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Danica McKellar on Impractical Jokers truTV

When it comes to dishing out loser punishments on Impractical Jokers, my heart often goes out to Murr (James Murray). The guy definitely gets the worst punishments out of the group — from that ferret tattoo to getting his eyebrows shaved off to being forced to skydive when he’s petrified of heights — but the one that really, really was crushing was when Sal, Q and Joe arranged the appearance of  Danica McKellar on Impractical Jokers.

Murr was oiled up and in a speedo thinking he was in a body building competition but instead he was introduced to a very confused Danica McKellar (aka The Wonder Years‘ Winnie Cooper — Murr’s childhood crush). Murr was told that he had to interview her as part of her Wonder Years reunion promo. McKellar was in on the prank but didn’t elude to it.  Murr could barely read the questions but the guys still made him do hilariously awkward flexes and stretches in front of her. The full details of getting McKellar to appear on the show is part of Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes tonight on truTV.

Tonight’s (Thursday, July 21) lineup:
9:30pmET Live preshow from Comic Con
10pmET Impractical Jokers “The Coward” (new episode)
10:30pmET Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes “The Blunder Years” (new episode)

We asked Murr what type of punishment is worse — a painful punishment or a permanent punishment (like a tattoo)?

“Neither actually. The pain goes away. The permanent is kind of amusing, and I can show people at parties. It’s more the embarrassing ones. That embarrassment, that memory is permanent, you know?,” he tells. “Like when they made me strip down to a little workout outfit and interview Danica McKellar, Winnie Cooper from The Wonder Years. She was my childhood crush. I had to go grease up my body. They made me dress in this little thong, and I had to go interview my childhood crush. That was mortifying. Physically embarrassing. Absolutely destroyed my ego, you know? I had no game whatsoever, and she looked so beautiful, and I looked so not.”

Danica McKellar on Impractical Jokers

I remember watching this episode and my stomach was sick for him, as Murr looked like he was about to cry.

“You go through so many emotions because, on the one hand, I was incredibly proud of my friends for coming up with a twist that I just absolutely had never seen coming, right?,” he admits. “Then I was very proud of them, but I was absolutely mortified and in shock. I couldn’t believe that they actually got her there, or that she knew the show, or was a fan of the show. You know what I mean? Then it just got worse. They made me squat in front of her. It just became more and more physically embarrassing for me.”

Now the two are friends. In fact Murr said just a month ago the two got together for a picnic in Central Park. “As her and I were walking through Central Park, fans kept coming up and they’d see me and then they’d see her, and their minds were blown that the two of us were hanging out outside of that punishment.”

The guys tell the whole story on how it all came together on Impractical Jokers: Inside Jokes tonight.

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  1. Wow, see Murr, it worked out. How many guys have had the chance to go on a picnic with her? Very classy of her to hang out with you. You can tell your grandkids about this someday.

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