Preview: Angie Harmon Talks Rizzoli & Isles 100th Episode

Jane goes to jail.

Rizzoli & Isles 100th Episode Doug Hyun
Jane Rizzoli has always been tough, but how will she fare in jail?

In Monday’s episode of TNT cop drama, Rizzoli & Isles, it’s not only the series’ 100th episode, but Angie Harmon is pulling double duty as the ep’s star and director. In the episode titled, “2M7258-100,” Jane goes undercover in the county jail to help solve a double murder. When I spoke to Harmon, she was prepping for the episode and she revealed, “I’m excited to be in the thick of it but also be watching it from the other side of the camera and directing. That’s exciting for me.”

When we chatted, Harmon was headed to scout a location to be used as the women’s prison, and revealed that she wasn’t nervous at the task of directing the milestone episode, saying, “I have huge faith in he actors and the crew. I’m of the belief that you let people do their jobs. I don’t need to micromanage; I don’t need to control everything. Everyone around me is hugely talented, if not overly talented for the position that they’re in. I mean, I am a little — it’s trepidation — this is my first time doing episodic television. It’s more like, how am I going to make the morgue look interesting? What’s the one and only shot that we haven’t done in 7 years? That’s the kind of stuff that you want to be new and unique.”

And to give us a new an unique side of Jane, our gorgeous girl gets tatted up. I’ve gotta admit, even though I’m not a tattoo person, the big ink (courtesy of Maura), is pretty sweet. But when Mama Rizz finds out that her baby is channeling a biker babe and heading into the clink, she doesn’t like it. Not one bit.

And after watching this episode, all I’ve got to say is “damn, Jane is a badass.” This episode has some nice physical moments for Jane’s character. And Angie gets to spend a little time out of her usual “Jane uniform;” by filming a few scenes in a prison uniform and a tight, white tank top. Ditching Jane’s duds is one thing that Harmon is looking forward to at the series’ conclusion. “The only thing I’ve worn for 7 years is a sensible pants suit,” she told me before adding, “I took a picture of Jane’s wardrobe the other day and it was just 90 t-shirts in a rainbow array. That was it!”

Take a sneak peek at the episode:

Other tidbits from Episode 100…
Maura is working on a book, which makes me feel like I’ve slipped into The Matrix. A character in a TV show, based on a book, writing a book? Do you think the series could end with a shot of Maura and Jane on the set of a TV show, based on Maura’s book? That would be freaking fantastic!

An attack on Frankie leaves Nina rattled. It opens up an interesting conversation about the fears that police officers have about accidentally shooting a suspect. In moments of extreme tension, a split-section reaction can have deadly repercussions.

Make sure your DVR records the entire episode, that’s all I’m gonna say…

To paraphrase Korsak in the episode, it’s “a pretty fine episode for the good guys.”

With only a few episodes left, have R&I fans started imagining how the series will end on Sept. 5? How do you think the series should end? 

Rizzoli & Isles: “2M7258-100” > TNT > Monday, July 25 at 9pm ET/PT

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  1. I think your all crazy. They always cancel the good shows and what we are left to watch is trash.
    There are no more wholesome shows being aired. We are being subjected to sex, sex, and more violence. Give me more shows like rizzolli & Ives.

  2. How about some positive comments guys, this has been a great show, most shows don’t go this long. I’ve personally loved the interaction between the girls. I will be sad when it goes but let us see the last episodes and enjoy.

  3. After watching the 100 episode interviews Angie is not in tune with anything the fans want, so I am expecting a complete flop. And the fact that this episode is going to be have a theme that is going to be followed through the conclusion of the series just tells me the rest of the episodes are going to such as well. Can anyone remember much about the person who was after jane from mid season last season and in the 1st eps this season, me either, because they were completely poorly written and directed and just frankly boring, now they want to start another arc, the series is so pathetic now. I don;t know how they even got a season 7.

    • Then do us all a favor and stop watching. Personally, if I don’t like a show I stop watching. Like Sandra said, the show is an absolute winner and the 100th episode looks like a great episode.

      • The show was cancelled, couldn’t be too much of a winner. Even though it wins in it’s category ratings are way down since Nash took over, which means way less advertising dollars, so obviously the show has faltered.

        • The show remains top rated even in its last season. Like Tom said, it wasn’t cancelled. It ended. A lot of shows don’t go past 7 seasons. It’s a winner

          • Check again, It was cancelled, TNT did not buy any more scripts. They were not wanted. OMG talk about delusional.

        • The show wasn’t cancelled. It ended. Not many shows go beyond 7 seasons. It’s a winner

          • Check again, It was cancelled, TNT did not buy any more scripts. They were not wanted. OMG talk about delusional.

    • You’re free to stop watching the show. Others find it great. Like Sandra said, the show is an absolute winner and the 100th episode looks great

  4. An absolute winner how can u cancel it. It’s amazing. And the girls are absolutely fantastic.

  5. Here go the nutty Sasha fans crying for not getting what they want and blaming Angie for everything. I’m so glad the show is over so they can obsess over boring Sasha and attack her new costars.

  6. Angie has no idea what the fandom desires, she only knows or cares what she wants to do and now that Nash has been there for the last several years there has been no one to take charge of Angie, she just runs roughshod over everyone, particularly Nash who seems infatuated with her. So, how is this episode going to be any different, it is Angie’s baby, she even had more say with it, and so it will more than likely be much worse than all of those awful episodes in season 6 and the first couple of this season. I just read her favorites scenes, she liked the scene in episode 1 of season 7 where Jane is running around looking ridiculous and not only didn’t catch the shooter but had no idea where she went, that, yes that was Angie’s favorite scene, does anyone honestly think her views and themes are those of the fans in what they desire to see. Can’t say I am looking at all forward to this episode.

  7. And again the Sasha fangirls are out to attack Angie and blaming her for not getting their way. I will not miss how they constantly ruin this fandom with their hate.

    • I agree with them and I started out an Angie fan, she made it hard to enjoy her ever again.

  8. I am sure it is going to be another dull episode, Angie may only be directing and did not write it, but, she seems to have taken over the show and her vision and Jan Nash’s is completely opposite of the original show runner’s, Janet Tamaro. The show use to be so good, now it stinks, and this is probably going to be a very lop-sided Jane episode with very little Maura, and it looks like the only really good scene, or what could have been a good scene about someone very much not liking Jane going to the prison is with a side character, her mother, and not the other MAI
    N character, Maura, so who really cares. We are going to get boring Jane, no Maura, and Angie trying to play tough , I can hardly wait. Maybe I will just dvr it and if the series ends ok go back and check it out, but if they end it with new love interests or moving away, I will not even bother and just erase it. Honestly, at this point I am just interested in the episode that Sasha directed. I started watching because of Angie Harmon, but I have slowly really started to dislike both she and her character, nice job Jan and Angie, how to kill a show 101.

  9. Thank you to Jan Nash for RUINING this show. While I never wanted them to go down the Rizzles path, when she came on board Jane and Maura lost that closeness. One step further, there was this no touching rule put in place between the two actresses, making what little scenes they had together awkward to watch. Nash is under the insane impression that she’s stayed true to the winning formula of the show which is quite disturbing to me.

    Nash lets Angie do whatever she wants and Angie eats it up. It’s not surprising to me that Angie, being a self-proclaimed narcissist, got to direct a Jane-centered episode. They should have just renamed the show Angie & Isles since Jane isn’t Jane anymore.

  10. Angie directed and had a huge say in the ep, so, it therefore is going to suck..She is clueless on what made the show popular, she states she knows it was the friendship and then does everything in her power to minimize it and she has got Nash in her hip pocket.

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