Becky Lynch on the WWE Women’s Revolution heading into SummerSlam

Becky Lynch WWE WWE
Becky Lynch

It wasn’t an easy road to WWE for Becky Lynch.

The 29-year-old paid her dues, working for more than a decade around the world before opportunity finally came knocking. And the knocking hasn’t stopped since, with the SmackDown performer among the top female athletes in the company.

The overall women’s division in the company is on the cusp of greatness, and Lynch is a big reason for that. This was proven at WrestleMania 32 when the “Irish Lass Kicker,” Charlotte and Sasha Banks showcased a new era. Lynch didn’t secure the women’s championship, but all three left winners for their historic match.

Now fans can get an inside look at the impact these and the other ladies making an impact in WWE 24: Women’s Revolution, airing immediately follow Talking Smack Tuesday, Aug. 16, at 10:30ET on WWE Network. From female talent of the past to NXT and beyond, the episode of this documentary-style series will be a celebration of how far women’s wrestling has come.

“I’m really excited to see how it turned out,” Lynch said. “For me, it was such a journey. Around WrestleMania, and speaking from my own personal experience, this is exactly how it should be. We should be headlining WrestleMania. We should be advertised on the side of AT&T Stadium. This was exactly what it was meant to be. This is what I have been working toward my whole life. I think I remember saying we were going to steal the show, and I think we did.”

Lynch, along with Banks and Charlotte, were called up from NXT at the same time. This sparked much excitement from the WWE Universe. Although a sector of the audience knew what these superstars could bring, a feeling of real change didn’t happen overnight.

“When we started it was kind of like, ‘Hey, look. These women were really good. Appreciate them.’ I don’t think that worked,” Lynch said candidly.

“I think everyone had great intentions, and we got extra time. But I don’t think that is what was necessarily needed. What was needed is what is happening now, which is storylines. This is what is getting people interested. It was about just letting us go and do our thing.

“We now have multiple women storylines going on at one time. It’s not just, ‘Here is all the women. They all hate each other. They are all fighting and that is it. Now we have separate storylines going on. If you look at SmackDown, we’ve got Carmella and Natalya. We have me and Eva Marie. You have Alex Bliss on that end of things. On Raw, you have Charlotte and Sasha Banks going for the title. You see Lana involved in her storyline. Maryse is there. There is a lot of focus on the women, which is what we wanted. It was not just necessarily, ‘There are lots of women, and now let’s have them have matches.’”

Becky Lynch Divas

With every arena she enters like a rock star, Lynch can feel the positive reactions from the crowds. Fans are getting invested. She feels a big part of that is portraying the females as athletes just like the men.

“It’s about letting us go out there then and wrestle and tell stories and do things like that,” Lynch said.

“That is what is happening. That is what is so exciting to me is I felt we had a big turnaround, especially after Royal Rumble when myself and Charlotte had that feud. It was something people could get behind because they saw mine and her journey. We were really friends, in real life the best of friends. So they could feel the betrayal and all of it. I think you started to see a big shift, and it’s just getting stronger and stronger. It’s just getting better and better.”

Lynch is excited to watch women’s champ Banks and Charlotte tear the house down at SummerSlam Sunday, Aug. 21 at8/7CT on pay-per-view and WWE Network. She supports her rivals, watching with the fans when Banks won the women’s championship for the first time recently on Raw.

“It’s an inspiration and really shows where we want to really go,” Lynch said. “Everyone wants that top spot and they are getting it. They are making the most out of it and are just not in that spot because they are just women. They are just good in general. They are getting the rewards they deserve.”

The past few months the driven competitor has had her hands full with Natalya, and most recently, Eva Marie. Two diverse opponents coming from opposite ends of the spectrum in experience, and that’s how Lynch likes it.

Becky Lynch NXT

“Nattie and I have known each other for 11 years,” she said. “We have been together in Japan. We worked on the independents together. However, I’ve never really gotten the chance to work with her. So that was all new to me. It was amazing, and it was so easy. Putting everything together was just a dream. I’m looking forward to many more matches with her in the future. She was a great babyface, but now is doing it as a heel.

“Eva Marie is so hard-working,” Lynch continues. “Yes, she is new. She gets so much flack from fans for being this gorgeous woman who, apparently, they say can’t wrestle, but she puts in the hard work. I love working with talent like that. It’s a challenge for me, but I feel it’s a great spot for me to be in because I can be a leader. I really enjoy that. I remember when I was coming in and having someone to keep you calm and help you through helps. Then you build this confidence. It does help because maybe they don’t have that confidence at first, and you are able to bring them through to a good match. Then they come back, and they are so excited. I absolutely love that.”

One thing Lynch doesn’t necessarily love is being away from her best friend behind the scenes in Charlotte. A result of the brand split with rosters of Raw and SmackDown becoming a part of their own unique entities.

“Charlotte and I ate together. We traveled together. We stayed together. We trained together and did everything together,” Lynch said. “We were both in tears when we found out we would be apart. But it’s also been great because we are now all getting more opportunity. The locker room we have on SmackDown is just the most amazing girls. Everybody is sweet and gets along together, and we all want to work to make the show good. It’s sad we are not seeing everyone all the time, but we get together at SummerSlam and WrestleMania and other times.  Then those times it will mean more.”

It won’t be long until Lynch is reunited with her Raw sisters and brothers with SummerSlam on the horizon. One of her favorite matches in past events was watching Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon, appreciating the buildup leading up to the showdown.

”I’m excited for SummerSlam in Brooklyn,” Lynch said.

“They are always a raucous bunch, but they always give a lot of energy. I’m really looking for that. I’m looking forward to seeing the NXT TakeOver as well. We have two women’s matches on there. So we will all be at that. It’s going to be a great weekend.”

  • NXT TakeOver: Back to Brooklyn airs Saturday, Aug. 20 at 8/7CT live on WWE Network.
  • SummerSlam airs Sunday, Aug. 21 at 8/7CT live on pay-per-view and WWE Network.
  • Watch Raw Mondays at 8/7CT and SmackDown live Tuesdays at 8/7CT on USA Network.
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  1. I don’t doubt that Becky feels that way about Eva and is a genuine good friend to her with working with women who are not experienced at all.

    What is it that WWE wants fans to see with Eva Marie as if all of this is gonna lead to a 5 star match with Eva all of a sudden becoming the best wrestler ever of all time in the history of the company and the industry. I gave her 2 chances. First being promoted way too soon that got her the flack in the first place that is WWE’s fault making her the scapegoat to their stupdity. Second was with NXT and I gave her a chance cause I was impressed with her Instagram videos until I saw her matches. Other than the one on one with Bayley and the tag match with her and Nia vs Bayley and Asuka, her other matches in NXT were boring. She let me down and while this angle is fun it will run its course when she does wrestle. Becky says Eva is putting in the hard work and again I want to trust Becky, but what does she mean by that as if again she will be the second coming of Trish Stratus but only better according to the WWE.

    • I’m sorry for the grammar issues with my last comment, but my point still stands with Eva Marie. Does she deserve a third chance I doubt it.

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