A&E’s 60 Days In Recap: Friend or Foe

In A&E’s 60 Days In Season 2, Episode 2 “Friend or Foe” (Aug. 25), Chris, Brian and Ashleigh enter the prison. Sheri gets accepted by the Pod Boss, Ryan meets a potentially dangerous ally and Quintin witnesses a late-night fight. Also, Monalisa complains and Ashleigh shows her cellmates her ass.

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Welcome back to Jefferson Clark County Jail, Where All Your Dreams Become Reality TV™.

Ryan has some trouble convincing everyone that he’s in jail for fraud and forgery, which makes sense, since who trusts a guy in jail for fraud and forgery. The other inmates think he’s a plant.


Other inmates just don’t like his hair.


There’s another smarty-pants in Ryan’s pod, some guy named Garza, who gives Ryan a pretty thorough interrogation about his reasons for being in prison. “I’ve actually done a considerable amount of research on white collar crime,” Ryan tells the camera. “I know how to commit bank fraud.” Apparently he doesn’t know how to get away with it.


Here’s a sample of some of Ryan’s finest work:


Garza gives Ryan the all-clear, and Ryan seems pretty keen on Garza in return. But Capt. Scottie Maples suggests that Garza is a dangerous dude and Ryan’s getting suckered. We shall see.

Over in the Female Classification Pod, things are gross.


Monalisa doesn’t much like the unsanitary condition of the stainless steel toilet and sink. She should press the emergency call button for maid service. Chop chop!

Things are tense in F-Pod, where Sheri caused friction between Pod Boss Brenda and meth-head Mackenzie, henceforth known as “Wackenzie.” Wackenzie spread rumors that Sheri was carrying heroin in her bra (she’s actually carrying her PIN code), and the inmates don’t take kindly to being deceived about the availability of drugs in the pod. So Brenda takes Wackenzie behind the curtain, where we can only imagine the slapping and hair-pulling. Wackenzie is sent off uninjured but fuming mad at Sheri. Brenda and her crew provide protection for Sheri and literally move Sheri’s stuff down to the safety of the lower level.


Dirty laundry aside, Sheri’s really happy with this situation and has found a new BFF in Brenda. Things are awesome! This is going to be Sheri’s best incarceration ever! And then…


Tough shit for Sheri. But Wackenzie is thrilled.

Quintin enters C-Pod, and immediately everyone sizes up the hefty former cop and current bounty hunter, private investigator, and rifle and keyboard enthusiast.

60 Days In Quintin

Quintin is my man. He’s sort of this gentle giant who would drop a mountain of furious hurt on someone if provoked. I am waiting for some skinny white supremacist bro to experience the full brunt of the Q-man. While Q’s size is advantageous in a fight, it also makes him a target for bros who want to prove they’re not afraid of him.


Oh, Michael Clarke Duncan, how you are missed.

Quintin takes his spot under the stairs and stays there. His slumber is disturbed late at night when some guys are talking about the janitor throwing away one of their shoes. (I bet a prison janitor has some stories.) This older guy, fittingly called “OG” by the other inmates, isn’t happy about the ruckus in the wee hours and has words with the noisy bros.


OG really escalates the confrontation, even though he has many opportunities to walk away from it. And then he walks away from it … to get a broom and chase the noisy bro around the pod. OG just doesn’t have the reflexes he had when he was a young G, and his attack isn’t all that effective. Noisy bro doesn’t really want to mix it up, and he flees upstairs. Quintin just shakes his head at the jackassery.


HEY! It’s Kody! He’s the fan favorite from Season 1 who messed up Ricky in the Thunderdome over a tater tots deal gone bad. Kody’s got quite a following with the ladies. I wonder if he’s actually still in the jail or they’re just editing old footage into the new season?



Brian’s getting processed, and he’s not having a very good go of it. He squirts himself in the face with hand sanitizer.


An OC asks Brian about his allergies, and he reads off a nice long list: “walnuts, raspberries, grapefruit … seafood.” And then Brian tells us, “I don’t foresee a situation where I get into this and decide I can’t make it through.” I’m sure those words will never come back to haunt him.

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Ashleigh! Ashleigh enters the jail with a cheerful “Hi!” and everyone in F-Pod immediately loves her. And then it becomes abundantly clear why. That night, a whole bunch of F-Podders are getting high. Ashleigh climbs down from her bunk and some of the girls like the look of her butt. And so Ashleigh gives into peer pressure and drops trou.


Ashleigh didn’t want to start trouble on her first day in jail, so she showed them her butt. And you thought this kind of stuff only happened in C-Pod.


OK, just one more time, you guys!





  1. It’s Clark County jail, not Jefferson. I only know BC I live in Clarksville & I spent a couple months there earlier this year… I recognize many of these chicks.

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