Sneak Peek Video: Tara Reid Breakdown on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars WEtv
The Look of Love (l to r): Lisa D'Amato & Adam Friedman, Toya & Memphitz Wright, Tara Reid & Dean May, Michelle Money & Cody Sattler, Brittish Williams & Lorenzo Gordon

It’s mental instability at its finest on Friday’s episode of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars. In this week’s episode, titled “Panic in the Control Room,” actress Tara Reid has an outburst that I’d describe as a panic-infused meltdown as the pressures of the TV series get to her fragile psyche.

Take a look at the dramaz…

Poor, poor Tara. She’s so broken. And is she really dating her John Waters-mustachioed “boyfriend” Dean May? I would have sworn that he is gay. Her comments in the above clip lead me to think that while they may be close friends, their “romantic” relationship is just for the cameras. And clearly, Tara is tired of this charade.

Of the participants, Tara is the least “reality star” of the bunch. The careers of the other “celebs” were made by being open and sharing/creating drama for the benefit of the cameras. Reid was an actress before she was a reality TV hot-mess. And when she was on Taradise, she was clearly in the throws of an addiction of some kind (and from her slurred speech in the clip, it seems like she’s still in booze’s clutches.) All I’ve got to say is I worked at E! while Taradise in production, and I heard things …

In this 5th season of the WEtv’s Reality Boot Camp franchise, the five couples who have joined an intensive workshop led by Directors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, co-directors Ilsa Norman and David Bishop, and Judge Lynn Toler include: Tara and her party boy boyfriend Dean, producer Memphitz Wright, and his wife Toya (Toya: A Family Affair), model Lisa D’Amato (America’s Next Top Model) and her husband Adam, Bachelor in Paradise‘s Michelle Money and Cody Sattler and Basketball Wives LA‘s Brittish Williams and Lorenzo Gordon. The workshop demands openness and honesty from the participants as they work to undo past trauma and fight to save their relationships. And while some of the participants have revealed heartbreaking events from their pasts, Tara has repeatedly been accused of shutting people out and running away from her problems.

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