Lady Mary, She’s Not. Check Out Downton’s Michelle Dockery In Her Bold New Role

Good Behavior Michelle Dockery Turner Networks
Juan Diego Botto and Michelle Dockery star in TNT's seductive new drama series "Good Behavior."

Brace yourselves, Downton Abbey fans — the walking, talking raw wound that is Michelle Dockery’s Letty Dobesh in the upcoming TNT sizzler Good Behavior is about as far from Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary as the actress could get. And she’s every bit as awesome.

Dockery is a force as Letty, a troubled but talented con who can’t get herself straight, despite an empathetic parole officer (Kinney) and the longing to be a worthy parent to her son, now raised by Letty’s bitter mom (Strus). When she crosses paths — and matches wits — with charismatic hit man Javier (your next TV crush, Juan Diego Botto), her life is by turns saved and sent down a seductive and dangerous path.

“She’s very intelligent,” Dockery smiles during an at the Television Critics Association summer press tour.

“[With] her and Javier, it’s like a meeting of minds, the two of them. It’s almost like they can’t survive in the normal world. They’re too beyond that. It’s too boring. She is constantly searching for the high — and that doesn’t necessarily mean drugs and substances. It’s anything that gives her that feeling of being alive, which is why the stealing and the dressing up and playing a different character thrills her. She loves the game of it.”

Michelle Dockery as Letty Dobesh in TNT’s “Good Behavior” Turner Networks

“There is not a single cliché about this character,” adds Botta. “As the show goes along, we’re going to see that more. The show is a very twisted and conventional love story between these two outsiders, lone wolves, who can’t find their place in the world and are trying to find it with each other.”

Good Behavior TNT
Good Behavior cast — Lusia Strus, Juan Deigo Botta, Michelle Dockery, Terry Kinney Turner Networks


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“Good Behavior” on TNT — Juan Diego Botto’s Javier and Michelle Dockery’s Letty Dobesh meet something less than cute.

Are you excited for Michelle Dockery’s deliciously bad behavior on Good Behavior, premiering Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 9/8CT on TNT? For more on the sizzling new drama, see the November issue of Channel Guide Magazine.

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