Devious Maids Season 4 Finale recap: Daddy’s Girl

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(L to R) Ana Ortiz, Dania Ramirez and Roselyn Sanchez star in Season 4 of Devious Maids

I cannot believe that we’re already at the end of season 4 of Devious Maids! So much has happened this season, it’s hard to keep up!

Now that Adrian knows Evelyn is jealous about him possibly being with her former friend, Gayle, he’s being oh-so-generous by agreeing to every one of Evelyn’s divorce demands — even when it comes to money. Evelyn isn’t dumb and knows something is up. She quickly finds out that Adrian is in a chipper mood because he’s engaged to Gayle. Yep. Adrian has Evelyn right where he wants her.

(L to R) Julie Claire and Rebecca Wisocky star in Season 4 of Devious Maids Bob Mahoney Copyright 2016

After she confided in Marisol, Genevieve’s secret about being raped by the big Hollywood director, Hugh Metzger, might be the answer that Rosie was looking for. He fits the part of being Peri’s “big shot in the movie industry” rapist.

Worried, Carmen immediately calls Danni, because she just had a call-back with him. She tells Danni to stay away from Hugh because he has a past of drugging and raping girls. Of course, Danni doesn’t want to listen to what Carmen has to say. Danni thinks that Carmen is just trying to jeopardize her shot at getting the role in Marisol’s movie. Despite being warned about not drinking anything Hugh hands her, Danni grabs the glass of wine from Hugh. Listen to your mother, Danni!

Looks like I owe Danni an apology. I didn’t think she was going to listen to Carmen’s warning about Hugh and still try to impress him to get the role. When Danni calls Carmen in a panic about something bad happening with Hugh, Carmen wasn’t expecting to find Hugh on the floor. Danni is perfectly fine because she said she switched glasses with Hugh after listening to Carmen. Now Hugh is on the floor, passed out and drugged. It’s nice to see someone get a little taste of their own medicine. You go, Danni!

Marisol tries to fix things with Peter by sneaking into his office with flowers. She tells him how sorry she is for sleeping with Jesse and that she still loves Peter. Marisol’s flowers didn’t do the trick. Peter tells Marisol he also wishes they could go back to better days, but he can’t get past what she did. Is this a bad time to mention that Jesse is still available and actually wants to be with Marisol? Oh well, I did it.

Let’s hope the cops don’t ask Zoila where Spence is, because she just found him. She thought she’d find Kyle in his mother’s attic but was instead surprised by Spence. Rosie told Spence about Frances’ house being empty, so Spence thought it’d be the perfect place to hide. It’s a good thing Zoila found Spence before the cops did.

Judy Reyes stars in Season 4 of Devious Maids
Judy Reyes stars in Season 4 of Devious Maids Annette Brown Copyright 2016

Now it’s time for some payback. Carmen, Danni and Rosie tie up Hugh and ask him what he did to Peri. Even after being sprayed with oven cleaner, Hugh tells the girls he’s not going to talk. He’s quite the stubborn one.

I knew Evelyn would eventually figure out what Adrian was up to. Now that she realizes Adrian wants to play a game of chicken, Evelyn is happy to play along. She tells Gayle that they should turn the engagement party into a surprise wedding. I think Gayle is starting to like this idea. Evelyn pushes Gayle even more by telling her that Adrian would love the surprise. Oh, Evelyn, how I look up to you.

I’m surprised that Genevieve is the one trying to mend Peter and Marisol back together. After all, she did help ruin everything by telling Peter about Marisol’s hookup with Jesse. Genevieve meets with Peter to tell him that he was wrong for running away from their relationship. He didn’t even give Genevieve the chance to tell her side of the story. Now Genevieve thinks Peter is doing the same thing by running away from Marisol.

Genevieve loved Peter for so long that she doesn’t want to see him lose another great love. I’m touched! For once, Genevieve isn’t thinking only about herself.

James Denton and Susan Lucci star in season 4 of Devious Maids Annette Brown Copyright 2016

Hugh might have been stubborn in the beginning, but the girls managed to get him to confess. He confesses that he raped Peri and that The Circle was using that against him this whole time. Hugh also tells the girls about what Peri saw the night of the party, when she was murdered. She walked in on Hugh trying to rape another girl. Thankfully she was there to stop Hugh, but she was so furious that he was about to repeat what happened to her that she told Ben to call the cops on him. Peri walked in on something she wasn’t supposed to see and paid the ultimate price for it. Ben told Hugh that they’d take care of Peri, because he knows how valuable Hugh is to The Circle.

Hugh tells the girls that he didn’t kill Peri. He also thinks Spence did, but soon puts things together and says, “She won.” As the girls are trying to figure out who this “she” is, Hugh starts to have a heart attack and falls to the ground.

I knew Kyle really cared for Zoila! Even after finding out the truth, he’s still there to help. It’s a good thing Zoila went to dump the trash out because her rude boss threw away her mail. Zoila opens up the small envelope from Kyle and finds Peri’s confessions inside. She immediately runs to Rosie to tell her the great news. Not only does Rosie have what she’s been looking for, but Spence is also safe.

After a little mother-daughter bonding with tying Hugh up and making him confess, Danni is willing to give it another try with Carmen. They start things over without any secrets…or so Carmen thinks. Danni still hasn’t told Carmen the truth about her birth father being alive and not dead like she said he was. How could you sit there and watch Carmen cry about him after just starting over with this relationship?

I take my apology back. Danni is not a nice person.

After watching Peri’s confession video, Marisol and Rosie find out why Peri kept quiet. Hugh’s daughter had her visit Peri with an offer to make her into a huge movie star in return for her silence. Peri says that Hugh’s daughter was determined to keep this secret quiet. The girls start to wonder if Hugh’s daughter is the woman he was talking about before he collapsed to the ground. A quick search online and they find their answer. Gayle is Hugh’s daughter. I did not see that coming!

Evelyn had everything planned out perfectly to make sure hers and Adrian’s divorce would go through just in time for his wedding. With both signatures on the paper, Adrian and Evelyn are officially divorced. However, given the fact that the two start kissing each other with such passion, I don’t think either wanted to sign those papers. Let’s hope psycho Gayle doesn’t find out about this!

Rebecca Wisockly and Tom Irwin star in Season 4 of Devious Maids
Rebecca Wisockly and Tom Irwin star in Season 4 of Devious Maids Bob Mahoney Copyright 2016

Carmen and Marisol convince Gayle to go see Adrian inside the house during the party/wedding. Instead of Adrian being inside, Rosie shows up and tells Gayle that she knows she killed Peri.

That night of the party, Hugh told Gayle what happened so that she could rush over and convince Peri to not expose her father once again. This time Peri wasn’t going to be bought. Gayle killed Peri to keep her father’s secret, and for whatever reason, Gayle thinks she should get a medal for killing her. Gayle was so open to Rosie because she thinks no one would believe a silly maid. That’s where you’re wrong, Gayle! Rosie had the police right outside the door, listening in on everything she and Gayle were saying. The police come in to arrest Gayle and the look on her face is a wonderful sight to see. Gotcha!

Zoila wasn’t the only one who saw Spence at Frances’ house. Her boss thought Spence was Kyle when she saw him through the window, but after watching the news, she knows Spence is wanted. Zoila tries to warn Spence and Kill Face about the cops showing up but Kill Face thinks Zoila told the cops. He pulls out a gun and wants to shoot Zoila, but Spence quickly wrestles with Kill Face for the gun. Just like that, a shot is fired right into Spence.

Judy Reyes, Dania Ramirez and Tom Irwin star in Season 4 of Devious Maids
Judy Reyes, Dania Ramirez and Tom Irwin star in Season 4 of Devious Maids Annette Brown Copyright 2016

Thank God, Spence is okay! The cops were trying to keep Spence in handcuffs for escaping jail but thanks to the cool detective, she tells them that Spence has been through enough and is released from the cuffs. Yay! A semi-happy ending.

I cannot believe it! Peter comes back to Marisol and actually proposes to her at the engagement party. Poor, Jesse. If Peter is who truly makes Marisol happy, then I’m happy for her. Another couple getting back together is Adrian and Evelyn. Not sure how that one worked out. I guess you just know when it’s true love.

The reunion I’m most excited about is Zoila returning to work for Genevieve. I knew these two couldn’t live without each other. Another surprise is that Genevieve is going out on a date with a lady. This is quite the shock for Zoila after seeing Genevieve with so many men in her past. I think she took her date’s advice and gave up on men.

Season 4 of Devious Maids
Season 4 of Devious Maids Annette Brown Copyright 2016

Once Spence came home with Rosie, she was about to tell him the truth about Tucker. I don’t think Rosie had it in her to break Spence’s heart so she told him some better news. Rosie is pregnant! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited about this! I just hope Spence not knowing the truth doesn’t ruin their perfect little family.

Just when everything seems to be going perfect, this show has to throw in some drama. It’s the day of Marisol’s wedding, but the bride can’t be found anywhere. The girls go to investigate and find a shattered window with blood on it. There was a note left behind from Marisol saying she’s sorry, but I don’t think Marisol was the one who wrote it. Who kidnapped the bride?

What were your thoughts on this season of Devious Maids? I was so happy with the way it was ending, but then Marisol had to get taken away on her wedding day. Do you think The Circle is behind this? Why would they take Marisol when Spence and Rosie were their main targets? Will Kyle ever come back for Zoila or is he too involved with The Circle? Do you think it’s a good idea that Rosie doesn’t tell Spence the truth about Tucker? What do you think Danni is trying to do by telling Carmen her birth father is dead? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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