Recap: Naked and Afraid XL Reunion “Out of Africa”

40 days of misery, 40 days of pain, 40 days of triumph, none of them will be the same.

Naked and Afraid XL Reunion Discovery
Steven, Darrin, Stacey and Alyssa may have been the only survivalists to make it to the day 40 of Naked and Afraid XL, but tonight, everyone gets to join in on the reunion fun!

Just a few days after the dramatic season finale of Naked and Afraid XL‘s second season, we’re back to catch up with the survivalists and hear about their post-South Africa experience. In the Naked and Afraid XL Reunion, we catch up with out favorite survivalists and see how they’re doing after the extreme adventure.

From the get-go, this reunion special was way cooler than I imagined, and we got the kind of inside information that I relish. There are many cogs that go into making a show like Naked and Afraid, so I give a special nod of acknowledgement to the series production company, Renegade 83. (I’ve talked about Metal Flowers Media before, the company that casts the series, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned the series production company.) They also make the survival series Man, Woman, Wild, which I watched for a while before getting tired of the drama.

It’s interesting that the survivalists met together in a classroom ahead of time. I’m sure hearing the dangers directly from the area’s game wardens was eye-opening and terrifying. It makes me wonder if the predator safety brief was the only advance info that they were provided by the series, or if they got any info about flora and fauna. Also, since they had game wardens, that leads me to think that they were on a game reserve. Could the survivalists have actually caught any of the wild game?

For the reunion special for last season’s XL cast, it was nice to have everyone in the same location where they could interact. What is your reaction to an episode that was essentially a clip show interspersed with unseen footage and post-show interviews? I found it really fun to watch.

Naked and Afraid XL Reunion
The crew finds themselves on-camera and in danger. Discovery

I think some of the scenes that they showed tonight were better than the “A” material that they used during the episodes. I wound it hilarious that when a pair of male lions got too close to the crew, the safest place for them was in the cast boma! I thought it was a pretty insane fact that a lion could close a distance of 50 yards in only 3 seconds, and would have sounded particularly threatening coming out of Mr. Spooky-voiced Narrator’s mouth.

If you missed it, take a look…

I have never seen a tick in the flesh, and after this season of XL, I never want to. Please tell me that North American ticks aren’t as huge as the ones in South Africa! I’m not sure which of Stacey’s T.M.I stories was the grossest: the tick under Stacey’s eyelid, or Tawny picking a tick off of Stacey’s bum. Either way, it makes me love clothes Soooooo much.

I’m glad that the show’s medical team had a mid-challenge weigh-in; and I’m shocked at how much weight everyone lost in only 20 days. Jake lost over 30 pounds!!

Cape Buffalo are some of the strangest animals I’ve ever seen on TV. I would love to see one in real life, but preferably from the safety of a Jeep.

Yertle the Turtle
I still don’t understand why Naked and Afraid participants don’t turn everything they catch into a soup. That turtle would have looked much tastier in a pot of boiling water. And if I was in a survival situation, I would have been eating as many testicles as I could! Man-meat is still meat.

And we can always count on quipster Jake to deliver the perfect zinger. His response to tasting testes, “I was surprised that turtle testicles tasted so delicious.”

Super Pooper
The survivalists were so desperate for food that they ate nuts that they dug out of elephant poop. Tawny, Alyssa and Phaedra’s loved ones will never kiss them again.

And not-so-super poopers
The group’s high-protein diet led to group constipation. And it became a topic of conversation. Because when you’re naked and picking ticks off of each other’s super-soft bits, getting scatological seems like the logical next step.

Pearly Whites
Clever Phaedra brushed her teeth with charcoal and looked like an Oreo cookie-mouthed nightmare. When the group started feeling ill-effects from the fruit, would consuming charcoal have helped them? I believe that one of the posts on the Episode 7 message board offered this suggestion.

Darrin is good at catching rats, but smells like a sunk.
Darrin is good at catching rats, but smells like a skunk. Discovery

Dirty Dog
I’m not surprised that Dirty Darrin was stinky. He looks like the kind of man who has a permanent pong. I’m sure that there are women who find a musky man as fragrant as French perfume, but his co-survivalists would have been more impressed if he was catching them a meal, instead of them catching a whiff. It makes me glad that I don’t have smell-a-vision.

Naked and Afraid XL Reunion
Noone knows this, but Ryan has a mini-fridge hidden in his beard. Discovery

Don’t Eat the Fruit!
The never-before-seen moment when Ryan was forced to tap out was heartbreaking. This accomplishment meant so much to him and I hope he’s gotten over the disappointment of not lasting the full 40 days. And whenever the blues creep in, at least he can feel proud of himself for building a pretty sweet beard brush!

The scene of the crime
The final four took a pilgrimage to the fruit tree to see the source of pain for so many of their friends. Sadly, the show didn’t reveal the specific bacterium that caused the illness. It shouldn’t have been too hard to figure out with a simple fecal culture. (Of course I write this like I know what I’m talking about, but I really have no clue. Someone with medical knowledge please confirm; or please tell me I’m full of crap.)

Breakfast of Champions
It was so fun to see the first meal that The Four Horsemen ate after returning to civilization! And just like we saw in Jeff’s post-XL shower video, junk food is the meal de jour.

Naked and Afraid XL Reunion
40 days ago, I wonder if they knew they’d be a part of the final four. Discovery

After Effects
After the extreme starvation of Naked and Afraid XL, both Alyssa and Phaedra lost a lot of hair. Both women were lucky to have had luscious locks at the beginning of the experience, so even a handful or two shouldn’t be too noticeable.

But even stranger, Jake experienced freaky deaky facial paralysis that must have been pretty disconcerting. I wonder if it was Bell’s Palsy, which usually clears itself up in a month or two.

Naked and Afraid XL Reunion

This was a nice way to remember a season that had a lot of disappointing moments. I’m glad that everyone seemed healthy and happy. And whether they made it the full forty days or not, all 12 of this season’s XL participants were part of something unique that few have experienced. As Stacey said, “We are forever bound in our weirdness.”

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  3. They seemed incredibly cheerful considering the torment they went through. It took a few of them 6 weeks to recover.

  4. Hey I found it. I was looking for the recap of the Reunion show. I’m gonna’ miss these folks. It was compelling TV even if not totally real.

    • RG, where did you find the reunion show? All I could get was the recap and scenes never shown before. The show description said “reunion”; however, you’re all talking about how good they all looked and I would like to see it. I’m going to miss this show too; however, last year’s XL was much more interesting if just for the fact that there was very little comrade between the people and their meanness and nastiness made for better viewing than this year’s boring show.

      No one has mentioned Dual Survival? Is there a forum on it? Last week’s show was actually a great deal better than the 1st episode except that Jeff jumping on top of a wild boar wasn’t the smartest thing to do.

      • Laurajane. I didn’t watch the Goober brothers show. In California we had wild boars that were descendants of Russian boars escaped from the Hearst 600,000 acre estate. The typical boar was/is 300+ pounds. I can assure you the boar Jeff jumped on was not as fierce as the ones we know. They are varmints in CA. and I hunted them several times per year as a favor to local farmers. Two fools (I didn’t know them) decided to dig a pit trap, then jump in and kill him with Bowie knives. One bled to death before help arrived and the other spent a long time in the hospital. I am saying that Jeff did not jump on a “real” wild boar. Perhaps it was a young pig? I used a 12 gauge shotgun with 00 buckshot because the ranges where very short.

  5. I thought Kim looked cute in her overalls with her hair done up.

    I read online that she first heard about N&A in January 2013 after meeting Andrea Lopez (who did an N&A 21-Day Challenge with Cowboy Joe from Wyoming). Lopez was a trainer, at that time, in the Moab South Town Gym’s “Biggest Loser” program.

    I wonder if Kim did N&A with thoughts of using it as a weight loss clinic? Sort of a Fat Farm, crash diet? Good way to drop a few pounds, like 25lbs.

    • Laura, Jeff isn’t too smart. In fact I enjoyed this episode just for the visuals. I don’t care for either dimbulb Jeff or dimbulb EJ, they’re both certified goobers. There’s probably no forum because no one would attend. I don’t want to watch them but it’s like driving by an accident, you don’t want to look but you do.

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      • Al, best way to handle a troll is not to feed it and it will go away. He/she doesn’t watch the show, doesn’t participate in discussions and is simply a “drive by” poster. If you don’t respond to him/her she/he just vanishes.

        • I was thinking the same thing. A new twist on the old saying “IGNORANCE IS BLISS”- (our ignoring him helps us to maintain our bliss!). I just found out that I am getting a free preview of The Smithsonian Channel. The programming is super amazing & interesting. Channel 367 on DISH NETWORK. I hope you can get it – think you will agree. Be well & enjoy the Holiday Weekend. It cooled down like 20 degrees here starting yesterday. This morning was like a brisk fall day with a nice breeze & misty intermittent “rain”. Perfect for doing all the outdoor things I had been avoiding due to heat/humidity (fallen wood/branch collection,weed eating,etc.). Tomorrow is supposed to be more of the same, then back up to the 90s again. So “make hay while the sun does shine” (I never made hay,so need to find another word for that analogy).Is Hurricane Hermine impacting you in any way? PEACE/OUT- ALAN

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  7. I suspect that JC is watching the GIANTS/PATRIOTS game right now (so am I, but multitasking..). My Dad’s favorite team (NY)/he (my Dad) has had those box seats since the 60s (now 85 y/o)- claims to be LONG suffering fan (they totally sucked back then?).. But he (JC) is 3 hours behind us (as is LJ), so perhaps they will weigh in later?? (I remember when the Mets first started- you could sit on top of the home dugout, it was so poorly attended. Yankees were another story- Mantle/Maris/oh my!)

    • Mantle and Maris chasing Babe Ruth in ’61 was my in-road to baseball. Despite living in the Boston area, I’ve been a Yankee fan all my life.

      • Nice man! As a New Yorker, I know that must have been hard for you at times. You have gained much admiration from my end (does that mean you are close to my age-60? I had pictured you as being much younger?)..Certainly your libido seems to be working just fine/no “little blue pills” for us, it seems!!

    • When I was about 3-5 years old my father used to take us to the Polo Grounds to watch the Brooklyn Dodgers. They were our team until they moved to California and became the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now, in the NFL the teams seem to be playing musical states/cities. Teams have no loyalty to their states, cities, fans or players. Consequently I have no interest in sports. Sometimes I watch the super bowl, mostly I’ll record it and fast forward through the plays. Sports are such a scam. My wife and I were professional musicians for awhile and got tired of the morons over at the bar with their ball caps on backwards, their sleeves rolled up and slurring “Yeah man, thash my team man, thash my team” when the team never heard of them and wouldn’t give a shit if they did. No, not a sports fan.

  8. This was more entertaining than anything they have done so far. It felt real & not staged. Good to see the cast laughing, & in a different light from all the other shows. I hope Ryan is getting better.

    • Judi – It was interesting to see Darrin smiling and interacting with the others. Maybe he’s a bit more social than we’re led to believe.

    I cannot speak for anyone here but myself. However, the nudity on this show is just to make the challenge alot harder. Anyone who has lived outside can identify with what I am saying. It gets COLD once below 60F. The slightest air movement will make you shiver, & it becomes impossible to sleep properly. As a former “hippie” who has lived on communes where everyone was naked, I can attest to the healthy attitude toward our bodies & sexual desires once we acclimate to seeing each other nude. It really becomes not much of a big deal at all. In contrast, people like you who repress their needs, & persecute others to conform, become all pent up inside, & are the most likely to be closet degenerates. Many Christian Fundamentalists in history can be used as examples. I have to wonder if you fit that bill already, since you are watching a show you don’t even like. Perhaps you do not like yourself either?? Get help fast, man!

    • There are no “former” Hippies, just “transformed” Hippies, those of us that have learned to disguise ourselves as “normal” Americans. We still have the mentality just not the outward appearance.

        • I miss my hair too, also teeth, also the body I used to have and my mind. Did I just say mind? Yeah, that too.

        • Dude,when I retired to the south I found that most of my friends shaved their heads, so I tried it! It is so much more comfortable, hides your baldness well & frees you from the stereotype of hippiedom. I can’t believe that it was SO important to me for so many years (perhaps it isn’t as meaningful as it was anymore either?). What really cured me was the 2 years I lived in Eugene,Oregon where a third of the kids have dreadlocks and are total scumbags!!! Learning to look deeper than superficial outward appearances is a great step to maturity.

          • Al K. I liked the military haircuts so much, I kept them to this day. No dandruff, Clean and no fussing. I still have my teeth but there is a full course in amalgam and gold crown metallurgy in my mouth.

          • I’ve been cutting my own hair with a pair of hair clippers for the past two years. The cut is the same as when we were in boot camp. No hair at all but not quite bald. It’s so easy to care for. Debbie’s hair is short as well and looks great. Neither of us are grey, don’t know why. Maybe it’s the “no kids” thing since we decided no kids from day one of our 40 year marriage. It’s been a wild ride but we’ve had a great time together, still hold hands while shopping and have a good cry together on the sofa whilst watching the old black and white movies, what great acting there was back then.

        • The first time I shaved my head, a friend a little older & wiser than me said something that sticks with me to this day: “It’s nice to feel the back of your neck, isn’t it?) LOL
          Ken- I can relate to the teeth issue, unfortunately. Zen chewing lessons (slowly,with purpose) have come in very handy, and having to chew where there are still 2 teeth that meet each other. My dentist is really cool- a Sufi Master if you can believe that! He said (& I believe him due to observation of others) that dentures will never fit right & if you can afford it implants are the way to go. I plan on setting aside that 20K toward that purpose, because lets be real- if you cannot chew your food well, you will not live very long. Digestion begins in the mouth!

          • Al, my dentures fit great and I use a lot of goop which keeps them from giving me sore spots. Somebody turned me on to Rumi a few years after Kahlil Gibran, Paramahansa Yogananda and Yogi Ramacharaka. Rumi, pretty cool Sufi guy. Anyway my teeth cost $1,800.00 and they’re fine, don’t look bad either. Plus I’ve been a vegetarian for over 40 years so no problems. I attribute my tooth problems to having been a tobacco addict for too long (no more).

          • Ken- that’s reassuring to know in case I don’t have all that money when I finally need it (the young folks here are probably rolling their eyes with the way this conversation is going..). My Grandma (& politicians I watch on TV like Giuliani) all have trouble with their consonants & seem to lisp occasionally. Do they fell OK though? That’s more important. I don’t expect to keep my teeth. The few molars that are left develop multiple cavities every year. I still smoke Camel nonfilters, & find that nicotine is the most addictive substance I have ever ingested (& I have done it all). I still play in bars, but very occasionally- the money sucks & the people are exactly as you described (& all think you are their bestest friend). Rich spoiled college students. Yuck.

          • Al, once they’re in and “glued” in place it’s just like normal teeth. I have no problem with my consonants, can sing just fine, even Johnny Carson’s false teeth whistled when he talked and you can bet he spent a fortune on them. We stopped playing out when we moved from Daytona Beach to NC nearly 20 years ago.

          • I got mine at “Affordable Dentures”. They pulled a bunch of teeth and put in temporary dentures the same day. It was traumatic but I didn’t feel a thing. . . . .until the next day. Still $1,800 wasn’t as bad as my local dentists pal who wanted the 20K you were quoted….

          • KEN- I am with you there. I love old Marx Brothers, & start many mornings with 3 Stooges reruns (there are like 3 or 4 of them on AMC between 5 & 7am).
            I end many evenings with South Park- it is wicked hilarious!

          • That’s exactly what I do (the clippers), & same with my beard. I don’t like razors-they irritate my skin eventually. And I let it all grow until it feels or looks scruffy. The partial beard look is cool, too (I think).

  10. I find myself wanting to defend Phaedra & Darrin a little. I think Phaedra has a lot of native blood in her (I am guessing Inuit). And although I cannot function without at least one shower a day, Darrin’s behavior is typical of most of our European ancestors, who believed that bathing would kill you- they never even changed clothes. And that is also why they spread diseases that killed off most of the native population (those that they didn’t slaughter first, that is…). Perhaps Darrin’s layer of dirt provided him some sense of being “clothed”? And kept the bugs away?

    • Apparently his lack of bodily cleanliness also scared the shit out of the bacteria on the fruit. What we do know is the girls were not impressed.

      • That is funny. We both know that he chose his fruit carefully, unlike the others though. He may not have great social skills, but he did make it to the end. In defense of his hunting skills (or lack thereof),Steven was assigned fishing detail and failed miserably with the throw net. The fish he caught were all with a stationary rod. How hard is that? I was as proficient at age 8. Lastly, lest we forget, how many times was Darrin patiently stalking prey with his bow/arrows only to have Steven & Alyssa chase them off trying to run after them? Think all the way back to even when they were sitting in the blinds. Very inept. Stupid egos prevailed.

      • Ha ha! In one more defense of the man, Steven had the assigned task of fishing and didn’t have much success with the throw net. He caught those fish with stationary poles/lines. I could do that when I was 8 years old! In contrast, many times when Darrin was patiently stalking prey with the bow/arrow Steven & Alyssa chased them away by frantically trying to run after them. If we go all the way back to the beginning (when they were sitting in blinds alot), exactly how many times did Steven chase game away? I guess I have my prejudices, but Steven’s ego is way overblown. What is the old expression: “A legend in his own mind”

        • Sorry for the double post. The first one didn’t appear after 45 minutes so I posted 2nd one- then they both appeared!Weirdness..

        • Steven is shown in one episode or another, including the “uncensored” ones, catching a turtle and a good-sized fish in the net. We don’t know from what we see on TV how much else he or anyone caught but we do know that the group got much more from the different water sources than we were at first led to believe. For instance, Ryan is shown in the latest airing removing a turtle from a hook he had set out overnight (something that I had wondered many times why they were not doing) and Alyssa is shown at the river with the largest fish we see in the entire series. We don’t know how she caught it but it sort of undermines the narrative that the group of four had starved until getting the “last day protein”. For some strange reason the show seems to want to portray the participants as bunglers and downplay their successes.

          • Yeah, I noticed that too. And thanks for reminding me, because Alyssa kissing the fish is very funny & the image back in my mind for a bit!

        • Well, he is good at it. It’s kind of like my one dog who rolls in something dead then acts like we’re disrespecting her because we give her a bath, thereby erasing her carefully cultivated “aroma”.

  11. I was surprised (& perhaps a little jealous) that Kellie has never seen a live tick before! Lucky lady, as any of us who live south of the Mason-Dixon line will attest to. I did a little research a few years ago when a close friend came down with lyme disease. We are talking about a stone mason with a body like Bam-Bam reduced to a cringing wheelchair-bound cripple. First off, my exterminator says that they cannot live when the temperature dips below 60F (probably why Kellie up in Wisconsin never saw one). Second, size does not necessarily matter. The 2 most evil ones here are about the size of a pinhead- one is reddish, the other is dark, with a white dot on it’s back. They hurt when they bite a lot more than seems right for their size, & leave some toxins in your skin even after removal that itches like crazy. Some website also says that you have 24 hours from the time they initially bite you to be removed without having any disease injected into you (something about they feed 100% the first day, & then the process is more of an “exchange”. So check yourself every day is my advice. Also, I don’t see the big deal over having one on your ass. At least it is visible & easily removed. Most of us guys here have found them on EVERY part of our genitals at one time or another! The one under Stacy’s eyelid did creep me out though..

  12. I did not find the cape buffalo “strange” at all. I would use the word “regal” instead. The image of that great beast will stay with me for quite a while. How awesome & majestic! Definitely a highlight.

    • They’re pretty regal alright, also pretty badass as well. Lions aren’t too keen on them as they don’t back down and will bring the whole herd with them if they get pissed enough. Go to YouTube and check out the “Battle at Kruger” if you haven’t seen it….byebye lions hellow Cape Buffalo herd…..They’re huge and they are badass.

  13. I think that Kellie may have missed the point of the significance of the ladie’s hair loss. Rather than being a superficial vanity issue, I would be very concerned about what is happening internally to cause that to happen. We all know that poisons such as chemotherapy will do that. I sincerely hope that nothing is seriously wrong with any of them.

    • Al. Amen, at the very least they have a shortage of vitamins that support hair, skin and nails. Hope that’s all it is.

    • That worried me as well even though Alyssa wasn’t “taken” with the virus/bacteria from the fruit so I’m thinking, like J.C., that it was due to vitamin deficiency.

      • I am still thinking back to that rancid meat that Jake made everyone eat. They should all get thoroughly checked out by a doctor (on DC’s tab!). Intestinal parasites can get very comfortable inside you, & you might not even notice them except for being constantly hungry..

  14. I don’t understand the preoccupation of some to identify the “specific bacterium” that contaminated the wooly caper fruit. Does ir really matter? When they showed Ryan eating the mush off the ground, that was extra reinforcement of how careless those were who became ill. As mentioned previously, Darrin ate the most of anybody but was careful to only choose pieces with unbroken skins.

    • Al, I too, er, felt it was somewhat fruitless (pun intended) to try to discover what the exact scientific name of the exact “bacterium” caused the problem. I have to admit I went about my irritation a bit over the top….but, hey, that’s my schtick.

    • Al. Because those who want to know specific bacteria are the ones who focus on minutiae and never see anything larger, especially when they watch the show. We see a lot of them on Kellie’ board they are just to lazy to open their eyes or do any research. Only the Doctor need to know specifics. GEEZ I wonder why they ask irrelevant questions.

    • Al K. There is at least one “detail” person at every gathering. They mesmerize others with their knowledge of details. You might say they know “everything about nothing and nothing about everything else.” A quote from somewhere.

  15. I was thinking (a dangerous thing..)- I would spell BIF with 2 F’s: BIFF. So this leads to what will hopefully be a classic line for all time.. TOO STUPID TO SPELL HIS OWN NAME!

  16. I work all nite at home, so read Kellie’s wonderful review at 1am. I am patiently waiting for my elders to post first, this being our last time together for awhile (& patience being a virtue..).
    I tried to watch Dual Survival last night & had the same reaction as last week: I cannot watch it! EJ is so over the top, & Jeff is a doofus (he lost his voice from screaming). I suspect that he was “home-schooled”, which can be great unless your parents happen to be illiterate such as his-(see his Mom’s posts on DISCUS site last year). No wonder he spent most of his youth up in the mountains.. More potential nicknames are “The Mutt & Deaf Show”, & “Doofus Survival”.

    *(KenO- I am honored, & will contact you next week..).

    That being said, I am impatient & bored so will try to nibble around the edges a bit:
    KELLIE: an interview with Renegade 83 would be of much interest. They looked like cool guys, & it would give you an extra week of work/us an extra week of continued interest.
    KELLIE: I had forgotten about Man/Woman/Wild until you mentioned it. I had the same reaction regarding the excessive drama but am now curious- did Johanna & her boyfriend make it to the end (without killing each other??)
    KELLIE/OTHERS: did anyone notice the “product placement” of the advertisers in the “meal spread” laid out for them? Doritos is the major sponsor for this show & also “Doofus Survival”. If I were being paid for my work, or got even more bored than normal I suspect that many of the other products are either owned by them or belong to other sponsors ( & wouldn’t even be surprised if Chiquita was a sponsor since they actually got REAL food to eat after their ordeal {the bananas})!
    KELLIE: the “spooky-voiced narrator” is probably a Michael Brown, who is listed in the credits each week, but we have never met (interview him too?)
    KELLIE/OTHERS: (last comment for now if I can restrain myself..):
    YES- this was infinitely more fun to watch than last years drama fest of a reunion (where it was admitted by many of them, & completely obvious to us hippie types, that they were totally stoned from brownies backstage and in complete culture shock from the disparity of the bush compared with a NYC TV studio!). This episode showed their joy of completion/unity of shared pain. I give them a lot of credit, & it left me with an overall positive feeling rather than dwelling on the many negatives we experienced along the way. Talk with you later..AL

    • Al. Thanks for your remarks on Goober’s brothers EJ. & J, all straight from Mayberry, RFD. I didn’t and won’t watch them.

      • Sadly I’ve watched them twice now J.C. and I gritted my teeth both times. The episodes are so obviously staged and the two goobers are so obviously out of their depth it’s painful to watch. It’s like Goober EJ gets free advertising for his phony knife business and Goober Jeff gets free points in his quest for being a real “survivalist” and gets to create his own fictional backstory about what a great hunter he is. Ok so I did learn something I didn’t know, how to make fire with a tampon and a hand warmer (ok two things, I didn’t know hand warmers had self combustible charcoal in them and I didn’t know American POW’s used them to light cigarettes). The show is absolutely terrible.

        • This information will come in handy if I’m ever stranded deep in a rain forest and, needing to make fire, I happen on an unopened tampon, an unopened charcoal hand warmer AND a fairly new clipboard. These things being typically available in a rain forest.

          • Oh, come on- you know that they are laying all around the forest floor, & that there is also a tree they grow on as well! It’s called the SNYDERZAUSCH, I think.. (and don’t you always carry a tampon in your survival kit- I mean, what kind of man are you..?)

        • I feel kinda sorry for you, man. Because starting next week you will most likely have to head over to the DC DISCUS BOARD to express yourself on this subject (or maybe I should feel sorrier for all of them once you get there..?) LOL!

        • Since I didn’t watch, I am asking what may well be stupid questions here: POWs were given handwarmers & cigarettes?? Were there also monogrammed towels in the outhouses, & triple-ply/ultra TP as well? (and a chocolate mint on their pillow when the maid turned down the sheets at night..)(JC- trying to be funny here obviously, but in case anybody reading this suffered in war in any way I apologize in advance..)

    • Al-I usually pause Naked and Afraid at the commercials so I can type feverishly, do I completely missed that Doritos (Mmmmmm) are a sponsor of N&A! No wonder the spread was like: fruit, bread, DORITOS (long lingering shot), and a South African treat or two.

      I will see if I can get an interview with Renegade 83 before the next season of Naked and Afraid.

    • Al. I noticed the Doritos and was wondering myself. After starving for 40 days, junk food? I would prefer melon, blueberries and bananas.

      • I don’t know, after starving for 40 days Doritos would look pretty good to me. But then again I spent many an afternoon, back in the day, downing Mountain Dew and munching on Doritos. Those days are long gone (sigh). They probably sell a lot of Doritos in Colorado these days.

  17. Kellie, Thanks for your recaps and sponsoring this message board. Also thanks for the personal favor (this bit of intrigue will keep everyone guessing?). After watching “Out of Africa” I have the feeling we were “had.” The unseen footage was better than that presented to us. It seemed like the cast were actors in a pen (the campfire) waiting to be summoned to the next staged sequence. There was more joviality between the cast members than we were shown. The cast were playing “roles” assigned to them by the producers. There was no “survival” show. Plans go awry like the fruit which must have been had the producers licking their chops over the drama (never mind the pain of the cast). A pop up note said that Darrin ate more of the fruit than anyone but ate only fruit with intact skins. Jake should have known earlier the fruit was contaminated when his half consumed fruit contained maggots (a sure sign of flies working). The real threat was from the lions who can charge you from 50 yards and kill you in 5 seconds (noted by the Park Rangers). Love the shot of the production crew sneaking into the boma until the rangers drove off the lions. The ticks were the mightiest hunters of all. I understand that 18 of the production crew got tick fever, despite protective clothing and DEET. Enjoy your Sunday nights off, I will be watching NFL football. Adios!

  18. New, from General Mills, poopdung nuts breakfast cereal, yum, can’t wait. Darrin, the wild man, probably could manufacture his scent as a lure for catfish or perhaps a shark repellent, he’s the man the primitive man. Yay Darrin, took a bath after nearly 4 weeks, everybody appreciated Darrin’s clean day. Ryan’s beard, what can I say, he might as well join the Taliban, too weird of a beard. Yes Kellie the ticks in the US are that big as well. You apparently are not a woodswanderer. The little buggers get as big as a grape. First thing they do when they drop off you (like fleas) is lay eggs, no wonder there’s millions of em ready to jump on everybody. I imagine tick removal is a full time job in Africa and it’s why we see monkey’s grooming each other all the time. I can’t imagine what it feels like to have a tick plucked from your anus, now that’s friendship. Personally I wound this reunion to be much more pleasant than last season but then ALL of the people this season were much more pleasant than last season. Alyssa, she really shined through at the end what a sweet girl. Stacey was really much more survivalist than any one thought, you go girl. Steven and Darrin both good guys though Steven undoubtedly smells better, probably why he gets more girls than Darrin. Jake, ever the Gayboy, now has a semi-permanent facial tick (well, not a tick tick but a twitch tick) and we hope that it doesn’t interfere with his pretty boy look, maybe we can see a new pic of him on his photo board, a pic of his facial tick. Oh well, the price he must pay for his continued exhibitionist efforts. His new catch phrase will be “I’m big, I’m gay, I’m here to stay” well, almost.

    • Ken. My Grandmother once told me that “If you can do it it isn’t bragging.”
      Jake, Steven, Darrin, and Ryan are braggarts. Jake and Steven are exhibitionists as well. Poor Steven, his girlfriend can’t even spell his name correctly.

      • Darrin seemed to be waaaaay off his game and I think he’s not truly a braggart, who would he brag to? Nobody would get close enough to him. I think he really has serious survival chops, don’t know what happened to him on this season. Maybe he was flummoxed to be paired with a little cutie? Who knows. Jake, for sure, is an exhibitionist as is Steven (whose girlfriend can’t even spell his name, says a lot about him). I think Ryan doesn’t mean to be a braggart but keeps trying to have relevance and needs the reinforcement so he talks about himself….again, who knows.

        • Ken. Agree completely about Darrin, but his “role” in the show just didn’t call for him to be a hero. Google chrome keeps screwing around with my name.

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