With Less Than a Week Until Rio, Adorable Olympic Commercial from USA Swimming (VIDEO)

Olympic Commercial USA Swimming
I wonder if Leah Smith's parents ever imagined that enthusiastic grin would one day belong to an Olympian.

In only a few days, the Games of the 31st Olympiad will open. And for over 10,500 athletes from all over the world, a lifetime of preparation culminates in only a few moments of competition. I love everything about the Olympics, and plan on spending the better part of the next few weeks glued to my TV as I cheer in the joyful spirit of competition.

And one of my favorite parts of each broadcast are the touching commercials that not only make me want to buy paper towels and laundry detergent, but serve as a reminder of the everyday moments that are a part of every Olympian’s life. I routinely tear up over P&G’s Olympic mom-related commercials and really enjoy this year’s twist on the successful campaign in the ad titled, “Strong.”

Another of my favorite commercials comes courtesy of USA Swimming, and shows us a few of the sport’s marquee names when they were beginners. We see a pint-sized Michael Phelps and a mini Missy Franklin along with junior versions of Ryan Lockte and Katie Ledeck and other top swimmers. The grainy home videos of their early efforts serve as a reminder that every champ was once a child and there is the potential for greatness in everyone.

It gives me hope, even though my kids look like they’re drowning when they swim.