Recap: Naked and Afraid XL Episode 4: “Too Many Chiefs”

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 4
Mo' People, Mo' Problems.

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 4 is the halfway point of the 40-day South African experience. So are they half-dead? Half-starved? Half-crazy? Or a little each??

Day 17
At the end of last week’s episode Jake, Phaedra and Alyssa went on a scouting mission to look for more people. We last saw Jake atop a cliff calling into the abyss and now we see that Kim and Darrin are the recipients of his calls. Kim happily welcomes them with lots of naked hugs. It looks like she has a colorful bracelet, where did it come from? Darrin seems a little apprehensive to join a larger group, he works better alone and knows that each kill will have to be spread among more mouths.

Jake, Alyssa and Phaedra welcome Kim and Darrin to join them, so they do. Kim puts on a Pharrell Williams-sized hat and seems instantly happier to have more people to talk to.

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 4

Back at camp, Tawny and Stacey — the self-named “blond-terage” gather firewood while Tawny recovers from Tick Bite Fever. Hey-Tawny has a bracelet too! What gives?!? She and Stacey find a bizarre wild cucumber and gobble it up, without waiting for their teammates. Later on, both women get sick so either their empty bellies were unhappy to be eating such acidic fruit, or it was a little bit of Karma.

The Pondo group is down to two men who don’t really seem like they care for each other. Ryan doesn’t think that Steven can handle the job of fire watching. Ryan is a moron and condescending in his dismissal of Steven’s skills; there are so many creaks, groans and growls around camp that even I could watch the fire.

Day 18
Now Phaedra has Tick Bite Fever. And while the narrator describes the disease’s symptoms, we are treated to extreme close-ups of many, many ticks. I feel itchy and hope I never find anything that looks like that anywhere on my body.

Over in Pondo, Ryan still doesn’t trust Steven, so he heads to the highest point to look for the smoke of another group’s campfire. But first he finds an aloe plant, which will soothe his sunburnt skin and provide nourishment — the insides of the plant are edible.

Jake is determined to get food for his team and heads down to cast the net. Phaedra says what we’re all thinking; Jake is shouldering the load without bitching about it. He just gets things done. She wishes that she could help him and I wish someone, anyone would help him. Jake catches a fish and gives it to Kim and Darrin who haven’t eaten in 11 days. They look like children on Christmas morning.

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 4
Kim and Darrin are in the pre-meal zone.

He humbly says, “The joy that I just got from giving those two a fish, was more joy than I’d ever experienced actually eating a fish.” Some Naked aand Afraid fans don’t share my love for Jake, but This is why he is awesome; he is tireless, he is humble, he is hella skilled, (he is hot), and he is 100% unselfish.

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 4
Jake = Good guy.

While the mega group watches Kim and Darrin eat, Steven and Ryan are on the long, hot trek to join them. And while they’re walking, Steven loses Ryan’s precious aloe. Ryan is pissed, but I gotta ask: if your aloe was so precious, why didn’t you carry it?

When Steven and Ryan arrive above the lake, the women get absolutely giddy to hear male voices. They primp, and check each other’s teeth, and greet Ryan and Steven with many, many naked hugs. Alyssa, who previously said that she was glad to be in a group with only women, clings to Ryan as if her life depends on it. Hopefully Jake will finally get the help he needs.

That night, all nine survivalists cram themselves into the shelter that earlier in the day held 5. Stacey reports, “We are all sitting around camp and there are so many testicles in our camp. Everywhere you look there are pinched-off, stretched-out, goofy-looking testicles.”

Day 19
After a snug night, they adjust the shelter to sleep all nine people. The former-fivesome sees Jake as their leader, but he doesn’t care about leadership as long as the work gets done. Altruism at it’s finest. The best leader is the person who least wants to be one.

A few of the day’s highlights:
The group forms a human bulldozer to widen their shelter.
Kim almost pulls down a tree atop herself.
Poor Phaedra accidentally drinks untreated water and has to force herself to throw it up. The rest of the group feels badly that they sat there and watched as she did it and come up with a labeling system for the water pots.

Day 20
Ryan sets snares to try and feed the group. Alyssa and Jake also make snares using Jake’s wire and someone else’s paracord. While they work, Ryan offers unsolicited advice and Jake and Alyssa roll their eyes. “Bitch, please,” mutters Jake.

Darrin grabs Kim’s bow & arrow and tries to hunt, but he fears that he larger game has already smelled their large group and has left the area.

After Jake and Alyssa set snares, Ryan comes and reties them. It’s a jerky move. But all will be forgiven if the snares catch something.

That night, a massive storm rolls overhead and dumps rain onto the group. The dirt floor of their open-air shelter quickly turns to mud. Needless to say, the night is long.

Now that we have a nine-person group, Naked and Afraid throws up their hands and basically admits that the PSR rating is a sham. They award the entire Mega Swati Group an XLR of 7.6 out of 10.0. I call this Oprahing: “You get a 7.6! And You get a 7.6; Everybody gets a 7.6!!!”

Day 21
On a normal episode of Naked and Afraid, this would be the end of the journey, but in an XL adventure, the fun is only half over! Everyone is pretty emotionally spent at this point; they need a big meal to lift their spirits. Usually the Naked and Afraid crew gods gift the famished people when they’re at their lowest with a half-dead snake, so keep your eyes pealed…

As if on cue, Tawny, Steven, Kim and Alyssa watch as a herd of impala walk through their snared area. “They look like cheeseburgers with legs,” says either Alyssa or Kim — two of the funniest people in the group (Jake and Stacey are up there too). Finally, a female impala gets entangled.

And even though at least four people are watching and running around yelling “Snare! Snare! Who has a knife?!? Snare!!,” no one has actually made a single, stealthy step in the direction of the animals until now. Jake decides that it’s faster to swim across the lake than run around the people who are stumbling over themselves and leaps into the water, showing off an incredible swimming stroke.

The episode ends before we see if they’re able to catch the beast (technically, they’ve already caught it, but it sounds gross to say, “stab it until it’s dead.”), but based on the racket they’re making and the clips of next week’s episode, my guess is no.

It’s our first episode where no one tapped out! Yay! So, what do you think of the large group? Safety in numbers? Too many cooks? Many hands? Too soon to tell? What other clichés apply?

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 4
Shark photo by Justin Stephens/Syfy; Ryan photo courtesy Discovery; Photoshop is all Kellie.

Also, tonight was Syfy’s fourth annual Sharknado movie, Sharknado 4: The Fourth Awakens. One of my coworkers interviewed Cheryl Tiegs and Gary Busey in advance of the fun flick and I overheard Jeff while he was on the phone with Busey. It was — hands down — the most hilarious half of a conversation that I’ve ever witnessed. When he hung up the phone, the entire editorial department broke into applause. In honor of the times when we have a bizarre interview and are still able to polish that turd into a gleaming jewel (Teigs was delightful, Jeff reports), I have created this fun photoshop. And please read Jeff’s article while imagining the human befuddlement that is Gary Busey.

Primitive Survival Item. Each survivalist brought a blade each trio was given a cooking pot, and each of the dozen survivalists was allowed to bring one primitive survival item. I’m keeping track here:
Jake- Spool of snare wire (Learned in personal interview)
Stacey- Fishing hook and line (Learned in Episode 1)
Clarence- Unknown -left in Episode 2
Phaedra- Paracord? (Used in Episode 4)
Alyssa- Fire Starter (Learned in Preview Episode)
Tawny- Casting Net (Learned in Episode 2)
Kim- Bow & Arrow (Learned in Episode 1)
Carrie- Unknown -left in Episode 1
Darrin- Buck Skin (Learned in Preview Episode)
Angel- Unknown -left in Episode 3
Steven- Sling shot (Learned in Preview Episode)
Ryan- Spool of 100-lb. Fishing Line (Learned in Episode 1)

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  1. Another prediction, since we are rounding the turn/heading for home stretch (& nobody tapped out this week). Many will go home with intestinal parasites (they survived the rancid meat for the time being..), & their “15 minutes of fame” will turn into a lifetime of antibiotics & digestive problems. Ask Kai Furneaux- a great Amazonian warrior who DC would rather not speak about.

    • Therefore, we have heard no more of Ky or her great partner Billy Berger. They and Bo Stuart and Debbie were the best two pairs to appear on N&A. Period!

          • JC- Glad to see U in a better mood, & in top comedic form (we all need to keep up with Ken, if it’s even humanly possible!).

          • Al. I didn’t realize I was in any sort of competition with KenO. Real or implied. I just think Ken is cool and makes fun posts.

          • “sorry nana” on her butt was great,she was very cheerful,found food,cooked food kept her partner’s spirits up..Hope she comes back..

          • Sorry, you are right. Not a competition. I just find many of his wry comments super hilarious. Yours too. I aspire to be funnier. It sure beats being angry or depressed, & is a healthy way to express incredulity. U can be very poignant also.

  2. Any thoughts/comments from the experts on my last post in previous week’s commentary regarding MadiDrop water purification tablets??

    • The problem with water purification tablets is they run out. Better to know how to purify water by other means…..

  3. Some interesting FACTS:
    Ever wonder why a grazing animal can eat indiscriminately in a circular area, yet not get sick or die from ingesting poisonous plants? Great answer- The antidotes ARE ALWAYS growing within 10 feet of the poisonous ones! Also, vegetarian animals can smell whether you are carnivore or not. In the latter case, they will accept your presence & come extremely close to you.

    • I have found that to be true. Animals don’t fear me, might be because they smell that I’m vegetarian, might be they smell that I don’t carry weapons, might be that they psychically tune in to that I’m an inept hunter…however potatoes fear me.

    • Extraneous and wrong information. All animals (or most of them) fear man because they have learned we can be dangerous. It is our actions they react to. You must be a city boy. Put aside your copy of THE SORCERERS HANDBOOK and pass along only what you know or have experienced.

      • I know that, & have experienced that. Are you still in the same bad mood you started the day out in? Ken concurs. Out of context insults will get you nowhere.. (are 40 texts about guns & strippers not extraneous as well?)

        • J.C. you’ve not read the Sorcerers handbook then I take it? Chapter three is all about communicating with the animals, they’re actually more reasonable and intelligent than humans.

          • KenO. Chapter 8 covers the fear of potatoes. eyaah! Here comes the killer, I can smell the cold steel of his spading fork and the tines of the potato hook.

          • Wizards and Sorcerers have no fear of potatoes though it is helpful to know how to negate the fear potatoes have for us, helps to sneak up on them. If we then scare them badly enough they will throw up their little potatoe hands and jump right into our baskets screaming “eek, eek”.

        • Comes from lots of experience with livestock, mule deer and elk and tribulations with “locoweed.” No antidotes known to science.

      • They fear man because they don’t like our jokes, that and we kill any of them we see. They know we’re stupid and can’t tell the difference between a garter snake and a rattlesnake.

  4. Hunting and Gathering.
    Warthogs. Instead of trying to kill them, follow them and find out what they are eating and where it is found. Warthogs eat tubers and roots which they root out of damp ground. It is hunting and gathering, the gathering is much more likely to produce full bellies and some fiber and nutrition. Spy on the animals and see what they eat. Humans can probably eat some of what the animals eat. Look in the little damp valleys like the one that Jake and Stacey followed to reach Swati Valley, there must be something edible there? birds we have seen few birds, but South Africa has francolin (size of a pheasant) and guinea fowl (size of a small hen turkey) They won’t be in the dry burned up areas around the water holes because they eat seeds. Find the birds and gather seeds and maybe a fowl or two. Angel left them fish hooks; put out trot lines and check them twice a day. Sitting around and complaining won’t produce food. Neither will boasting about how you can live off the land. Turn on the think boxes! They saythey are “tard” well it won’t get any better until they secure food? Where is little Don Nguyen who just kept on going through adversity and mostly by himself. While hunting and foraging, rest during the heat of the day (in the shade-don’t return to camp) and keep watching the animals. Return to camp when you have a measurable quantity of food. Bring a bucket of water. Take any one of the women with you for company-they know how to be quiet and use “I” less
    At my command you will get your ass in gear and move out!

    • I was gonna say that about watching the vegetarian animals’ grazing habits, so thanx for saving me that time. And what about up in the trees? Haven’t seen anyone climbing yet, like last year (Kim did a great job pulling that tree limb down on herself,though..)

      • I think Kim and the others were trying to gather firewood, and she was trying to snap off a dead branch when the whole thing came down.

    • Their survival strategy regarding food is suspect. Book learning @ plants would have been helpful. Waiting to kill a large beast will never be sufficient, even if successful: One kill may be a huge meal for all, but 3 days later they are starving again (most vitamins & minerals are destroyed in the cooking process- you feel full, but..). So they are back to endless hunting again. The body also does not like binge eating/then nothing else for days. Primitive man’s life expectancy was around 30 years. Think about it! We can do better..?

    • addendum: Take any one of the women with you for company and; gasp, they may help you as they have done for thousands and thousands of years

    • J.C. aren’t “survivalists” supposed to know that? I mean they are all touted to be professionals, eh?

      • KenO. One would think they would know, but they seem to have gone brain dead. It also appears that overconfidence has them stultified and without adaptability. They have forgotten that they must live in their current environment and not pine for the one they came from. One ass hole like Ryan (Mr. Alana) can poison a whole tribe because of their attitude. Professionals???? My ass for a hay rake!!

        • Oh, right, I forgot that Metal Flowers touts them to us as “Professionals” which is as meaningless as their PSR ratings….but we should know that by now….Mr. Alana, that’s hilarious and spot on,

  5. Kellie, Did you see the popup up note(episode 3?) that said 14 members of the production crews contracted tick fever? All despite wearing protective clothing and having tick repellent spray.

      • Ha ha! Have you ever seen videotape closeups of how they “hunt” ? They crawl up to the top of long grass, latch on with their back legs, then wave their front ones like some science fiction monster until they latch onto something alive. Creepy!! Note to crew (in case you haven’t learned this yet- they can crawl thru your cotton socks & t-shirts..

  6. A showdown between Steven and Darrin with the condescending Ryan seems inevitable. Maybe Jake can mitigate it or maybe the women will do it. In Primitive Man times and Ryan would be banished from the Tribe as causing disharmony. American Tribes did this even in “modern” times. The Producers probably won’t allow that.

    • If Jake is as smart as he’s turning out to be he’ll just stay out of it and watch, that’s what the women will do.

  7. Tawny brought the paracord (as Alyssa commented while baiting the hook), Phaedra the net, Carrie a fire starter as shown in first episode, Angel fish line and hooks as shown in first episode. The show does not say what Clarence brought but it must have been a fire starter.

    • I’m glad I read Tawny’s bio on the home page. Must give the girl mucho props for having gone through what she has and turn out as mellow as she is….good for you Tawny.

  8. Anybody know if Alyssa is married or engaged? She has been wearing a gold ring on left hand..thanks

  9. I enjoyed it when Steven and Ryan yelled across the lake and the women yelled “Men Coming.” Then they inspected each other’s teeth and Stacy tilted her head, patted down her hair and batted her eyelashes. Then they all laughed with together at the stereotyped feminine behavior. What a great moment of humor!

    I can’t even imagine last years B—- Pack (Alana, DB, Laura and Eva) doing such a thing and actually laughing at it.

  10. Head lion Jake watching his 3 lionesses splashing around in the puddle looking for food was very funny.Jake and the 3 girls all had a good time doing it,no sexism at all..Alysaa and Kim are terrific..

    • Jmix. I think the show is becoming progressively more fun to watch. I dislike tap outs but don’t miss the loner Clarence. So far, the show is not too much about survival skills demonstrations though. Maybe that will come later?

  11. I watched the Uncensored version of episode 3 (The Prey) with extra footage of the participants (imagine that) and it was much better than the one the editors gave us last week with a plethora of archive animal shots. A very crappy editing job!
    Now we are being treated to shots of hippos and there are none in Swati Valley. Dummies! It was filmed months ago so they have plenty of time to get it right. Better yet, hire Kellie as a consultant.

  12. OK, I watched it on my obligatory full stomach and I’ll have to say Jake is impressing me all the way around. He’s strong while gentle with his team mates which is a very good combo. Darren is starting to be disappointing as is Steven while Ryan, as Kellie noted, is a seriously condescending jerk. At least the girls haven’t started to be catty towards one another like last season though the guys are headed for a storm alright with Jake being above the fray as the Alpha male without having to push for it. Liking Jake, not liking any of the other males. Sorely disappointed in Darren, I thought he would have made meat by now. Steve, all mouth. No point in flogging Ryan’s weak points. Things are going to devolve rather rapidly I’m thinking. The gals are holding up well with Alyssa looking the strongest and Phaedra looking pretty delicate. But, I agree with J.C., much better over all than last season.

    • And now we are halfway there.. I am usually a glass half full kind of guy, but in that heat surely much will vaporize. So.. I predict:JAKE,ALYSSA,PHAEDRA will survive. The others? Your opinions?

      • I’m thinking Phaedra (much as I respect her) is getting close to tapping out. She’s quit thin and starving. Good person but her body is not healthy.

  13. Kellie, that was another excellent review. And what a show! They’re all together now and the soap opera truly begins in earnest. I’m lovin’ Steven Hall, Jr. He’s a guy after my own heart. (Does anybody else think Junior Hall reminds them of Leonardo Dicaprio?) Funniest moment of the show was when he and Ryan were yelling across the lake to the others they had just discovered, and the first words out his mouth was. “Chicks!” (LOL) Wait till he sets his eyes on Kim – who had another superb show BTW.

    Jake has shown that he is head and shoulders above all the others in terms of leadership. There’s no question. And Ryan is really starting to look like a prick.

    Kellie – In one of the captions during the “uncensored” version, I thought I read that the bracelet Kim was wearing was given to her by the Inn-keeper were they stayed before shooting the show.(?)

    • Thanks for that nugget of info, RWB. It’s a little jarring shocking to see “Items of flair” on the participants dirty bodies.

    • Rwb. We are now down to carefully inspecting every square inch of the women’s bodies. Good Job Rwb! LOL

      • Well, since I’m walking down the path of male chauvinism, let me rank the remaining women of XL2:

        1.)Kim – I can’t build a pedestal high enough for her.
        2.)Alyssa – She’s got all the right stuff.
        3.)Phaedra – Sorry, I can’t get past her gummy smile.
        4.)Twany & Stacey – are tied for last. The eyelash extentions make Twany look cheap, but after another week of starvation, she should lose the love handles.

        • Let’s rank the men as well:
          1.) Jake, proven to over turned all of the “Gay man” stereotypes, a natural leader and a genuine good guy.
          2.) Darren, as Kim says “inept hunter”, well at least there’s no drama in him so far, next episode looks to be different.
          3.) Steve, somehow just more likeable than Ryan however Steve doesn’t seem to be very adept at making meat . . so far.
          4.) Don’t know how he can still walk given the number of times he’s already shot himself in the foot. Not very likeable, condescending ass.

          • Ken – I thought Kim was being a little harsh when she called Darrin an “inept hunter”. Darrin definitely has skills, and nobody’s had any real luck hunting.

          • Point taken Rwb, I thought she was a bit harsh as well, however he’s really good but still hasn’t done much of anything but, you’re right, neither has anyone else.

        • Attaboy Rwb! Personally, I don’t care much for tattooed women but I do make exceptions. Tattoos on men I don’t notice, because we are just hairy fireplugs; whereas, women are beautiful.

        • I need to shoot this down a little, guys (& I do mean GUYS!)
          We all can agree that Kim is cute-OK? But what does she actually do? Is cuteness her survival tool? The buckskin Darrin brought seems to have no purpose except to have made her a Tarzan/Jane bikini! Phaedra & Alyssa are my top ladies, both with grit & NATURAL beauty/determination (to each his own.. ). Who doesn’t yet think that Kim would be what might be many comments from her “high maintenance”? Anyone who cares to explore further (inside the outer shell, but also online comments from her acquaintances in Utah) will find plentiful discourse regarding her parental irresponsabilty & lack of respect for the fathers of her children & family members. Welfare & trailer parks, anyone..?

          • Al K. I never gave a damn for gossip, whispering and pulling others down by “did you Know” crap. You have old information which is mostly wrong. KenO put the gossipers about Kim to flight after her 21 day challenge. Jilted ex-lovers are not a good “source.”

          • Al K. I also don’t think much of “daddies” who knock a 19 year old up and leave her to shift for herself. You should know better than to flash around the internet looking for smut to pass on to appear “in the know.”

          • Al K. I also don’t think much of “daddies” who knock a 19 year old up and leave her to shift for herself. You should know better than to flash around the internet looking for smut to pass on to appear “in the know.”

          • OK JC, I am duly scolded, & heed your older- brotherly advice (truly, not tongue in cheek). Thanx for the “body check”

          • Al you might want to bounce on over to N&A XL Bios to see what a horrible past she’s had to deal with. Kim is a very determined and self motivated young lady that any man should be proud to be with.

          • JC- I am accepting shame as far as my listening to & repeating gossip. I still feel the same way about Kim, though. The male black widow spider is totally infatuated with his female paramour until post-coitally he gets eaten alive..

          • Kim is a needy woman. She’s very emotional and needs affection and security, and I don’t think Darrin is the guy who can provide it. When he showed no concern after she slipped and gashed her wrist, I think it hurt her feelings, although he just may not have seen it after returning bummed-out from another unsuccessful hunting trip. (Darrin told the camera that because of his “indigenous hunting skills” he feels the pressure to live up to the role, and find some meat.)

            Later, when Kim told the camera that Darrin was “inept” as a hunter, it may have been a response to his lack of concern for her injured wrist.

            On the other hand, Steven appears to be a better match for Kim. He’s sensitive – an artist who shed a tear during Angel’s farewell. (Women love that.) and he’s cocky (in more ways than one) as we saw in Alabama with Chalese .

          • Rwb, everyone is needy. We all need the love and affection of another human being. We all need affection and security. When Darren showed no concern for her after she gashed her wrist he gave himself away as an uncaring person, dashing her hopes that they might be connecting. Darren lost a lot of my respect at that moment as well and, by the way, Darren has shown ineptitude at making meat now that there are no rats around to stumble into his deadfall traps.

        • KO. I have an outlet. My new wife is 33 years younger that me. Brag, brag, boast, boast. Swollen head too. Her oldest son is 25 and gets very upset when people think Mom is his sister or girlfriend. I like to watch the expression on peoples faces when they say “your daughter is beautiful” and I tell them She is my wife. LOL

        • KenO- would you consider Darrin as just a person who grew up alone, & adapted best he could? Instead of being “uncaring”? Very sad actually, but I think he has grown emotionally since N & A duo episode..

          • Usually people who grow up alone are more attenuated to caring. He should know better and it’s just a bit disappointing for me that he doesn’t as I regard him highly.

          • Usually people that grow up alone are more sensitive to the needs of others than Darrin (who I like by the way) has shown himself to be with Kim.

      • J.C. looks like Kim has an arm bandage right where medics usually give IV’s, maybe she’s had some antibiotics/vitamins..

        • Ko. More than likely it is a bandage on the injury Kim received pulling down the tree branch.

          • Actually, was it the wound she received when she slipped and fell in camp with Darrin (It was on the top of her hand, right, during the uncensored version?), and then was disappointed when he showed no concern.

    • RWB- may I digress into a subject you may have knowledge about as a power company worker?
      Our local providers (Dominion & Appalachian Power) have received 22.5% rate increases each of the past 5 years. This has become so oppressive to your average consumer that last year a deal was cut with the Virginia legislature to put a freeze on increases for the next 5 years. But in return, after that time they would no longer be held accountable by the SCC! This is going to be hell!!
      But my real question is this: Why are utilities such as electricity,water,wind in the hands of private parties? I know all the arguments against government interference & such, but doesn’t it make much sense to have them out of private hands? Rates can be kept reasonable, & any profits could go to improving our infrastructure & reducing national debt. Is my thinking too simplistic, or does greed trump reason?

      • Al,
        The utility industry was de-regulated back in the mid-90’s. At the time, it was held that it would make the industry more competitive thus decreasing rates. But honestly, I don’t know of anyone’s electric rate going down in the last 20 or so years. All I’ve seen happen is larger companies have been gobbling up smaller ones. My company has merged twice since 1998. But a 22.5% annual increase is completely outrageous!!!

        • It wasn’t “deregulated” here- just placed under the auspices of the SCC, which is possibly fair, but heavily influenced by lobbyists..

      • They are in private hands because the government could not make a go of it. You are have problems because many of the coal fired plants in your area have been shut down by Gov’t. “regulation.”
        Complain to the lying fool Al Gore and his minions.

        • My parents raised me to keep politics & religion out of polite conversation.. This is wise council!
          People lament the loss of jobs, but forget @ black lung & cave-ins so easily. Clean energy (wind/water) are the future- many new/great jobs to those willing to see the way to salvation for our planet, & self-reliance/sufficiency. Too much complaining!

          • My parents didn’t teach me anything about politics and religion. My father wouldn’t taker a stand except to say that all his heroes were cowboys (this was on my attempt to engage him on the subject of Reagan and G.W. Bush) to which I replied “all my heroes were Indians”. However this led to my own personal stance which is that religious imbeciles and political imbeciles should be called out wherever and whenever they make themselves known. Obviously I don’t care whether the conversation is polite or not. To me there is not enough complaining about keeping the environment safe from pollution regardless of “jobs”.

  14. Laura Jane- please look at my hopefully helpful suggestions regarding house fires/insurance claims at end of last week’s commentary? Survivalists- please look at “new product/madi-drop” comment there also. Could be great addition to your arsenal?

  15. Still haven’t finished 1st viewing ,but gotta ask.. Lotta talk @ “cheeseburgers”, but where’s the cheese? (Metal Flowers is certainly trying to provide that..) Mouth watering thought-maybe milking an inyala or water buffalo, perhaps..?

  16. I have followed Gary Busey career since he opened for Blues Brothers with his “Buddy Holly revue” (I saw it live) in ’73. Going downhill ever since. Thanx for reminding me..?
    Alyssa may replace Kim as Darrin’ main squeeze, now that he has a choice?
    Jake is the “hero” on ALL fronts, (contrived or not..)
    I liked Kim’s hat-the bigger the better..

  17. Kellie,
    Whats’s wrong with Jake?? NOT ONE DAMN THING!!!!
    The others: Darrin, Steven, Alyssa, Kim, Phaedra, Tawny and Stacey are doing their best and trying to take care of each other as a Tribe. Nothing wrong with them.
    Ryan is another story. He scorns Steven and wonders why Steven challenges his greatness? He joins another group and immediately assumes he is boss and then proceeds to belittle them and give them his ever present condescending smug look. What an ASS HOLE. Why weren’t we told this guy is a former Commandant of The Marine Corps. He gets no respect (Rodney Dangerfield).

    • Yep, Jake’s pretty cool, very composed and very willing to help everybody. Great attributes, even for an attention whore. I haven’t watched it yet, just got up and won’t watch it until breakfast is ready, something about watching starving people on a full stomach that makes me feel good.

  18. Haven’t even been thru 1st viewing yet, but stoppped to ask..” Does anybody else think that Ryan would be worthy victim of “friendly fire”..

  19. I may have to watch this 7 times before I make an intelligent comment! I respect you all that much (& it had so many segments worthy of such..)! Kellie- you got it pretty quick. On your game,girl (is this why you get the “big bucks”)?

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