Fear The Walking Dead: The Group Is Splintered As Season 2 Returns

Nick Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
Frank Dillane as Nick Clark - Fear The Walking Dead

For those of us still reeling from May’s (literal) barnburner of a Fear the Walking Dead midseason ender, relief is in sight. The newly splintered Manawa-Clark-Strand-Salazar crew returns Aug. 21 with their already dicey world in tatters and no alternate plan at the ready.

Let’s take stock.

After banishing Strand (Colman Domingo) for giving Thomas (Dougray Scott) a merciful end, Celia (Marlene Forte) and her corral of undead went up in flames, courtesy of a fed-up Madison (Kim Dickens) and a hallucinating — and now MIA — Daniel (Rubén Blades).

Nick (Frank Dillane) took the loss of his spooky mentor personally and headed back into the fray to live out her “let the walkers walk” legacy, sporting the gnarly gore armor and trippy ’tude he thinks make him almighty.

Strand swooped in to rescue Madison, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), but does a functional boat await them? Looks more like hotel hell awaits from the trailer.

And Travis (Cliff Curtis) trailed a fleeing, freaked-out Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie), even though his loose-cannon boy spoke for all of us when he proclaimed himself “no good.”

So now what?

Showrunner Dave Erickson told Entertainment Weekly that while we haven’t seen the last of Daniel (undead? Alive and … probably not that well?), Ofelia sans parents is the real Salazar story for now. Travis — clueless that the compound is in flames and everyones on the run — has enough on his platter realizing Chris knows that the rest of their blended clan is more scared of the kid than eager to help him, and there’s solid reason for that.

And if the Abigail can harbor Strand and the women, are they wiser about life at sea to make it work this time? Could they really leave the others behind? And just how different are Strand’s and Madison’s opinions about that situation?

“The resolution is going to take some time, and bringing our family back together is going to be something we need to earn over time,” Erickson explained. “This is the first time we’re going to see Travis and Madison, Alicia and Nick and Chris in a position where they’re going to have to learn to survive in a way that they haven’t yet.”

That is, with walkers just part of the problem.

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC Sundays at 9/8CT beginning Aug. 21

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