The Usos see bright future for tag teams on WWE SmackDown Live

Usos Smackdown Live WWE
Jimmy and Jey Uso

The brand extension brought excitement within WWE for not only fans, but the superstars themselves.

Many are looking forward to a fresh start. Compared to Raw, SmackDown in particular is in a unique position transitioning to Tuesdays live on USA Network and essentially starting from scratch when it comes to two of its divisions.

This Sunday at Backlash will see the crowning of the first-ever SmackDown women’s and tag team champions of this new era. The Usos are one of three teams looking to walk out with gold.

Jimmy and Jey, regular fan favorites, have recently showed a more villainous side onscreen by attacking American Alpha after losing to them in a tournament match. By taking out Chad Gable they have secured another opportunity to win the titles. The Usos are happy to be part of the resurgence of tag teams.

“The tag division has changed a lot,” Jey said. “We like the brand split because it’s more competition for the Usos. It’s more opportunity. We want to spark this tag division back up and get it crackalackin like it used to be back in the day with the Hart Foundation, Legion of Doom and all the OG tag teams. I want to get that feel back in the tag division. We got it now.”

When looking at the recent NXT call-ups, the twin brothers have been impressed with American Alpha. They followed Jason Jordan and Gable during the ascension atop the NXT tag division.

“The two are good, but they are in a whole other league now,” Jimmy said. “They are on SmackDown Live where it’s another chance to prove themselves as well. They are a hungry up-and-coming tag team with huge potential. They are both charismatic and athletic.”

“But can they hang with the top-notch? Can they hang with us? That is the question,” Jey added.

Outside the ring, fans of Total Divas will find Naomi and husband Jimmy back for the upcoming season six of the E! reality show. Naomi recently returned to SmackDown Live with a “Feel the Glow” look.

“She is happy,” Jimmy said. “She is excited. She was itching to get back in the ring. Plus with her new character, new entrance on a new show and new look, she is all for it. I love having her back on the road. She provides extra motivation for me all the time. I mean that’s my wife. She is just happy to be back…As for Total Divas, I’m used to it. I just got spoiled not filming on my days off. Now we are filming on my days off. It comes with the territory. My wife is on Total Divas so I’m happy to be on there for her.

“I was excited for her to come back, too,” Jey said.

“That way she can get this guy off me.”

Jimmy and Jey Uso WWE
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