TCA Quick Take: MacGyver I Have No Idea What to Expect, But I’m Intrigued…

MacGyver Monty Brinton/CBS
Lucas Till stars as Angus MacGyver on CBS' new adventure drama MacGyver

“MacGyver isn’t a gun guy, he’s a different kind of hero,” says MacGyver EP Peter Lenkov. He has the hard challenge of rebooting the beloved series and throwing as much tech as possible in to a series that was always about finding low-tech solutions to life’s problems.

The panel opened with Lenkov trying to MacGyver a cellphone charger using a lemon, a pocket knife, pennies and a paper chip. After two weeks of panels, the joke landed with a resounding thud on the TCA stage.

We haven’t seen anything other than a sizzle reel for the series, as they’ve been reshooting the series’ pilot. This fact makes the series hard to gauge and with the series premiering  Sept. 23, doesn’t bode well.

But regardless, who doesn’t yearn for a show that created the perfect verb of “MacGyvering”? I want it to be good because as a child, I thought I was turning everyday household items into insane things, because of MacGyver.

Here’s a peek at what we’ve seen:

EP Peter Lenkov says that the series already has a guest spot in mind for Richard Dean Anderson. So let’s hope the show lasts long enough for that to happen.

The series will also incorporate elements from the original series theme song into the new opening credits. And if you’ve forgotten how awesome the original theme song was, take a listen.

As in several TCA panels today, we end the panel by talking about the star’s hair. Till reveals that he was dubbed MacGirlver, so chopped his long locks into a more sensible man-bob.

Members of the panel
Peter Lenkov, Executive Producer
Tristin Mays
Justin Hires
Lucas Till
George Eads
Sandrine Holt
Jamed Wan, EP/ Director