The Walking Dead Season 7 preview: AMC airs hourlong special Sunday

The Walking Dead Season 7 Negan Gene Page/AMC

The bat man returns … soon. OK, soon-ish. To tide us over until The Walking Dead‘s Season 7 premiere on Oct. 23, AMC will air an hourlong preview special this Sunday, August 14 at 9/8CT.

According to the net, the preview — hosted by everyone’s favorite Dead guy Chris Hardwick, and featuring Talking Dead super-guest Yvette Nicole Brown and Austin Amelio, who plays Negan-ite Dwight — “will give fans an early look at what to expect in the upcoming season, featuring exclusive interviews with the cast, executive producers and special guests … as well as behind-the-scenes moments.”

But as Dead heads well know, the EPs and cast are notoriously cagey when it comes to revealing too much — well, anything really — in the way of serious knowledge, leaving us to occupy ourselves by picking apart the latest trailers and images from AMC for clues. Including what the arrival of King Ezekiel — tiger owner and leader of the Kingdom survivor community, played by prolific voice actor Khary Payton — might mean.


“We’re reaching that point where Ezekiel is in the story line and so it’s just a natural progression,” Dead‘s EP-creator-writer Robert Kirkman told reporters at a San Diego Comic-Con press conference.  “As we move through the story line we’ll be bringing some characters up there, and some characters up later. But right now, it’s all about Ezekiel and Shiva, as far as new characters.”

And let’s be honest — all we really want to know right now is WHO GOT THE DAMN BAT?!

The Walking Dead Season 7 Morgan
We know it isn’t you, Morgan. Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead Season 7 Carol
…or you, Carol. Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead Season 7 Jesus
Jesus saves … er, right? Gene Page/AMC
Walking Dead Season 7 Ezekiel
Or maybe this guy does. Gene Page/AMC

That’s not lost on Dead EP-director-SFX guru Greg Nicotero.

“Our biggest challenge is you know it’s coming. Ever since issue 100,” he said at the same presser. ” I was talking to Steven [Yeun, who plays Glenn, Negan’s first Grimes Gang victim in the comics] earlier, and we were at breakfast four years ago today when that issue was out. I remember reading it and just thinking how brutal and how unexpected and senseless it felt. We’re going into that moment where we know it’s going to happen, and I think the trickiest aspect of the first episode is living up to the expectation of that moment. Then what’s even more interesting for me, as the director of the episode was, how that changes the direction of the survivors forever. …. It’s agonizing to think about the fact that we’re changing the landscape of our cast.”

 The Walking Dead: Season 7 Preview Special premieres Sunday, August 14 at 10/9CT. The Walking Dead returns to AMC Oct. 23 at 9/8CT.

For more on the Season 7 premiere, check out the October issue of Channel Guide Magazine. 


    • Pay close attention – It’s Carl who Negan kills … I just watched the last episode (again) and Negans last words were “he took it like a man” … it has to be Carl

      • But just before that he pointed to his right and said if he(Rick) makes a sound cut his other eye out and make him eat it. (Maybe not verbatim but you get the jist) Rick and Carl were both in the area that Negan pointed.

      • To Tom: He didn’t say he took it like a man….he said: Taking it like a champ & Negan didn’t specify gender. What I noticed, though, was a slight shadow pass over Rick as Negan moved right. It’s either Aaron or Eugene that he kills. More likely Eugene.

      • He said “taking it like a champ” not man. But he also said right before that, “if anyone moves cut the boys” (then he nodded to his right) “other eye out and feed it to his dad”…which he then indicated was on his left. Generally speaking if his body language means anything that means whoever got the bat should be between Carl and his dad. Of all the stuff that I’ve read I haven’t seen anybody mention that part which confuses me.

  1. Im cant want till oct 23 2016 9pm to get here hope and pray its not Glenn or Maggie or tom or his son or any of the ladys on the show or my favorite normal reese your truty your Patricia

  2. Frankly, the fact that any character got a bye because they were elsewhere when Negan’s group caught the majority of the rest doesn’t make much sense.

  3. Download showbox from the Internet. The only downfall is it won’t be on there till a day later, but will still show

  4. What about the girl Carl locked in the closet before leaving what has she been up to?

  5. I don’t think we will find out Negan”s victim right off the “bat”. The episode will be about the characters we haven’t seen for a while. It will leave us in the dark like the episode after Glenn hides under the dumpster

    • Yes we will, the producers have already said we’ll find out who Negan kills in the first episode of season seven.

  6. Hi we don’t get amc, in Ireland. Is there any other channel I may be able to view it on. Having serious withdrawal
    Lol. Thank you

  7. If you want to know who got the bat, go to The Spoiling Dead Fans. They posted it. They can’t confirm it b/c AMC will sue them but they have a 100% accuracy rate so their “prediction” IS what happens. I won’t put it here so people won’t be spoiled unless they want to be.

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