TV Land’s Golden Girls Labor Day Marathon Schedule

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See the best of Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Blanche (Rue McClanahan), Rose (Betty White) and Sophia (Estelle Getty) in this Labor Day Golden Girls marathon featuring 14 episodes on Sunday and 18 episodes on Monday. From TV Land:

TV Land’s Golden Girls Labor Day Marathon Schedule

All Times Eastern.

Sunday, Sept. 4
9am: Blanche and the Younger Man: Blanche goes all out to try to look good for her latest beau, her aerobics instructor half her age. Meanwhile, Rose’s dynamic mother comes for a visit and gets fed up with Rose’s “mothering” ways.
9:30am: In a Bed of Rose’s: Late one evening, Rose brings a man home and they spend the night together. However, in the morning she finds that he has passed away. Even worse, she later discovers he was married.
10am: Ladies of the Evening: The house is fumigated and the girls move into a Miami Beach hotel. Dressed up to attend a Burt Reynolds movie premiere, the girls are caught in a hotel raid, mistaken as prostitutes, and dragged off to jail.
10:30am: Isn’t It Romantic: Dorothy’s friend Jean comes to visit and Dorothy doesn’t tell Blanche and Rose that Jean is a lesbian. After spending time with Rose, Jean begins to fall for her. Meanwhile, a new VCR prompts Sophia to rent “dirty movies.”
11am: Big Daddy’s Little Lady: Blanche’s father comes to Miami for a visit and announces he’s engaged. Blanche is thrilled until she meets his fiancee, who happens to be younger than her. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Rose enter a Miami song writing contest.
11:30am: Long Days Journey into Marinara: Sophia’s sister, Angela, arrives in Miami for a visit and decides to move there. Dorothy invites her to stay with the girls. This ticks off Sophia since she thinks that Angela is after everything that she has.
12pm: Mixed Blessing: Dorothy’s son, Michael, pays another visit and this time he has an announcement: he’s engaged. However, Dorothy has two more surprises in store. Her future daughter-in-law is also black and twenty years older than Michael.
12:30pm: And Ma Makes Three: Feeling sorry for a lonely Sophia, Dorothy allows her to come along on a date with her latest beau. However, pretty soon Sophia begins tagging along on every date, which puts a rift in Dorothy’s romantic plans.
1pm: Yes, We Have No Havanas: Blanche’s new boyfriend is a charming Cuban who sweeps her off her feet, but she’s not the only one. Blanche discovers he’s also been dating Sophia. Rose takes a course taught by Dorothy so she can get a high school diploma.
1:30pm: Love Me Tender: When Sophia sets Dorothy up on a blind date, Dorothy secretly falls for the seemingly simple man, claiming “he’s the greatest lover she ever had.” Blanche and Rose join the “Be a Pal” and become pals to two motherless girls.
2pm: High Anxiety: After Sophia accidentally knocks a bottle of Rose’s pills down the sink, it is discovered she is addicted to them and must battle withdrawal. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia are hired to be in a pizza commercial.
2:30pm: An Illegitimate Concern: Blanche is stunned when a man comes to the front door and claims to be the illegitimate son of her late husband. Meanwhile, Dorothy and Sophia enter a mother-daughter pageant at Shady Pines.
3pm: Sick and Tired, Part 1: Dorothy is feeling rundown, tired all the time and has a lack of energy. She is sure she is ill, but all of the doctors she visits tell her she’s fine. Meanwhile, Blanche decides to write a romance novel.
3:30pm: Sick and Tired, Part 2: Dorothy continues to seek medical advice and turns to Harry Weston for help. Meanwhile, Blanche goes on a writing binge, resulting in a novel that is less then enthralling.

Monday, Sept. 5
9am: The Flu: A week before an awards ceremony, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose each come down with a nasty flu, which compounds their arguing over who will win a prestigious award.
9:30am: The Way We Met: One night after watching “Psycho,” the girls find it hard to sleep so they stay up and reminisce about how they all came to live with one another.
10am: End of the Curse: Blanche is mortified after taking a pregnancy test which indicates she’s pregnant. After visiting her doctor, she learns the truth that she’s beginning menopause. Dorothy, Rose, and Sophia go into the mink breeding business.
10:30am: It’s a Miserable Life: The girls circulate a petition to save a 200 year old oak tree which is located on the property of the most hated woman in the neighborhood, Frieda Claxton, who wants the tree cut down.
11am: Love, Rose: Rose places an ad in the personals column and she is let down when she doesn’t hear an immediate response. This leads Blanche and Dorothy to begin responding under the name Isaac Newton.
11:30am: The Actor: Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose each vie for the attention of an actor in the local community theatre, who on the sly begins romancing each of them.
12pm: Old Friends: Sophia befriends an old man on the boardwalk. However, his strange behavior signals that he has Alzheimer’s disease. Meanwhile, Blanche accidentally gives away Rose’s teddy bear at a garage sale.
12:30pm: My Brother, My Father: Sophia’s brother Angelo, a priest, comes to visit and doesn’t know Dorothy and Stan are divorced. To spare his feelings, Sophia has Dorothy and Stan pretend to be married. Rose and Blanche prepare to star in The Sound of Music.
1pm: The One That Got Away: Blanche is determined to sleep with the one man who has refused her once in the past. Meanwhile, Rose claims to have seen a UFO and gets the Air Force involved.
1:30pm: Scared Straight: Blanche’s brother, Clayton, comes to Miami for a visit, and Blanche goes all out fixing him up on blind dates. However, Rose learns the truth: Clayton is gay and is afraid to tell Blanche the truth about himself.
2pm: Valentine’s Day: It’s Valentine’s Day, and the girls are all excited until each one of their dates cancels at the last minute. This leaves them to reminisce about Valentine’s Day past.
2:30pm: Bang the Drum, Stanley: At a baseball game, Sophia gets beaned. This prompts Stan to talk her into filing a lawsuit for payment on her severe injuries, which he gets her to fake. Meanwhile, Blanche and Rose prepare for roles in the play “Cats.”
3pm: Foreign Exchange: Sophia’s Sicilian friends Philomena and Dominic come for a visit with shocking news. Philomena and Sophia met in the hospital when they were giving birth, and now Philomena and Dominic claim that Dorothy was switched at birth.
3:30pm: Ebb Tide: Blanche is shattered after her father, Big Daddy, passes away. However, when she goes back to her childhood home, she gets into a big argument with her sister, Virginia, and decides not to attend the funeral.
4pm: Twice in a Lifetime: Rose must decide between her boyfriend, Miles, or an old boyfriend who has just come to town and asks her to go to Europe with him. Meanwhile, fed up with Dorothy’s rules, Sophia decides to move out.
4:30pm: Mrs. George Devereaux: Blanche has a secret admirer and is shocked when she meets him: her supposedly dead husband, George. Meanwhile, Dorothy is being wooed by two men, Sonny Bono and Lyle Waggoner.
5pm: The Case of the Libertine Belle: The girls participate in a murder mystery weekend, and Dorothy has a ball when she solves a mystery. But when Blanche is accused committing a real murder, Dorothy will have to use all skills to find the real culprit.
5:30pm: Journey to the Center of Attention: Blanche brings a lonely Dorothy down to the Rusty Anchor for a night of excitement. However, Blanche had no intention of being pushed off her throne by Dorothy, who begins singing and instantly becomes the center of attention.

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