The Walking Dead en Español on NBC Universo: Season 3 begins this month

Walking Dead en Espanol NBC Universo

NBC Universo will air The Walking Dead en Español Season 3 beginning Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 10/9CT.

“We are excited to have more people become part of our universe and having the opportunity to present our show to Latinos in the U.S. on NBC Universo is unprecedented,” said Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer, Director and Special Effects Makeup Supervisor for The Walking Dead in the NBC Universo press release. “With any survival story you have to find characters you identify with… that you would want to fight alongside, fall in love with them or be forced to watch them die.  For The Walking Dead we have been able to create a fantastic ensemble where viewers find someone they can relate to and that is critical for any kind of dramatic television. Any great story starts with great characters. If you don’t invest in them it doesn’t matter what happens.”

“We continue breaking barriers by elevating content with relatable characters,” said Bilai Joa Silar, Senior Vice President, Programming & Production, NBC Universo. “We are thrilled to bring back The Walking Dead en Español, a series that has resonated immensely with U.S. Hispanic audiences.  In this third season, drama intensifies when groups and communities of survivors confront each other. In order to survive, they will need to fear the living more than the dead.”

In this new season, officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) continues the fight to survive and protect his family and group of survivors from walkers. When Rick discovers a federal prison could be a safe refuge to set a permanent camp, he will push his group to its limit to eliminate prison walkers. But soon he will discover his biggest challenge to keep his group alive will be other survivors.

The Walking Dead in Espanol
The Governor NBC Universo

NBC Universo subscribers on participating cable, satellite, and telco services will also be able to view full episodes of The Walking Dead en Español through Video on Demand and digitally on and on NBC Universo NOW apps by entering the subscriber’s log-in information.  Fans can also engage on social media by using the hashtag #TWDenEspañol and find more content about the show in Spanish on NBC Universo’s Facebook and Instagram.

The Walking Dead en Español Season 3 premieres Wednesday, Aug. 31 at 10/9CT on NBC Universo.

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