I Love Kellie Pickler Season 2: The Bubbly Country Music Star Returns To CMT

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With her Southern charm and fun-loving personality, it is no surprise that former American Idol and Dancing With the Stars sweetheart Kellie Pickler has captured the hearts of viewers in CMT’s I Love Kellie Pickler. Her adorable relationship with husband Kyle Jacobs, also a musician, along with her tightknit bonds with close friends, gives viewers a very personal and endearing look into the bubbly star’s life and sets the show apart from drama-laden reality television.

While Season 1 was filled with crazy escapades, Pickler tells us that “Season 2 will blow Season 1 out of the water.” Viewers will see Pickler on adrenaline-packed adventures (such as skydiving) and traveling to places like Japan — plus more involvement from her family. Pickler happily reveals that she got her sister Courtney “out of hiding” as “she’s usually not one to be in front of the camera,” so we’ll get to meet Courtney, her husband and their daughter. Pickler’s in-laws made the move from Minnesota closer to Nashville and will be making appearances, too.

Pickler likens the show to a mix of I Love Lucy and Friends. She says she grew up watching I Love Lucy with her grandma and that “I’ve been compared to Lucy quite a few times — just the little shenanigans that she gets herself into.” When it comes to Friends, Pickler shares qualities with of each of the characters, but says if she had to pick, she relates most to Phoebe.

When the idea of starring in a reality show came up, Pickler says that she and her husband questioned if it was the right thing to do at the time. They struggled with how much to share and how much to keep private.

In the end, Pickler explains, “We sat down with 51 Minds production company and CMT and said we will agree to do this if we can make sure that this is a positive show.” The pair set ground rules and “it worked out perfect because we were all on the same page, we had the same goals, and we can all cross the finish line together … happy. It was a good thing.”

I Love Kellie Pickler Season 2
So happy together!

I Love Kellie Pickler Season 2 airs Thursdays beginning Aug. 25 on CMT.