1. By far the funniest snatch game. Alyssa, Alaska and Katya stood out. Alyssa had the best line with not first time on the snatch game. I have died about 1000 times watching it.

    • Even the weak links weren’t that weak. I feel bad for the season 9 girls. They are going to have to bring it to even come close to this Snatch Game.

  2. I know people will dislike this, But dressed as “Joan Crawford” he looks like a badly drawn Simpsons Cartoon Character.

    • Which is part of why I love Alyssa. She probably doesn’t even see a cartoon character. Although I don’t know if her Joan Crawford made her look in the mirror as much as her usual makeup

  3. I’m so glad that you’re doing this for All Stars.

    I wish Adore stayed for my own selfish reasons but at the end of the day she’s out grown the show.

    So many people love Detox but I’m not one of them.

      • I always feel with Detox that I’m not into fashion ENOUGH to get her style. Like with her first look – I know it was a Mugler, but I thought it was ugly. Maybe not ugly, but blah.

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