Recap: Naked and Afraid XL Episode 3: “Human Prey”

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 3 Discovery
Sometimes bros gotta talk.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Is 13 days: 1/3 done of the 40-day experience? Or 2/3 of the ordeal left to go? I’d like to think that I’d be an optimist and congratulate myself for finishing 1/3 of something unpleasant, but in reality, after nearly two weeks in the South African sun, I wouldn’t know the date, or my name.

Day 13
We start this week in Tsonga Basin, where is Kim is suffering from Tick Bite Fever.
“How ya doin’, Hon?” her partner Darrin asks. Kim hasn’t eaten in almost a week, which is slowing her recovery. Darrin vows to hunt and feed his partner, subjecting himself to the day’s punishing heat. In this Naked and Afraid experience, Darrin is opening up about his First Nations ancestry, which is really intriguing. He says that he’s far more than a survivalist because this is his history; living close to the land is his way of life.

The large group in the Swati Valley have big plans for the day.
Phaedra’s is going to fish, Alyssa wants to set snares and Jake wants to use a net to catch minnows. But by mid-day, they haven’t caught anything and regroup at the campsite. Tawny feels like she has the flu and fears that she also has Tick Bite Fever. Which is not to be confused with Cat Scratch Fever. The rest of the large group wonders who’s the next to fall…

Day 14
The men of Pondo Ravine aren’t sleeping either. South Africa is a noisy place at night. While Angel and Steven rest during the hot part of the day, Ryan heads down to his blind to see if any critters come for a drink. He sees a monitor lizard and pulls a sneak attack with the net that he tied on Day 2. Whatever this technique is called, snare, snag, trip-up, it is great! It is much easier to catch quick animals if you can figure you a way to slow them down and give your wily — but slow — human-ness a fighting chance. His partners run down with their knives and deliver the fatal blow.

While the men eat, they share their life stories. Angel tells how his difficult upbringing has turned him into the father he never had. That night, Angel talks directly to the camera, and shares a message of love to his family. Ruh-roh, Whenever N&A participants start talking about their families, it’s a sign that their head isn’t in the game. C’mon dude, snap out of it! Angel is a mellow dude, but he was pretty focused and ballsy in his appearance on Naked and Afraid. I don’t like to see his emptions getting the best of him and his talents wasted. I want to see him build some of his awesome traps; sitting around is boring anyway! Clubbing a wildebeest with a massive rock would be gnarly! (Angel once made a massive figure-4/deadfall trap that may or may not have winged an alligator)

Day 15
Kim hasn’t eaten in 9 days and is feeling terrible, but stays busy be weaving a fish basket. While Darrin is hunting, he starts feeling nauseous and heads back to camp.

In the Swati Valley, Phaedra and Stacy find a large kill near their shelter. They’re freaked out that an African leopard may still be nearby, but the prospect of meat is too tempting to pass up. They grab the rest of their crew and head back for the kill. Alyssa is so starving that she says it smells, “Disgusting … and delicious.”

They drag the animal away from their camp and process it. But not only are they excited at the prospect of meat; Jake is excited to have a hide to make into shoes.

And we get to remember this bloody handful of meat for all time…

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 3
I may now be a vegetarian.

After boiling the meat, they give it a tentative taste. It is disgusting and rancid. But Jake encourages his partners to eat it: it’s meat and calories. And they really can’t afford to be picky. And while the meat may be stinky, boiling should have killed any gross germs. I think that everything eaten on Naked an Afraid should be boiled. You don’t lose any of the meat’s mass due to burning/charring/fluid loss form grilling, and you can ensure that the contents will get cooked all the way through. Alyssa giggles that it tastes like diarrhea. Okay, Alyssa, you little weirdo. 😖 The group knows that the animal that lost its meal is probably mad and can smell that they’ve eaten well; so it’s gonna be a loooong night. But a night with a full belly.

Day 16
Ryan is up with the pounding Pondo sun, but his partners are still sleeping. His plan is to use the precious morning hours to look for warthog dens. He comes upon a herd of wildebeest, but they see him and scatter. Ryan is frustrated because if his partners were there to help him, they might have been able to stalk and bring down the bigger game.

He heads back to the shelter and tells Steven and Angel how frustrated he is. It doesn’t go well. All three men are great survivalists, but Ryan wants his partners to share his drive. I’m not a fan of the whole, “We’re on a reality show and I need to have a long, sit-down talk with you.” It rarely works, because one person has had a chance to think about what they want to say and the pother person/people haven’t, so they get defensive. Here’s what I would have done:

Kellie (as Ryan): “Hey partners, I saw some meaty critters over yonder. It looks like they move near our camp really early in the morning. (Strokes magnificent beard) Tomorrow at daybreak, let’s head down there and see if we can try that hunting technique that Steven mentioned.
Steven: That’s the best idea I’ve ever heard!
Angel: I’m in!
Steven: Wake me at sunrise!
Angel: Ryan (but really me), you are the real angel of this team.

See how much better that went? No finger pointing. No long, drawn out discussions, because I hate long, beat-the-horse discussions. Even a plan that acknowledges somebody else’s ideas. Perfection — if I do say so myself.

Well, I can’t wait to see how the fellas get over this feud, but first, let’s check in on the peeps in Tsonga Basin.

Kim is upright (yay!) and she and Darrin check her fish trap. It’s empty. (boo!) Kim is discouraged, but Darrin tries to keep his teammate’s spirits up. Later he heads out on a hunt. Darrin would rather hunt for small stuff, but hasn’t seen any sights of any rodents (because — rat kabobs), and hadn’t planned on trying to bring down big game on his own. It may be time for D-Ran to set his sights higher on the food chain.

Pondo Ravine-loving Ryan has woven his 100 lb. fishing line into a snare with 700 lbs. of capacity. Steven is in the blind by himself and is a kid in a candy store. When talking about his outspoken partner Ryan, Steven admits, “He’s got a hundred skills, but so have I.”

That night, Angel keeps watch and talks to the camera again. He says he misses his family and without them, he feels like a tree that is being hacked down little by little. It’s poetic, and sad. He and the rest of the men are kept awake by strange whooping noises coming from just outside their camp. They never identify what the sound is, but I’m dying of curiosity. (My guess is zebra. BTW, I have a friend from South Africa and the way she says zebra is beyond adorable. I say “zēē-brŭh,” she says “zĕh-Brăh” I would says it that way too, but I’d be afraid some well-meaning person would correct me.)

Day 17
Swati Valley. Tawny still feels like junk, but her fever has finally broken. Jake wants to go on a scouting trip to see if he can find other people, so Alyssa and Phaedra go with him, and Stacey stays with Tawny.

Whilst on their roundabout, Phaedra, Alyssa and Jake (or PAJ) hear/see a panther. We don’t see the actual leopard; instead, we see beautiful stock footage shots. Like this one. We eventually see it running away. The camera work looks like footage from The Blair Witch Project. Lots of shakiness, but not a lot of substance. Meh.

The men of Pondo are fighting. So their useless score dips from 7.2 to 6.5 out of 10. I guess the monitor lizard that they caught means nothing.
The Swati snatched a kill from an apex predator, but their useless number still falls from 8.1 to 7.7 out of 10.0
The Tsonga twosome’s randomly generated numbers change from 6.6 to 5.9 out of 10.0.
And all of them give absolutely zero f@#ks, because it’s like telling me I have 23 out of a possible 1000 jitterbugs. If it’s a random measurement, it doesn’t matter.

Inter-cut with many stock footage shots, Angel decides to tap out. So many stock footage shots! The shots are beautiful, but for all I know, they could have been taken at the San Diego Zoo. Angel wants to be a great father more than he wants to be a great survivalist. It’s a bit out of left field, but after we picked apart the cast photo, I know that he’d be one of the early ones to tap out. (Clarence, Carrie and Angel were totally PhotoShopped into the image).


Naked and Afraid XL Episode 3
PhotoShop sleuthing could be my superpower.

Angel’s Pondo partners are stunned and know that they’ve lost their buffering middle-man. Gosh I hope that they continue to butt heads!

Jake, Phaedra and Alyssa arrive atop a ridge and yell into the abyss. Who will hear Jake’s dulcet calls? We’ll have to find out next week.

Next week’s scenes seem to show that everyone is in the same group and suddenly, “there’s a lot of chiefs.” Grammar notwithstanding, I can’t wait!

Primitive Survival Item. Each survivalist brought a blade each trio was given a cooking pot, and each of the dozen survivalists was allowed to bring one primitive survival item. I’m keeping track here:
Jake- Spool of wire (Learned in personal interview)
Stacey- Fishing hook and line (Learned in Episode 1)
Clarence- Unknown -left in Episode 2
Phaedra- Unknown
Alyssa- Fire Starter (Learned in Preview Episode)
Tawny- Casting Net (Learned in Episode 2)
Kim- Bow & Arrow (Learned in Episode 1)
Carrie- Unknown -left in Episode 1
Darrin- Buck Skin (Learned in Preview Episode)
Angel- Unknown -left in Episode 3
Steven- Sling shot (Learned in Preview Episode)
Ryan- Spool of 100-lb. Fishing Line (Learned in Episode 1)

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  1. Kellie and Everyone. I watched a clip on the Discovery site that showed Darrin and Kim with Jake and the girls. D and K hadn’t eaten for 10 days so Jake got a fish with the casting net and gave it to Darrin and Kim. A very decent gesture, I thought. I said this episode was boring because I didn’t see anyone really succeed, unless one considers scavenging a dead antelope success. Very disappointed no one has gathered anything. I did see Alyssa and Phaedra eating some red colored berries or fruit. I said before I would like to see them exploring and looking for vegetables or something to eat. Last years XL show was even worse and really boring because of some very nasty “survival experts” picking on the weak, fragile and vulnerable. The only excitement was in Kellie’s recaps and the blurbs on her blog page. It might be boring but I will continue to watch the show and make my comments and read others comments. No futility from me.

  2. Judi. KenO has speculated that Tawny is an exotic dancer. What is your opinion? Women know these things better than us men, who get into our fantasies about women.

    • I don’t know about that as women don’t usually go to see exotic dancers, well, at least as much as men do. Having been a professional musician I was around them a lot and a lot of them (exotic dancers) were very well educated having worked their way through college but still can’t make as much money doing anything else. They most assuredly do not date their customers.

  3. Judi, Cassie and Paul W. You have good thoughts and ideas, so don’t be bashful and share them! Judi and Cassie I like to hear a woman’s point of view.

  4. I love the relationships with J.C., Al K. and KenO. Relationships can get way weird though. As an example, last summer, KenO, me, I believe J.C. were heavy writers as well as this nutcase who went by the name of Craig even though his name was Rick. Anyway, Craig and KenO were really going at it and, for some reason, I listed my cell phone number in case anyone wanted to call and be e-mail or phone friends. Craig called the next day and told me I shouldn’t give out my number online because I didn’t know what kind of crazies would be calling me; little did I know then. I was in e-mail contact with KenO and Craig was getting obsessed with KenO and had asked KenO for his address and Ken didn’t give it to him. When I told Craig I was writing to Ken, he became furious and so pissed because, as he said, “I saw him first and now you have him; why won’t he write to me; why does he like you more than he likes me?” and this started to get really weird and he was writing all these psycho messages about Ken. I forwarded all of Craig’s e-mails to KenO and we both thought this guy was totally bizarre. Remember Craig/Rick, Ken? Does anyone else remember Craig? So, when he said I should be aware of crazies calling me, he wasn’t kidding. He was the craziest of all. Then, one day, he disappeared and has never been heard from since.

    • Laurajane. Yes, I remember Craig, a total nut case. There was another one going by the name Aaron who was an internet warrior who went after KenO and me. Come to think of it, he took on everything anyone said. His (Aaron) low IQ led him to misconstrue and misunderstand anything KenO and I said. I ignored him but KenO went after him and he soon disappeared.

      • If anyone can make a pest disappear, it will be Ken. I’m glad to be his friend and not his opponent. I do remember Aaron also. So far this season, there aren’t any Craigs or Aarons that I’ve noticed. I don’t even have to watch the show; get all I need from this forum. Where I’m staying, there is no DVR so, when I do get to watch the show, I can’t FF and have to endure all the commercials for a full hour and, by time the commercials are done, can’t remember what happened on the show prior to the Ford Explorer or “what’s in your pocket” or Burger King’s newest pos burger. So glad you guys are here; you make my day. 🙂

        • Laurajane. You did a good job yourself in getting rid of the troll: bit , bif, bob ,reverend, and rabbi. He must have followed your adviced and F’ed his sheep until he was too exhausted to return.

      • J. C., I just went to sit by the pond and watch the frogs when I remembered something and only KenO can verify this. During that Craig/Rick period, I believe that KenO said that he thought that Craig and Aaron were the same person, both nutcases and their writings were similar in context, grammar, spelling, etc. They sound similar in what we have both just written about him. Where are you KenO? We need you. 🙂

        • Laurajane. Two years ago, after an N&A episode. I had a very confused woman send me an email (I don’t know how she got my address) She and her husband were part of a wife swapping group and she was having trouble with it. She asked my opinion of “thinking outside the box.” She sent nude pictures of herself and after a dozen exchanges she disappeared. After the 2nd episode of XL2, a woman named Mandi posted a weird message on thinking “outside the box” which caused me to wonder if it was the same woman. I have met some strange people online, especially when I was on Facebook. Seems there are a lot of lonely people around.

          • Laurajane. The rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say. Weird things happen out of the void. After several messages. Louise(?) called me and told me she was the clerk who had taken my phone order(800 #) for old music DVDs and had sent the email confirmation of my order. She liked my “kindly” voice and kept the phone number and email add. She contacted me when the job ended. Her complaint was that hubby thought she was too “snooty” and the group would cure her. Hubby invited 3 single black men, who became “her” regulars to “do” her while everyone watched and she wanted to talk about it. I was tongue tied and I had no advice and just listened to her detailed stories. She said hubby told her she was finally cured of being snooty. She disappeared after 4 or 5 weeks. If Mandi sees this maybe she can confirm if she and Louise are the same person. She didn’t seem snooty to me, only not to smart.

      • Hi Ken, do you remember if we thought that Craig and Aaron were the same person?

        • Yep, pretty sure they were, same style and same ignorant ranting. OBTW, how’s your insurance thing coming along. We think about you often…Glad you’re back on the boards….

        • Yes and only Kellie can verify that as she has all our email addy’s. But, moot point since they’re all gone and likely won’t tread on us again.

      • I read the article and say the same thing I have been saying for years; THEY ARE NOT ALONE!!!! The crew doesn’t leave at 4 and come back the next morning. Think of the liability if anything were to happen to one of them during that time. If they are truly gone, who’s filming the creatures hovering around their shelter; who’s there to answer their medical needs as soon as they need it? I just can’t believe, no matter what they say, that these folks are truly alone.

    • The part of this article that I found the most intriguing was the statement:

      “(Kim) Kelly said she disagreed and even fought with her partner on multiple occasions.”

      Whoa, “disagreed and even fought”!? The author makes a distinction here between arguing and fighting. Does this mean there was physical contact between them? If there was, shame on Gary Underhill for striking a woman. But where there’s smoke there’s fire. What provoked that? The want to cuddle? Did she come onto him? Or was it about the bow drill?
      According to the statement, it happened “on multiple occasions”.

      • Rwb. I don’t think the Producers would have allowed physical violence! Gary U. (The big mouth fighter) accused her of failing the team because she didn’t make a fire on the first try and lectured her on “I got values.” In the meantime he sat on his lazy ex-cop, ex-Army truck driver ass and did absolutely nothing for the team.

        • PS. He infuriated me so much that I had a fantasy of a Jaguar leaping on him biting through his skull and dragging him off for food. He brought a “war ax” which he had no idea how to use. The only skill he has is as Davy Crockett said: “increasing the size of his family.”

  5. I watched the rerun tonight and only about half the animal shots were were original. The rest were archive shots that we have seen in previous nature shows.The one Kellie put in her post below, I have seen a dozen times. All the lion shots were of old starving males who had been kicked out of a pride.
    I noticed Ryan starts all his sentences with “I” and is smug and arrogant. His talk with Steven and Angel didn’t go well because he acted superior.
    I hope the dead antelope found by the four girls didn’t die of rabies and was indeed killed by a leopard.
    Darrin explained to Kim that he could make an atlatl but it would be useless because you have to be standing to make a throw and the game spooks and is out of range quickly.
    I suspect the Producers have instructed Jake to go find one of the other groups and directed him to fint one one.
    I still think all of them should go find the nearby river where the game and predators are more spread out.
    This episode wasn’t very good and was boring. Nothing interesting happened.

    • Good of you to rewatch episode,especially since I could barely make it through one viewing.I was surprised, but relieved that Ryan uncharacteristically made decision to find another group. I thought surely we were headed for major drama between he & Steven & the producers were drooling at the prospect. After your insightful take on the subject, what I suspect is that they were more likely headed towards a very physical fight- too much for even Metal Flowers,and of course the Discovery Channel bosses. (check out the still photo at the top of this page, & look at the glare Ryan is giving Steven). Steven stated his willingness to punch Ryan out, even given the large height & weight difference. I respect that man, & he also represents the proud spirit of many Southerners I know in my community.
      As far as the inyala (I think that’s what they called that dead thing), I had previously stated my reluctance to eat it because of the rancid smell. But they mentioned, & partially showed, the face chewed off a bit. So would a predator have eaten any of it (can they tell if prey is diseased?). Or perhaps it chased & killed it, took one bite & found out it’s diseased? Or it was fine, but the predator was chased off by the sound of humans approaching? Sure hope they don’t get rabies. That’s a pretty deadly one if not treated immediately..Thanks,JC..You have picqued my curiousity to be interested again in the next episode.I wasn’t particularly feeling that before.

      • Al K. Rabies usually affects the brain and if they stayed away from the brain, they will be ok. Leopards normally drag the prey away and up a tree immediately. It was an example of what the anthropologists tell us that primitive man was largely a scavenger. If a leopard did make the kill, it learned a lesson too; abandoned meat is soon lost meat. Reflecting back, the conflict between Ryan and Steven was predictable. Ryan refused any cooperation with his partner (Amber) in the 21 day challenge and she was reduced to camp tender, which might account for her bossy attitude in her failed second try.

        • PS. Ryan is too dense to understand that you don’t “motivate” people by pissing them off. They become motivated to take his head.

    • OK, so the episode was rebroadcast at 11:PM last night. We taped it so that we could watch it while eating a nice, filling breakfast, coffee, eggs, bacon (vegetarian) home made bread/toast and OJ while watching a bunch of starving humans. We feel so superior. Phaedra can sure throw some mean looks at Horseboy. I think she has his number alright, not too impressed with him right now especially after he puked in their general direction. I have a different take on Angel, seems he’s pretty messed up over his girls, so messed up he made both of his angry team mates tear up. They’re both impressed with him (so am I) while they have utter disdain for each other. Bravo for Steven whose got some cojones grande there and I do believe if they were “in a bar” back home he would have cold cocked Bryan who’s an absolute twit and quite full of himself to laugh in Stevens face. Steven may not appear to be a badass but he is. Darren and Kim, wow, those two are smitten with each other though Kim is becoming a bit disappointed with Darren’s hunting skills. Yeah you can shoot a bow from a squat but not very well, you have to stand up to take a really good shot and make as much movement as you would with an atlatl. Personally I’d take an atlatl over a bow, to me it’s a shorter learning curve with a stronger kill possibility than a 30# bow. I’m betting Darren makes meat pretty soon though he is more of a rodent guy. Team Horseboy and the fillies appear to be headed into lazy land for their group skill. I guess lazy is easier than foraging, hunting, trapping or fishing….nobody appears to be foraging at all which was a serious aspect of early man’s life, he certainly didn’t live entirely off of game meat. Speaking of game meat, that gazelle critter the girls stumbled upon turned out not to be as tasty as they thought, I wouldn’t have eaten it, but then again I’m a vegetarian. Africa is rife with edible roots, berries and such though it doesn’t seem that anyone knows about this stuff being so Americarnivores and all raised on McDonald’s cheeseburgers and not much else. I think Tawny is a tad bit lost without a stripper pole nearby. I like the line about the industrial strength eyelash extensions. Tattooed eyeliner as well, who does that? Fill in the blank. Looks like very hard times on the horizon for everybody. I sincerely hope Darren and Kim make it together but Kim’s fading fast unless Darren comes up with some meat. Odd that every teams whining about joining up with other people to save them. It’s going to be one giant quibbling crew very soon. Oh, the Drama we’re in for. Looks like another worthless hour with not much in the way of new knowledge. Stumble on over to the Alaskan Bush peoples site for some really funny recaps, better than the show which is what this is turning out to be. As an aside, the XLR rating as well as the PSR ratings are just a joke and becoming really tiresome. Why not just rate them as “Good, Bad or Ugly” that would be about as informative. Let’s rate the Metal Flowers team eh? I give them a “Professionally stupid rating” of 2.5 out of 10….

      • KenO. Enjoyed your post. I did not know Tawny was a stripper. Good for her, the naked part won’t bother her. I”m guessing you got this from a social media site. I was on Facebook until 2 years ago a “worm” named KOOBFACE came into my Windows trough another computer that was controlled by KOOBFACE. The Bank notified me of some suspicious charges. It didn’t cost me $ except the $300 to MS Service to clean up my computer and 3 days of scurrying around and new bank cards.I canceled Facebook.
        Still laughing at “horseboy.” You are so right about Steven. Ryan is due a “knuckle sandwich” but the producers won’t let that happen.
        I only watched 1/2 hour of ABP a year ago and I couldn’t stand it. The principals seemed like morons, imbeciles and idiots. Reminded me of Inspector Clouseau of Pink Panther fame (Peter Sellers).

        • In a previous post I said that I camped along the Rio Grande. I think now that it was the Colorado (separating Arizona & California?)

        • I was referring to Steven when said shorter people- should have started new paragraph to clarify. Your PSR for Metal Flowers is witty fun. Horseboy is good nickname too.

        • JC- sorry you learned about the lack of security on social media the hard way. My advice is to never open your own account on any of them. You can peruse & read posts in relative obscurity & safety. Forums like this & disqus are protected & monitored by the parent company, so you are OK.

        • Still, worth it to check out the blog over there, hilarious. That’s what this is reminding me of. Kellie’s recaps are as good as Ryan’s and the comments are as good as what’s going on over there. I’m getting to the point where I’d rather read Kellie’s recap than bother watching the fiasco. OBTW they don’t really call them strippers any more, they’re called “Exotic Dancers” and I don’t have any personal knowledge that’s what she is but she has all the trappings. I don’t consider it a bad way for a woman to make a living, it beats working in retail or the food industry. Good for her. But I don’t imagine it’s a good place to meet your true love but then again neither is N&A.

        • Um, J.C. N&A participants are rife with imbeciles and idiots as well or do you disagree?

      • KenO- You knocked it out of the park! Had a good belly laugh too with the stripper comment, & you know what- her occupation IS listed as bartender. You fill in the spaces (good call). Shorter people should not always be underestimated- they can be real fireplugs when angered. I agree with everything you said, except wonder if you are saying that Kim has a right to expect Darrin to provide for her while she sits in camp looking pretty. As you said, there is most likely some foliage there to eat, & if they had studied beforehand, some of those plants on the ground will have tubers growing below. Very hearty meal. For a vegetarian, that’s like a steak!

        • Unfortunately it’s pretty apparent that none of them bother to read up on what’s available to them other than hunting and fishing and they don’t seem too adept at those either. Yeah, tubers yummo, honest. Just think Yams, potatoes etc….a lot can be done with them and there’s plenty of starch. Kim, I don’t think, has a “right” to expect anything from Darrin that he didn’t put out there. He’s supposed to be some kind of wiz at trapping rodents so there’s that. He’s talked about stalking and hunting as well and he said in this episode “I’ll do the hunting and you do the fishing” or something like that. None the less he’s pretty smitten with her and she with him aside from his stumbling on the hunting thing.

          • KenO. Except for the little Everready bunny (Don Nguyen), none of them seem to do any preparation or study before they end up on “live TV.” Crazy!

          • JC- the best survivalist I can remember was a guy called Forrest- in a one-time experimental 4 person episode (2 pairs of 2). he got one of the worst partners in history, but started to come around when they found the other pair. He has a PhD. in botany, & has excellent survival skills as well. I guess some of the best don’t want to return? (he is actually Dani Julien’s business partner in an outdoor-adventure company-not lovers-he is married to another happily).
            The little girl from Hawaii, in one of the first ever episodes, really schooled that Marine she was with. Priceless to see that kind of stuff..

          • I think her name was Alison Teal- she weaved nice things out of palm fronds (lucky for her the location was a beach/her forte-curious to see how she handles other climates..?). Her partner’s name I think I remember- JONATHAN KLAY- or should I say GIANT LOBSTER MAN?

          • Yes, J.C. Don Nguyen, much props, really smart guy and very effective.
            Yes, Alison and the Lobster guy. He came around, she literally saved his life. Too bad she had to step in his poop.

          • I liked Season 1 contestant Allison Teal a lot. She was born to survive on a beach and makes her living as an outdoor adventurer. She was a lot of fun to watch, but I don’t think her set of very specific skills would be much of an asset in South Africa.
            I also liked Forrest Galante, and was intrigued by his double-team episode. He had a terrible partner and who tried to hide her lack of experience behind a bitchy and defensive attitude.
            And good ol’ Don Ngyuen proved that book learnin’ is still important, especially because the survivalists (other than Alison Teal) are dropped into an environment that is unfamiliar. I’m sure that’s be design; N&A doesn’t want to put a desert survivalist into a desert situation. That’s boring (According to them.) A few weeks of intensive Google searches can be a great add to any survivalist’s skill set.

          • Al K. Despite his big reputation, Forest G secured little food for his partners as evidenced by their/his weight losses. We did see him harvesting oysters and eating them himself. One fish toward the end is hardly a “provider.” His partner:Cassie, seemed to be auditioning for “Exotic Dancer.” Poor Manu worked herself nearly to death while her partner (Russell) watched schools of fish in the shallows but got nary a one. The proof is in the results not reputations.
            The only real “providers” I have seen are Bo Stuart and Darrin Reay.

          • JC- point well taken regarding Forrest’s inadequacies. I think he is vegetarian, but no excuse regarding SURVIVAL. (Is there any protein source in nature that is not animal based?) We can all agree that Cassie was a “top 5 “worst ever female survivalist? And I put out that Manu was a “top 5″ best” in that subgenre! The lady who paired with EJ, I think (stuck in the swamps of Florida with mostly water/no dry land) was my greatest heroine yet (sorry Laura!),& paid a heavy price physically due to that extreme environment, even to this day (is TV/”15 minutes of fame” worth losing your health, & not even getting further recognition? Remind us who Darrin & Bo are (is it this Darrin now?

        • Al, we had a saying in the Marine Corps “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters it’s the size of the fight in the dog.

      • KenO. I think you are underestimating the hardiness of wildlife and how difficult it is to kill them with primitive weapons. I wouldn’t expect a vegetarian to know. Hunting is simple with a rifle, see them and shoot them. As a dirt poor farm boy (Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas), I hunted and killed (and ate)anything I could find including wild pigs up to about 60#. I thought I had gone to heaven when I acquired a .22 cal single shot rifle at age 13. Then I acquired a .300 Savage. After Nam, I tried bows (65#) made atlatls and used a 150 # crossbow. None of them will get good penetration which is what kills game without a razor sharp broadhead point. A low powered .30-.30 cal cowboy carbine will outperform all the modern versions of primitive weapons. I recommend our heroes snare them, then run in and kill them with their knives.

        • I usually carry a 12ga when hunting carrots. We just watched a very good movie on netflix called “Charlies Country”. It’s about an Australian Aborigine who takes off into the bush to escape the dire circumstances that modern Aborigines face. He makes three different types of spears to use in his atlatl, one of which is for fishing. His story was amazing and very well done. I’ll still take an atlatl over a bow or a modern firearm.

          • KenO. FYI. They call them a woomerah and make them up for multiple uses including whirling around head for communication and making music. I was on R&R once and an Aussie “Bird” took me to a demonstration. They use the woomerah with spears up to 20 feet long!

          • KO. Yeah! A man can’t too careful when stalking dangerous carrots, radishes, tomatoes, squash, green beans yams and okra. ho. ho. I recommend # 27 buckshot.

          • “The extra energy created by using the woomera is calculated to be 4 times that of a compound bow” Um, that’s pretty significant. Buckshot is no good on vegetables, too hard to get out. Ya gotta use deer slugs, easier to get out and the vegetables are already mashed and macerated for your.

        • KenO cracks me up! Have to make sure I am not drinking my coffee while reading- choking is not a preferable way of dying, & cleaning my computer keyboard of milky/sugary liquids is a pain..

    • Hi J.C. I agree with you that this episode was quite boring. I think the previous 2 were also non-exciting and, after waiting months for this new XL, am disappointed at how it’s progressing. The best part of the show is this forum and reading all the comments from you and Al K and KenO. My survival hero from Thailand, Darrin, is not exactly kicking ass when it comes to hunting; hasn’t it been a week since he and Kim have eaten. I’ll keep watching til I can’t stand it anymore; fell asleep last night during the rerun.

      • Hi Laurajane. I have confidence Darrin will come through if there is any opportunity. Do you think Ryan is condescending toward his partners?

      • Welcome back,Laura Jane! Wondered where you were. Too bored to comment lately? Always looked forward to your input..

        • Laura Jame has had some major setbacks in her life recently. House burned down because some jackass hit utility pole that smashed into her house….She gets our love and best wishes. She knows we’ve been missing her here.

          • Thank you Ken and Al. I’ve missed writing much because it’s hard to watch the show where I’m staying til my house is rebuilt so I have to find reruns during the week when no one is here. I do keep up with all your comments and love reading them. You guys are the best part of the show anyway. 🙂

          • My heart goes out to you, sister. I had a power surge in my house 3 years ago that toasted my basement,destroyed most of the rest via smoke damage, & displaced me to a motel for 10 months while rebuilding. Insurance company was very cool @ it, but power company distanced themselves from responsibility (rwb comment requested here..). “What doesn’t kill you…only makes you stronger?” Not very helpful rhetoric at the time, as the unplanned stress will wear you out, but- We Are Still Here! I made the offer to Ken, & it extends to you (even though it’s weird to personally befriend strangers on a chat room, especially the horror story you told at top of page!), BUT: if you have no support, & live less than a 4 hour drive from DC, I would certainly offer my assistance to you. We are a “tribe”, yes?

          • In my experience,as a person who has his power knocked out enough to have bought a backup generator, most of those accidents happen on Sunday’s, on the way to, or back from church! Drunk? I am not joking here, guys!!! (Rain & wind are responsible for the rest of outages..)

          • I can tell you that for all power companies, the name of the game is to keep the power on. Surges and outages and things like that are going to happen, but it is their responsibility to deliver your electricity safely. IMO, they’re at fault if a surge damaged your house, and are liable for a lawsuit.

            But, going after a power company is like going after “big game” and they can wear you down with their money and resources (legal team), while you’re standing there with your atlatl. Your best option would be to find others who were also damaged and team up with them in a class-action suit in a N&F kinda way.

            If you don’t win at least you can lower their XLR…

      • Ha ha- maybe you can pitch DC a N&A seniors show for the 60 & older set? We would kick ass, but it will cost them dearly, (financially & otherwise).Personally, I am very happy being a homebody now & I suspect that the other guys feel the same? And nobody wants to see “old junk” or “droopy …too nice to say”

        • We would do well in some respects. I wouldn’t do it without clothes or appropriate footwear, that is if they could pry me away from our little “homstead” and good luck with that. Deb would go with me but she’s as much of a homebody as I am now. We enjoy growing vegetables but we hate killing them.

          • KenO. We would know what to do and how to do it. We just couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. The wisdom of age and experience tells me to go nowhere to provide a feast for insects and other blood suckers. Iv’e been there and done that! I don’t need or want to repeat tough experiences. We have nothing to prove to anyone and if they don’t like it; I have 3 hymns for them. Him, him,
            F–K him.

          • I have a foolproof survival strategy for just such an episode: kill the camera crew & producers! I am great with fire (collecting wood/building a blaze/tending it religiously all-night/rinse & repeat).I am willing to learn skinning/cleaning & preparing the meat. Cooking also. Just don’t rag on me for sleeping in the shade/going swimming, during daytime hours please?? (I could go on foraging walks while gathering wood,and gladly kill any snake I see! Is this enough, or should I strive to learn more?)
            P.S.- I am finding that shelter building skills cannot be learned from a book properly..

      • Laurajane, I had no idea you’re having so much trouble! God Bless.
        Last year Dani J. was the victim of a home invasion shortly before she went on XL. No one knows what happened to Dani while they were murdering her roommate. Dani had committed to the show and went anyway despite her fragility. None of the others bothered to find out if she was having a problem. They just started belittling, putting her down and stabbing her in the back. Not a decent human being among them, including the one who “counseled her for 3 days” and did nothing to help her. One gave her some psychobabble about “on some level you aren’t with us.”

        • Thank you J.C. It’s so very hard trying to come back from a tragedy. I knew about Dani J’s crisis as she explained it when she first came on the show. She and I both live in Santa Cruz as does Angel and another supposed “survival trainer”. Too bad that all 3 tapped out. The way Dani was treated by the “bitch pack” was horrible. They knew of her situation but still picked on her because she was weak. They were nasty bullies, especially Alana, who made themselves feel better by hurting someone else. Thanks again J.C. 🙂

          • I lived in Santa Cruz from 1977 to 1979- what a magical place! Downtown mall,redwoods,the river up thru Felton. Dolphins & seal colonies where the river meets the ocean. The lighthouse. Bicycling up & down the road to UC Santa Cruz, & the magical student village up there…BONNY DOON!!! Fond,everlasting memories. Do the names Rusty & Jenny mean anything to you? (they would be in their late 50’s now- Rusty had bright red hair..)

          • Do they still have daily live jazz outside St. Blaize Hotel? That was truly wonderful!

      • I found the first episode promising, but just like “promo clips” from soon-to-be-released feature films, sometimes that’s all they got!

  6. Too bad they wait until closer to the next weekend than they used to, to start airing reruns. Because it’s not complete here until Ken weighs in.. (he doesn’t have to be as PC as Kellie!)

  7. My harsh comment about Angel comes from the frustration of hearing people say they came on the show “for their family” then tap out “for their family.” I have a low tolerance for liars. Ryan, Steven, and Angel had two (three?) sleepless nights with noisy predators prowling close to their camp and the editors showed a night vision shot of hyenas. In the shots of Angel, fear was written on his face and it was the fear that caused him to tap out. He was not injured or sick. He might have just said “This is too much for me; I’m tapping out.” That would have been the truth and no one could have argued with it. Instead, we get a tear jerking phony scene of Angel leaving “for his family.” Disgusting!

  8. The previews show what appears to be Kim on a stretcher being carted off. Will they treat her for tick fever and allow her to return as they did EJ (twice), Fernando, Stacey, Eva et. al.
    The preview shows “Jakey boy” puking and Phaedra looking on with disgust. Is Jake the next to go? He wasn’t looking good on the camera for which he likes to pose.
    I was looking forward to Angel quietly taking charge of his group and putting innovation into their hunting. Instead, Angel wimped out for no reason at all. It is a very weak excuse to blame it on his family. Cowardice??
    All of them need to head for the nearby river where there is the possibility of small game and game birds and do as Darrin says “live off the land.”

    • Jake puking in camp is a major deal breaker for me. The burp was disgusting enough. Strike 3 coming soon? Even an extremely experienced/but survival-skill challenged hippie backpacker such as I knows that the stench will NEVER leave. All kinds of insects and disease will manifest. Their camp,(& possibly health) are seriously compromised..SERIOUSLY!!! (as a songwriter friend of mine so observantly penned: OH, THE MICRO-ORGANISMS..)

  9. Kellie. CLARITY AT LAST! You have exposed the mystery of the PSR and XLR ratings when you called them “randomly generated.” The DC “panel of experts” is a computer “geek” at their random number generator creating numbers between 8.8 and 4.0, putting them on slips of paper, then pulling them out of a hat.

    • PS. Glad to see there is a solid analytical methodology for PSR and XLR ratings! Har, Har. Unfortunately, they are also meaningless as you point out. KenO can put his mind at ease.

    • I like to imagine someone casting dice to come up with the numbers. Giant, 10-sided novelty dice.

  10. Kellie,
    It seems I and some others are turning your N&A blog into a “social site” unrelated to N&A. I apologize and will restrain myself in the future.

    • Hopefully Kellie gets paid by the number of posts, so we are helping her- I ventured over to the N&A bio pages yesterday to see what they all were saying, & it was pitifully empty except for some generic rah-rah stuff. Lame. Last year it was rockin’!(perhaps too hard & the boat sunk..)

      • Al. I stopped commenting on the N&A discqus site three years ago. Too many trolls and nasty people. All with fake names.

  11. KenO. Chiggers. Did you get any of them in Nam? We were told a small percentage of them carry a kind of “typhus flu?” I soaked everything in GI insect repellent but still got mosquitoes and leeches. I did not get any chiggers that I know of. Only dysentery and malaria. We had iodine tablets to “purify” jungle water. On recon and elimination missions a fire to boil water was out of the question. I can’t even imagine trying to do it N&A without military gear and only my M-14.

    • I loved my M-14, they call them M1A1’s now, what a great rifle. It gave me a fat lip every time I shot it as I placed my cheek against my butt weld like I was taught. Fired a 230 expert but since I was a clerk/typist and worked in Admin and Logistics (G3) I never got a chance to use it. We used a soap called Physohex which we got from the Corpsmen we were pals with. The only thing we had to worry about was getting blown up by the locals trapping us in bars so I didn’t go. I played ping pong for recreation or shot pool, never mixed with the locals.

      • I had two of them, one was worked over by an armorer and was my sniper rifle. Dead on at 800 meters and weighted 5 # more due to a bull barrel.

        • That’s amazingly tight at 800 meters. Longest I ever shot was 500 yds, 10 out of 10 in the 12″ bull, never got a measurement and I thought I was hot….

          • KenO. Snipers cannot afford to shoot anything that doesn’t have a tight group at the intended range. I hear The Marine Corps now has a sniper rifle that shoots the same cartridge as the M-14 and the new rifle is good to 1000 meters. “one shot one kill.” I called them “eliminations.”

          • Leave it to the Marines…..It’s a bolt action I believe…still the M-14 what a babe.

    • Phisohex is marketed as a pimple remover/skin cleanser (it just clears the pores). Kwell is very successful for killing scabies (if you never had them,be grateful-they burrow under your skin & work on you at night. You will scratch yourself bloody!).It was banned pharmaceutically in 2002 (highly toxic/carcinogenic), & then restricted to doctor’s office use only in 2009. (Once again, if you ever should get scabies, you will be super grateful it exists, regardless). Permethrin is the recommended solution & I LOVE it for fleas: an extract of chrysanthemums (marketed by the company Bonide)that is safe & even breathable for humans/pets (unlike most other aerosols/bug sprays). They make wasp foam projectile sprays as well, but that doesn’t matter as much to me because most nest are so high up near my roof..)BUT it doesn’t work on chiggers (I accidently found it kills stinkbugs on contact though,if that helps anyone..local barns have had up to 20,000 around here-I call them the advance invasion army from China, along with snakefish & Burmese pythons!)Deep Woods Off/30% deet was not effective either. Hearty suckers.. The good news with any of these pests (including ticks,mosquitos,etc) is that there is a limited life cycle & seasons (needs to be above 60 degrees). But they all can be super annoying while they last. Hope this helps someone,or more!

      • Al. Got infantiago/scabies from HS wrestling on dirty mats Quit wrestling.

        • I got scabies camping along the canals north of Key West in winter 76. Thought it was no see-ums so hitched to Yuma, camped in dunes on that side of Rio Grande.That’s where I started to really scratch myself raw enough to see doctor (never knew what scabies was until then..)Got KWELL & loved the relief.What a memory you have brought up! Wouldn’t wish it on anyone: THEY ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT!!! (will drive you bat-shit crazy,kids..)
          P.S.- I learned from some elders there how to build a sweat lodge,and that skill is a continual blessing in my life- made “permanent” 16 ft. diameter one in my backyard now..rolling in snow,yum!

          • Love sweat lodges, been in one many, many times. Was a member of The Association of American Mountain Men, we built sever sweat lodges, they work great.

    • I didn’t care much for most of my G.I. gear but I think nobody is giving our folding entrenching tools much credit.

  12. HELP? Does anybody have suggestions on how to rid your house of chiggers once they have been brought in on your clothes, & by your pets? They are resistant to the flea foggers I so successfully use. Washing clothes,bedding is overwhelming, & then there is still the carpeting & furniture to deal with. Living in the glorious south with all the luscious cooling greenery is awesome, but the bugs & humidity are driving me crazy this year! (KenO??)- (& we are all very patiently looking forward to your own insightly weekly synopsis..too bummed to comment??)

    • Hi Al,
      Um, pretty bummed. Two weekends ago it was the hottest weekend we’ve had since we’ve been up here (17yrs) and our power went out for three days. Miserable. This whole past week the heat index has ben 105º to 111º. Miserable for us, our chickens, our ducks, our cats and our little beagle girl. Fortunately the power is still on and we have umbrella’s for all of our vegetables and hot peppers. Now for the chiggers, they are badass alright. We had them worse in Florida and haven’t had them here yet. They, as you and I know, are not a “rash” but actual critters living subcutaneously on/in your skin. Bathing doesn’t help but there are numerous remedies on the internet under the tagling “How to get rid of Chiggers” which I highly recommend. Understanding the critters and their lifecycle is a huge advantage. We haven’t had an outbreak of chiggers since Florida.
      As for the XL episode, for some reason it didn’t tape and I don’t know why. We were upset until we read Kellie’s typically poignant recap and now I’m not really sure I care that I missed it. I’m usually not surprised with the goings on but with Angel’s tap out I can say that I did not see that one coming. However, that said, I agree with the whole “once they start talking about missing their family and whining” they are soon gone theory. It’s like they really are pumping themselves up to leave. Other than that it’s all a bit ho hum at this point. We’ve been bamboozled by the N&A folks so often the show is beginning (why are there two ‘n’s in “beginning”?)to look more and more like just another phony reality show. I’ll post again after I actually watch the rerun of this episode though it’s looking like it’s not worth the effort.

      • Waiting patiently & glad U get reruns-I expect a long overdue SCATHING review (you have been so kind lately..)! And I am very empathetic to your predicament. My folks gifted me a generator, which is super expensive to fuel, but much appreciated when power goes out (OFTEN!)I would drive down there to help you if it comes to that,and you are welcome here always. I am in South Central Virginia. PRAYING FOR YOU, ELDER BROTHER..

      • We lost our power for 17 days a few summers ago due to a freak derecho. Every day was 100 degrees, & of course without power, the well pump was inoperative. On top of that, my neighbor was on vacation & I was caring for his chickens! I guess “what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”?..cause I’m still here. (another view: when we leave this earthly abode, perhaps there may well be a better place awaiting us!)

      • I was attempting to record Democratic National Convention last night-when I went to watch it, the segment between 10 & 11pm was in 6 tiny separate segments. I have also been having great trouble with my cell phone service, which has never been good to begin with. There isn’t a cloud in the sky, so I suspect solar interference/flares. It has been exceptionally hot for an extended period of time. Hope things get better for you. AL

      • KenO & Al K
        I work for the power company up here in the greater Boston area. We’ve had an extended hot spell up here as well (Although not as hot as you guys.) At times, we take to dumping dry ice down manholes to keep transformers from over-heating and exploding.

        Stay cool…

      • KenO. Two “n” in beginning. Don’t remember details but something to do with way/rules English words are constructed. Consonants following vowels and accent on last sylable require double consonant. Double vowels don’t require double consonants. Maybe Kellie knows?? Kellie beware!! One foolish person asking questions can keep a 1000 wise men/women busy finding answers!

        • That’s my job in life, keeping wise men and women busy. Everyone has a calling, that’s mine.

  13. I thought that Jake using the word “bitch” multiple times was extremely inappropriate & sexist,especially considering that he is in a group with 4 women. I have many female friends that go would go nuts over this.

    • I still don’t like Jake-full face confessional cameos are too contrived/ “TV”. (did he bring a hairbrush as a survival tool?) It seems he is being edited/promoted as one of this seasons hero’s ala Jeff Zausch. (who will play EJ?)And the burp was disgusting! (we are also seeing the sit around & mope crew congeal (Stacy/Tawny/??)

  14. Angel’s reason for tapping out made me think he only came onto the challenge to be on TV. When he said he would be missing his daughter’s birthday if he stayed, my first thought was, then why the heck did you do this at all, knowing you would be missing it, if it was that important to you? Of course, the whole group tension thing didn’t help. If he’d been on a better team, he might have chosen differently.

    • Paul, It was disgusting to watch as Angel searched for some noble excuse to tap out. He was healthy and fully functional. He just “chickened out” as Carrie did. Tawny and Kim are very ill with tick fever and are doing their best to hang on. Shame on Angel. Another team would not have given him any balls. Ridiculous whimpering and self pity.

  15. Kellie,
    Your fiction of the “might have been” conversation among the boys is a clear example of influence leadership. I used it for 15 years as “the boss.” It takes into account the truth that people perform better when they are doing what they want and freely commit to do. It promotes cooperation rather than ego competition.

  16. This one was not fun to watch. Two sick people struggling but hanging on and suffering; I do not understand why medics don’t intervene and give them antibiotics. If deliberate. it is chicken shit.
    Kellie is right, once the mind goes elsewhere they are done. The rest of the time is spent trying to find a noble reason to quit. Sorry to see Angel give up.
    Too many stock shots of lurking animals that are not there. The producers must think we are all mentally challenged. Kellie-The night vision images of hyenas were shown and the unknown sound around the boys camp might have been hyenas.
    Kellie was right about Jake, He keeps his group enlivened. Phaedra actually smiled once. I liked his remark about being surrounded by women which is unusual for him.
    There is no small game or game birds to be seen. Darrin was lamenting this. I wonder what happened to the francolin and guinea fowl? So they will have to find a way to trap or kill the bigger game for the concentrated food value offered by red meat. This is no place for those who don’t eat meat or don’t want to kill. We still haven’t been shown any foraging. Are they trying to avoid the ticks lurking in the brush?
    Ryan still thinks he is in the military with some kind of rank. Wrong! Influence leadership is needed (like Jake does).

    • J.C.- here’s a screen shot of my favorite “Nature” shot from last night’s episode. My husband and I rewound it several times and laughed our fannies off!

      Fake Naked and Afraid Pic

      • What a beautiful animal, nice screen capture. All of the shots of the big cats on this episode of XL were breathtaking.

    • If Ryan had been in Nam, would he have been the one most likely to be killed by “friendly fire”?

        • The draft ended the year I graduated from high school. I had a pretty high number, plus a college deferment. Others were not so lucky. My eldest brother, now 69, was Spec.4,based in Thailand. When he returned, he was very jumpy & paranoid. It took MANY years for him to recover normalcy, & never completely did to be truthful..
          P.S.- it’s 126 degrees in Iraq today- & our boys are in those heavy uniforms. How do they survive?

          • Al, sounds like your brother had PTSD which no one knew anything about in those times. Your brother was brought home and dumped among the hippies and nihilists.

          • He went straight to Vancouver Island,Canada after his tour of duty & has been happily there ever after!! I think a lot of young men were disillusioned with our country after that experience?

          • Is that what used to be called “shell-shocked”? Did it occur after WWII, & was either undocumented, or that was such a righteous war..? My Dad fought in the European theatre, & it seems to have been a major source of pride/comraderie, & a huge highlight of his life.

          • I joined “Vietnam Veterans Against the War” as soon as I got out. I was very disillusioned with our country during my years. I was in G-2 originally and moved over to G-3, it was like the whole thing went across my desk. I created the transparencies (visual aids) for the war room every morning before 7AM, read all the ComPakFleet and CincPacFleet Marine Corps Eyes Only communiques and had a top secret clearance. I’ll tell you this, My Lai was not an isolated incident. Nuff said. Our government has been and is now full of crooks. I’ll stop now, feeling my blood pressure going up.

    • Is it OK to steal kills from large predators? Do they “think” in terms of retribution? Or are there other, more compelling/basic reasons not to? Also, I thought that they took too big a chance eating that meat once it smelled so rancid, but it worked out OK. All I have been taught on this subject is to let your nose be your guide..

  17. Overall, not as great a show as last week’s, but it’s hard to sustain that level of excitement especially when everyone’s slowing down with lack of food and illness. This show hit bottom when the bro’s were sitting around the campfire talking about themselves. For the first time, they looked more like game shown contestants and less like survivalists. I was surprised and disappointed when Angel tapped-out. He had a good level-headed approach to the whole ordeal.

    My poor Kim. Well, as long as the make-up artists can keep her face clean and her hair fluffy, I’m OK with her sitting around looking cute. Nobody does cheesecake like Kimmy.

    • There was a shot of Kim where I also thought she looked pretty beautiful, considering her illness. Perhaps the swelling she mentioned is keeping her from looking as gaunt as everyone else.

      • Kellie, Some women; like Kim, only need to wash their faces to be beautiful! My beloved deceased first wife was was like that. My new and much younger wife of five years needs no make-up either.

      • Hi Kellie,
        I think I know the shot you’re thinking of. Maybe we’ll see it again Thursday night. Her best pose is when she sits with her knees tucked-up under her chin. Very seductive…

    • I was glad she made the fish basket, because I was starting to feel that she brought nothing to the table besides looking cute & repeated full face monologues. To be fair, I would like to assume that she gathered wood & tended the fire. That is essential time consuming work that I guess is too boring for the producers to show (but they could do it at least once, along with other tedious but essential tasks?)

        • Yes, that was great. And possibly planned ahead with Darren. If you look at their bios on DC site, they are both from Moab,Utah. I find it hard to believe that they didn’t AT LEAST know each other beforehand..(& he called her HON last nite..)

        • Judi. Yes she brought the bow. Unfortunately, it is sized for her with a low draw weight (maybe 25#). It would be excellent for small game at short range (20 -30 feet) but there seems to be no small game around. The monitor lizard Darrin shot seems to be it. The larger stuff would require a 65# draw weight and very sharp broad head points to obtain the penetration necessary to kill any of the antelope (they aren’t deer).

  18. Should you run from a leopard? I hear that their natural reaction would be to chase you. And they are quite fast! Also, I don’t know about those ticks, but we have a big problem here in Virginia with deer tick lyme disease. The experts claim that you have 24 from when they bite you to remove them- that’s how long before they start “transmitting” EAT FIRST?
    I could understand how the one behind Kim’s ear was initially missed- a strange place. And on that subject, we don’t know where exactly Tawny was bitten (let your mind run wild with that..). I am finding myself losing sympathy for quite a few of these guys, and have concern that this season,which had such a promising start,will disintegrate into the same BS we saw with the first XL.

    • Al K. Running from predators is a big mistake! It activates their chase and kill instincts!

      • JC- Have you ever seen the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy”? There is a scene that sticks with me 30 years later: 2 little kids are confronted by a hyena. They stand close together (to create the illusion of width), & raise their arms up high (to do the same regarding height), then yell,scream,jump around? This seems like a sane approach? I think (never having been in that situation) that if (God forbid) you are still charged, you stand firm with your spears pointing out, & tuck your chin in to protect the neck. Then fight your ass off/ hope for the best. I have friends who have been in life/death situations, & they said that the fear of death is usually much worse than most actual deaths. Your thoughts?

        • I saw the same movie and admire Bushmen of the Kalahari. I haven’t died yet so I don’t know what that would be like. If I die a violent death, I would want it to be an honorable death (die like a man). I am positive that I would not want to live with the knowledge that I am “yellow.”

        • Al. The image that sticks with me was when the alabaster skinned blond in panties and bra appeared and the little Bushman called her “The ugliest person he had ever seen.”

          • I can remember that one a little now. It’s interesting what memories last thru time..selective editing (sorry, psychology was a big interest of mine for awhile..)

          • Al, the humorous ones stick the longest! I have hypermnesia and don’t forget much. I don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse.

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