Drs name that was on the show with grieving pets- does she have a web site to ask questions to her? Thank tou

  7. No longer watching. Cristina’s sweet spirit is missing. When I watched the egomaniac Woody lecture the viewers about how they should just accept Debbie, because he has been the greatest producer ever for years, and we just wrong about what we wanted to watch. He implied we were all stupid and hate mongers that could not possibly be right. We the viewers miss seeing Kym, Shirley, Dr. JJ, Sophie, Ken, the two Matts, Dan, and Larwence. I’m really surprised that Hallmark has been so unresponsive to viewers feelings, after all they are dependent on the sale of their products. I have decided to no longer support Hallmark with my purchasing power.

    • Thank you for putting into words my feelings on the matter of Cristina. I too will no longer watch and will not support Hallmark.

  8. I was a longtime fan, until they chose to fire Cristina & lie to viewers. It’s very clear to me that they don’t care about their fans, they only care about appealing to a younger audience. I no longer watch Hallmark channel and will not purchase any Hallmark products.

  9. Not the same show! Don’t watch anymore! It was wrong what they did to Cristina! She made Home and Family what it was! Sad for the change!

  10. Since the firing for age I have not and will not watch.. Mark is 50,Debbie is late 40’s ,Paige late 40’s, Sophie 52, Kym 50+, Dr JJ 50+,
    The reason for firing Cristina because they wanted a YOUNGER fan base, makes no sense to me. I agree Mark is acting different,not in a good way, Debbie is to me like fingernails on a chalkboard.. So No I’m DONE

  11. So many unfortunate changes having chistina fired and Cedar Cove being cancelled.I am watching less of the hallmark station

  12. I’ve only watched the show a few times, before and after Christina was fired. I completely agree with what everyone says. Mark especially seems different, not as warm and genuine as he used to be, Debbie is rather obnoxious, and the whole show has a feeling of forced excitement. Also, they put way too much makeup on the women hosts. I was really starting to like Mark, especially since he was dating and is now married to Julie Freyermuth, but he really seems changed lately, and not in a good way.

  13. This is just not the same show I enjoyed watching the past four years. So many unfortunate changes with cast as well as format. With the disappearance of Tanya Memme, Laura Nativo, Jeanette Pavini and then the firing of Cristina Ferrare, the show seems to have lost its warmth and inspiration. No longer a viewer.

    • I’m wondering if there is and I’m not saying it will be a sixth season how do we even know if Woodie want let go of other people we love, there are just a few left that I care about so I just run through most of the show anymore just saying you know it can’t be home and family because that is just not the way it’s done Hay Woodie why don’t you just tell the people what happen then you just might have a shot at season six if not I don’t think it will make it just saying. I’m really sorry because my husband said that I was the best Home And Family but now I don’t care like I say there is still a few on the show I love and I think that Debbie and mark are are just trying to hard till they are phones to me they acted like they loved Christine and my other girls so not to mention them It just Smells

  14. I have tried to cont watching Home and Family since Cristina was fired for being too old- hardly the type of thing we would think Hallmark would do. I have found the show now to be trivial and void. Debbi’s was nice as a contributor but is not great as the co-host. Mark used to come off as warm when he was with Cristina but now seems egotistical and shallow. The warmth that used to be such a great part of this show is gone and it is a big loss for those of us that we’re faithful viewers before. If you want just another Holkywood feel show – then this is now it. And the supposed “family” feel for the cast members only lasts as long as your employed there. If you get the boot they stop treating you like family. How they have treated Cristina is awful- yet she continues to be so gracious, warm and forgiving. I miss the Home and Family show we used to be able to invite into our homes each morning- this new version is no longer watched by many of us.

  15. This article casually mentioned Cristina Ferrae’s departure in June. She was fired. Many loyal viewers stopped watching the show at that point. It was handled horribly by Hallmark and the show. The show is absolutely not the same without her. I also heard the ratings are down, and I’m not surprised.

  16. Perhaps you might proofread your article before you publish it. And I quit watching Home and Family after Cristina was fired, the real reason I watched the show to begin with. It just proves Hollywood is FAKE and there is no real warmth and feeling of family with this show. It is truly just show biz.

  17. I used tone a faithful viewer of Home & Family, but no longer watch the show. The “departure” of Cristina Ferrare was her being fired for being too old. Then when she suddenly disappeared, it was announced that she was on “vacation.” It was weeks before they finally announced that Cristina was replaced by Debbie. I have heard that their ratings have dropped tremendously.

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