Recap: Naked and Afraid XL Episode 2, “Man on Fire”

Kinda Like Burning Man. But Not Really.

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 2 Discovery
Enjoy this group photo while you can...

After four days in South Africa, eleven brave souls remain on the 40-day survival challenge. Carrie Booze tapped out on the fourth day — a bit shell-shocked by the wildness of Africa. But while she is the first to leave, we know that she won’t be the last.

Last week, viewers were surprised when Stacey and Jake ganged up on teammate Clarence for refusing to drink from their sketchy water source and eat the food. Clarence isn’t my favorite Naked and Afraid contestant, but I agree that Stacey got really harsh really fast. Clarence has a different survival mentality then them, and while I think he’s lazy, he didn’t deserve to have his teammates scream at him. Survival is all about compromise folks, and 40 days is a long, long time.

Day 5
Over in Sotho Gorge, Clarence claimed he’s going to leave his team’s disgusting water source in search of greener pastures. Clarence notes that their putrid watering hole is dwindling, and convinces his partners that they need to find a new camp with more reliable water. Their hike in search of better water will be thorny, but hopefully it will be fruitful.

The women of Swati Valley (Phaedra, Alyssa and Tawny) are feeling the effects of dehydration and lack of food. Someone in the group has brought a casting net and while Phaedra and Tawny try to use it, Alyssa fishes with a strand of the net’s monofilament and a bone hook. Neither method works, but I appreciate that they’re trying multiple ways. I wonder what would happen if they used the casting net to trawl the bottom.

In the steamy Tsonga Basin, Darrin and Kim roast in the sun. Darrin has put his buckskin to good use and has fashioned shoes and a loincloth for himself, and a bikini for Kim. And he’s teaching her some of his wealth of survival skills, which Kim appreciates. When they check each other for ticks, it’s utterly charming. They are a well-suited pair and in this early stage, “loving” is the wrong way to describe them, but there is a support that they are giving each other that transcends a human’s physical need for companionship. I’m glad that Carrie is gone; She would have been a third wheel.

Man land (Pondo Ravine) is where Angel, Steven and Ryan have set up camp and are trying to bring down big game to feed their bodies. Ryan is a motivated man and pushes his team to get down into their hunting blinds. I laugh at Angel’s ides of lying in the mud and waiting for a deer to prance up so he can grab it, but he doesn’t even get a chance because Ryan throws a spear as soon as a deer gets close.

Jake, Stacey and Clarence hiked through sweltering heat for over 5 hours. So far, Jake’s found an elephant print, and something grunted at him from the reeds. Just when I was about to bust Jake, (because I swear that in one of the shots, he was walking right next to water,) finds the water source of Swati Valley and meets Alyssa, Tawny and Phaedra. Jake’s teammates had followed his path and when Stacey sees the glorious lake, she leaps in and swims to a tearful introduction to new teammates. Later, the newly formed 6-pack enjoys a group swim

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 2
Since Darrin is wearing a GoPro, is he technically naked?

In Tsonga Basin, Darrin hunts while Kim stays at camp. Darrin puts on a GoPro and uses a bow and arrows to catch a Monitor Lizard. While it cooks, Darrin purrs, “Mmm, Lizard Kabobs.”

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 2

That night, the men of Pondo Ravine hear a lion outside of their camp and lots of other sleep-disrupting noises. A quick internet search says that a lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles away, but I think the chuffing and grunting doesn’t carry nearly as far. A lion 5 miles away is still freaky, especially when you’re the slowest meat for 100 miles.

Day 7
The six-person team in Swati Valley is setting up camp life and team starts with the never-ending task of collecting firewood. The sun looks pretty high, so I wonder why they’ve waited this long to get moving for the day. They should have gotten firewood at sunrise. Phaedra and Jake find a burrow and decide to come back later to smoke out whatever may be living in it. Clarence’s plan for survival is to spend most of the day relaxing and conserving energy and his original teammates are annoyed.

The three men are hunting again, but Steven thinks having all three sitting and waiting is a waste of time and resources. Their efforts to hit a warthog with a spear fail and Steven decides that he wants to hunt alone.

Over in Swati Valley, Jake and Stacey badmouth Clarence to the rest of their group. What they don’t know is that Clarence has stealthily caught a fish while the other five laze around the fire. After they’ve eaten his tasty meal and he returns for more fishing, Stacey realized that she’s been an ass, and the group decides to stop talking trash about their food provider. They hear the trumpeting of an elephant and the entire group gets to witness an entire herd coming down to drink. “Those elephants working together is a perfect metaphor for our group,” says Clarence. And as African Music comes to an emotional build, he adds, “Sharing is caring. We need to stick together like those elephants do.”

Naked and Afraid XL Episode 2
Totally a Disney moment.

“He is emotional in a spiritual way,” muses Stacey. Clarence is king for the day.

And as if on clue, it all goes to crap. A wicked lighting storm rolls into the sun-parched area and each camp hunkers down for a wild night. “We’re just going to lay here an take it,” says Darrin as he snuggles closer to Kim.

Day 10
Kim’s not feeling well. She has a nasty bite behind her ear and worries that she may have contracted Tick Fever. Based on the nasty-looking bite and the notes on the Centers for Disease Control website, she may be correct.

In the Swati Valley, Jake and his team plan to catch the porcupine in the burrow they’ve seen. “Of course you have to go past a bunch of thorns to get to a porcupine,” says Clarence. The team is unwisely working in the middle of the day, when the sun is highest and the heat is at its most intense. Just before commercial break, Clarence feels woozy and calls for a medic.

It’s that time again… when we ponder Naked and Afraid XL‘s non-sensical and enigmatic measurement tool … the XLR!
Darrin’s lizard lunch raises the XLR of the Tsonga Basin pair from 4.3 to 6.6 out of 10.
Hunting failure dips the XLR of the men in Pondo Ravine from 8.3 to 7.2 out of 10.0.
In the Swati Valley, the merging of two groups raises their combined scores from 7.5 to 8.1 out of 10.0.

But I would expect the XLR of the Swati Valley super-group to fall because Clarence starts to hyperventilate while his teammates try to smoke a porcupine from its burrow. He gasps that he can’t breathe and I’m not sure if he’s exhausted, dehydrated, having a panic attack, or if the smoke they’re using is irritating his lungs. The medic recommends that they evacuate him due to heat stroke and dehydration, and he’s loaded onto the bed of a pickup truck and then into an ambulance. We already knew from scenes that he was eliminated. He is hospitalized for the next 48 hours and pulled from the survival experience.

Back in camp, his teammates lament Clarence’s departure. They’ve learned an important lesson about hydration and working in extreme heat; but sadly, it comes at Clarence’s expense.

Next week: The men fight, Kim doesn’t feel right, and the big group gets a fright.

Primitive Survival Item. Each survivalist brought a blade, and each trio was given a cooking pot. Each of the dozen survivalists was also allowed to bring one primitive survival item. I’m keeping track here:
Jake- Spool of wire (Learned in personal interview)
Stacey- Fishing hook and line (Learned in Episode 1)
Clarence- Fire Starter (Learned in Episode 2)
Phaedra- Unknown
Alyssa- Fire Starter (Learned in Preview Episode)
Tawny- Fishing Net (Learned in Episode 2)
Kim- Bow & Arrow (Learned in Episode 1)
Carrie- Unknown
Darrin- Buck Skin (Learned in Preview Episode)
Angel- Unknown
Steven- Sling shot (Learned in Preview Episode)
Ryan- Spool of 100-lb. Fishing Line (Learned in Episode 1)

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  1. Clarence is/was headstrong, insensitive, ill tempered, & too easily turned his back on these teammates, but, also, was even worst, toward his former female partner, in his original challenge (in which he failed to support her, & caused her to tap out,..& later, kept bragging of what a superman he was).
    I’m glad he’s gone,..& he got what he deserved!

  2. JC- sorry if that came across as authoritarian. I am not a cop by any stretch of the means. I just thought that I had something to share, to give back to you & Ken in exchange for the wealth of true knowledge you so freely share. You have a GREAT diet, with very exceptional choices.I am not a vegetarian either, just balancing length of digestion with nutritional needs (digestion takes up 60% of your body’s energy, & personally I hate the process until I poop, so eat as little as possible. I love those open markets- fresh & natural. I would add my voice also to the thought that finding fruit/nuts/herb/leafy greens/tubers would make our “survivors?” much happier,healthier, & able to function/think on a higher level. It used to be that N & A always had a good selection of participants who were either knowledgeable in plant lore (not to mention the healing properties for compresses in case of cuts/injury), or at least studied it a little before starting adventure. Not much has been displayed so far. I fear for these guys- time will tell. Perhaps the producers want it to all go to shit, with the culmination being a lion mauling? Ratings..Lawsuits..YUM Peace,Guys

    • Al K.The “food police” remark was intended in fun (a joke) not criticism. There doesn’t appear to be any small game that I could see so our survivors are are going to have to kill the big game. Red meat is the only concentrated source of protein and vitamins available to them.

  3. One more thing about killing large animals and I do include deer. These people are NOT living in reality; this is a damn TV game show, a show meant for the entertainment of those watching. Entertainment, to me anyway, is not watching people kill these beautiful animals. Lions kill because they have no choice if they want to eat and feed their pride. Huge animals like elephants and giraffes eat vegetation; let the survivalists do the same.

    • I agree completely. Forage or fish. Forget murdering the few animals left on planet Earth.

  4. Last night, I caught an old episode of Animal Planet’s River Monsters Goes Tribal. If you’re a fan of primitive hunting techniques, it’s a must-watch. In the episode/special, Jeremy Wade was taught a few fishing techniques by indigenous people. One of the hand fishing techniques he learned was to use a rock and a blade of a palm frond to carry a hook and line to the bottom and of a water source.

    I’ve included a short clip of a communal fishing technique that would work on a series like Naked and Afraid XL. In it, a tribe wrangles a school of fish into a corral using little more than vines.

    Hopefully I can get this clip to work; it’s so cool to watch!

    • Thanks Kellie. Further proof that human ingenuity is very important to survival. Even modern day primitive societies do not lie around a campfire, complaining and waiting for “manna.”

  5. Expanding on Callie’s idea (below) a bit, The groups could run cloverleaf patterns and explore (Recon) the areas surrounding them searching for food. I know there are lions, but when they removed Clarence we saw a Park Ranger with a big bore rifle for their protection. They could be within 100 yards of a wild yam patch or other edibles and not know it. Instead of flushing the warthogs, follow them and see what they are eating. The herbivores are eating something so look for what they are eating.

    • YES! Thanx for finally mentioning that part of our diet, & how to easy to identify it without even studying beforehand.

    • Mmm..Wild yams! My mouth is watering, & I am not even out in the bush starving. Imagine the delight..

    • J.C. You mean you want them to use their brains? Good luck with that. All these people seem to think about is hamburgers. It’s like they’ve never been introduced to vegetables and herbs, like their stomachs turn to even think about it.

      • KenO. Yes, using brains seems to be a lost art. Besides that plants (except the poisonous ones) are harmless and stand/lay there asking to be murdered and eaten. No ego satisfaction in killing them. I am not a vegetarian. I know what is a balanced diet and eat whatever is available in season and I do love my veggies, fruit, seafood. fish, dairy and grains. My only food ethic is not to waste it, in that I agree with Laurajane

        • I am an innocent in many ways that you all are not,but I have studied,(& experimented successfully with my own body when younger) this subject extensively. If you would allow me: A human body is a kin to more of the vegetarian animals,who’s diet is 85% leafy greens.We have 32-36 feet of intestines, compared to 6-8 feet for carnivores. (Try putting samples of both diets in a bowl with digestive juices, or even not..) & see what you end up with! May gross you out & prompt you to reconsider? If not(stuck in your ways/,addicted to meat/resistant to change/just have killer instinct..),God forbid you should get some disease down there, would you perhaps reconsider? When an animal is fearful of being killed,it releases an exorbitant amount of adrenaline into it’s system,which you are ingesting.Lastly, our teeth are not sharp for tearing flesh(& as I get much older,I find I have less of them too!).They are more like the vegetarians.Most likely we are advanced omnivores capable of adapting to survive,but need lots of roughage to aid digestion.The average American has 65 pounds of COMPACTED feces in their body at the time of death. As Cody Lundin says “You can’t deny the science”! I sincerely hope that you research this for yourselves before impulsively responding. * Good books/authors, if curious:(and WAY ahead of their time)-Arnold Ehret & Viktoras Kulvinskas (who I studied under for many years. Your life and health/happiness may well depend on it, & you will be grateful.
          P.S.- Isn’t this a “survival tool”? KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!
          P.P.S.- some you older friends may relate: Kellogg Cereal started as a sanitarium & health rejuvenation advocate 100 years ago! My Grandma’s generation ate very frugally,inexpensively, & wholesomely-oatmeal in the morning & fresh fruit/vegies for snacks were routine. Salad was served before dinner every night. And the science has advanced way beyond that since then, but alas society has too many choices now- many of which are unhealthy. (Decadence is a derivative of DECAY!)

          • P.S.- I have worked in the NATURAL foods (not “health foods”) industry for over 40 years..

          • Al K. Thanks for the food police report. You are right except for the oatmeal which I never liked the slimy texture but I ate it. I have substituted quinoa and brown rice for it. I will chew the arm off of anyone who tries to stop me from having my 4 slices of bacon every morning. I can no longer consume a 1 pound steak, I do love my pinto beans made up as chili beans with cornbread. Most of my shopping is at the ranch market now and the wide array of fresh veggies, melons and fruit trucked in daily. My favorite is kale which I munch on uncooked all day long.
            At Costco one entire rack; near the pharmacy, is devoted to laxatives and fiber substitutes. That says something for our diets. I never had that problem. Nuts (especially almonds toasted without salt) are a great and neglected source of tasty protein and are great munchies.
            Unfortunately, our N&A heroes do not have access to a ranch market so they must forage, so far we have been shown zip zero foraging by any of them.There was one shot of Darrin munching on some plant. Callie’s post is right on. The producers probably wouldn’t like it; there is nothing exciting or “good TV” about foraging. You just eat well and can take a crap with ease.

          • Al K. I didn’t mention that I live in Arizona where we have access to fresh food everyday all year long. The Mexican influence assures we have every delightful pepper known to man. When shopping at the market, I let my saliva glands tell me what to buy as recipes whirl through my head.
            This is not a boosters invitation to move to Arizona! Everyone please stay where you are!!!

  6. I hate to see these groups try and bring down large animals. The majority of the meat would probably go to waste and rot in the hot sun after the group has had their fill. I agree with Darrin to stick to smaller animals and birds and let the large beasts of Africa alone. Also, eat more vegetative and flower forms of nourishment. Don’t kill a beautiful deer just to have a few bites out of it.

    • They could (and probably would) smoke it. (It has been mentioned a couple of times). Still,the energy expended trying to secure that kill is not worth the POSSIBLE reward.

    • I agree, LauraJane! And how would our intrepid hunters cook/smoke that quantity of meat without the smell attracting the entire savannah?

      • Kellie, They would need to cook/smoke it at least 100 yards away from their camp. Otherwise the lions and hyenas (I haven’t seen any hyenas yet) will be on their doorstep.

        • Good point.I wonder if they will have to learn that the hard way (if they ever manage to catch anything,that is..).

  7. Gathering is so much easier than hunting. Despite the severe and enduring drought in South Africa, there’s plenty of vegetation. Surely, these survivalists would have researched the local plants and learned what is and isn’t edible? It’s becoming amusing to watch the Alpha Male group make repeated attempts to catch large animals, only to fail miserably each time. Their time and effort would be better spent on gathering plants.

    • Callie, Good call and just think they only have 30 more days to go! There seemed to be a lot of greenery in the little valley Jake, Stacey and Clarence transited to get to Swati valley. There were even puddles of water (Kellie noted the water) alongside the trail. There must be something to eat there? Everyone seems to just hang around the water holes waiting for a miracle? Maybe Darrin and Kim will join them and save the day?

  8. Al, straightening a sapling, in particular since it’s green, is not really hard just time consuming. First you heat the thing at the point you want it to bend, just heat, not burn. This causes the lignon (the material that holds the fibers together) to soften. Then you put the sapling between two immovable objects to slowly lever it straight. You eyeball it, then do it again and again until the thing is straight. Arrow shafts are much easier as are atlatl shafts only because they are both smaller in diameter. These are primitive skills, well known in the archeological community. Arrow makers had a little flint tool with a hole in it to straighten shafts which also, typically, had a semi-circular shoulder that they used to scrape the shaft. They were pretty darned good at making their tools, unlike our friend Ryan who seems to have just hacked the nearest sapling down without regard to it’s usefulness.

  9. Al K. You asked if your can straighten a sapling for a spear shaft Indeed you can. it would take too much of Kellie’s blog space to explain it. I checked the internet and there are tons of stuff with different tools illustrated. Type in “spear and arrow straighter.” My Choctaw uncle taught me how to do it when I was a boy. It works but requires patience. It must be redone occasionally.

      • Ken,
        Yes. I learned something too. I didn’t know about the lignon that holds the fibers together. I just knew heating softened the shaft. It was my great uncle not uncle. The atrocity Ryan made is “firewood.”

  10. I thought the guys were going after big game wrong, maybe a snare or duel survivor probably would have dug a pit of some sort. Anyway I caint see bringing down a warthog that big with a sharpened stick.
    Did he have a knife tied to the stick?
    I also noticed nobody was fishing that much, everybody’s laying around eating Clarence’s fish but nobody else tried for more.
    Darrin is starting to be the star of the show. Cute outfit, looks like Tarzan. Clothes would be nice. Get rid of the blur cam.

    • After a hug with Darrin, the editors sure had their hands full with perhaps the biggest blur ever on Kim! Haha/LOL

      • Actually, the one of Stacy above is pretty inclusive as well (wish she would smile more, though..

      • Al. It appears Kim had removed her buckskin bikini to greet the returning Darrin who had food. The thought is titillating anyway, even if imagined!

        • Ha ha. Alas, I am too old for her but she is extremely cute & attractive. I tend to study people’s faces more than their bodies anyway..

  11. I am curious, & perhaps Kellie can research?:
    Darrin is listed now as living in Colorado, but his bio on Discovery page says Moab,Utah. Same as Kim!! Wouldn’t you assume that they have known each other,if not before their solo challenges then certainly after? Perhaps there are reasons that they seem so comfortable with each other.. (which is completely charming, by the way)

  12. The Pondo Ravine team is setting its goals too high. Those crude spears would not penetrate a warthog’s hide even with a solid hit. They could be using the slingshot to kill small birds and the net to trap them when they come to water, and using the net also to seine the waterholes for catfish and crabs. They would be eating well at Swati Valley if they knew how to use the fishnet.

    • They should also try making fish traps. Joe teti killed a small wart hog but after it was caught in his snare.

      • Joe was an asshole, but I liked him! I miss Dual Survival the most of all the survival shows, but they need to have a hippie to balance it out. OR.. how about a woman, for God’s sake!?

        • Joe Teti was not only an asshole but a liar. He was called out many times. He was like a proverbial bull in a china shop to what a genuine survivalist is.

          • KenO. I saw a video, in which The Special Forces Association severed all ties with Teti because his resume was in large part fabricated. “Stolen Valor?” Teti has sued DC and anyone else from whom he might collect $. The SFA knows him well.

        • Al K, You are an innocent. Dual Survival is a choreographed show. Survival techniques are “demonstrated.” The survivalists; except for Matt Graham and Cody Lundin, are not survivalists but best called “TV Stars” with enormous egos.

          • Glad that you say that Cody & Matt are the real deal. I guess I am more of a “hippie/naturalist” type.They have both left a positive lasting impression with me. I got to appreciate Grady last season, but can’t get into the latest season where he is paired with the Australian(?) guy. Too much testosterone? I tried ALONE more recently, & the location was stunning. Unfortunately,after they all got settled in with shelters/etc. most of the hour was spent in depressing soliloquys to the camera about how lonely,bored,hungry they were. Hard for me to care/stay focused. I have liked Survivorman (he does that soliloquy to the camera thing I get tired of also, but more “preaching” than complaining) & Man vs. Wild (that guy is the energizer bunny,man!), but there are so many episodes & I guess I grew tired of it after awhile. Is there anything else of note to watch in this genre? (KenO/Kellie-your thoughts would be welcome here also..)THANKS,GUYS!

  13. Some additional thoughts/questions (from notes I took while watching):
    Ryan has an awesome tattoo down his left side!
    Stacy is still emotionally unstable. Big mood swings (which she should keep to herself?)
    Great to see Clarence/Jake/Stacy reconcile, but wonder what the process was (did he leave & come back, or did they talk it out?) Or maybe producers said it was too dangerous for him to go it alone..
    LIZARD KABOB!!! And what a great shot- I really admire the guys skill set & demeanor. Regarding the tick problem- would it help to make a raised bed to sleep off the ground? I liked Carrie’s ash idea (does it work,though?), but mixing sweat & ashes may be yucky.
    Jake seems much nicer. Is Phaedra in for a surprise when she finds out he is gay?
    The group of 5 lazies bitching out Clarence behind his back admitted remorse, but did they ever apologize to him? I do think that he was ostracized & treated unfairly multiple times from the start. I have no doubt that if he had stayed, they would have found something else to complain about with him. (I agree with JC- being overweight in that heat backfired bigtime as a survival strategy)
    Teamwork trying to catch the porcupine was nice to watch, even if some of the strategy turned out flawed (time of day,other?)
    The scenery is completely luscious on my first ever HD TV!
    All in all, this was very enjoyable to watch. It went by way too fast. I am glad I stuck with the show through it’s very poor regular season (I must admit, I really got into Dual Survival for awhile but it isn’t the same without the “hippie” element of Matt or Cody.)

  14. Great episode and recap.
    Darrin seems competent and kind, which makes him a great partner for this situation.
    Darrin, Kim and Alyssa would have made a fantastic team.
    I hope the others appreciate his good qualities once they all come together.
    It would have been so much better if Clarence and one other person had stayed to fish while the rest of the group went hunting. He already showed some skill in that area, one crab and one fish, and could have shared that knowledge with another in the group while staying cooler. The larger group would have still had plenty of people to work together on the hunt.

    • cc you are right Darrin,Kim and Aylssa would have been great together..Alyssa is wonderful and Kim is great is Darrin..Oh well maybe next time,haha

    • Yeah..But it was easier to sit around and complain,than do anything! Perhaps a permanent name for one of the XL challenge subgroups should be TEAM DO NOTHING/BITCH ABOUT IT?

  15. I wasn’t impressed when Jake went ahead (that part was good) and found the lake and the Girl’s Group but did not return to help Clarence and Stacey find it.

  16. Kellie, this is your best and most thorough recap to date! You covered all the important events.
    I wonder if any of them will ever learn that the best hunting/fishing times are early AM and Late PM? Rest during the heat of the day. Darrin does this.
    Overweight people (Clarence) do not do well in extreme heat. I sympathize with Clarence because he knows how but has trouble doing anything strenuous. Sad to see him go with life threatening heat exhaustion.
    The medics need to treat Kim for the tick bite with antiseptic and antibiotics so she can continue. It seems the Producers consider Darrin’s group “the trash group.” Darrin will survive and bring Kim along barring crippling illness.
    Ryan made the ugliest and crookedest spear ever seen; and he lacks patience for successful hunting. What was Ryan babbling about when he said due to his military training; he motivates others but doesn’t need motivating himself??? That attitude isn’t working for him!! The team appears to be rebelling over Ryan’s failed leadership?? Every group has now eaten except his.
    Phaedra spoke the truth when she said the Girl Group needs someone with hunting skills? Otherwise, they are doing well and Stacey has realized she is too aggressive and critical.
    The XLR is worthless.

    • Thanks for the compliment, JC! I also thought last night’s episode was really entertaining. I agree with you about Ryan’s terrible spear, and after the thoughtful discussion that you and Ken had about spear throwers, I’m dying to see Steven’s in action! I’d also like to see the net that Ryan made put into use to catch birds. Their watering source is frequented by many kinds of animal, I’d like to see them try to trap smaller prey like birds and varmints. Once they have a few calories in their bodies, they’ll be better suited for a hunt. I think since Ryan had success in his initial Naked and Afraid episode, he feels overly confident. Since Ryan’s episode aired early last season, perhaps Angel and Steven are deferring to him because they’ve seen what he can do. But they’re forgetting that they also survived 21 days in a crazy environment.

      • I forgot to mention your question (was he technically naked?) of Darrin wearing his GoPro camera in a headband. It certainly gave us a good look as he shot the monitor lizard. Darrin seems to think of everything.

      • I have to disagree a bit here with you J.C. I’ve found literally all of Kellie’s recaps to be very complete though I disagree with her finding Jake to be one of her favorites. I think Steven would have used his atlatl had not Ryan thrown his clunker at the boar. I’m not sure why Steven and Angle have given Ryan so much latitude but I’m thinking it’s going to end rather abruptly as he really doesn’t deserve that much respect and perhaps his “overconfidence” is coming off as arrogance. A watering hole is well known by predators to be the dinner table, unfortunately it’s also well known by prey to be the dinner table so they are extra wary with their senses being on high alert. It dawned on me, as well, that the presumptive prey could easily be spooked by cameramen jostling about trying to get a better shot, I wouldn’t put it past them. Darren is the bomb, what a great guy, can’t say enough about him overall. Look, anyone with any experience with a bow finds (like with throwing sticks and atlatls) that it becomes an intuitive weapon, almost aiming and shooting itself. I’m not surprised that he hit the monitor on his first try and I’m not surprised that he and Kim are becoming rather close. She obviously is impressed with him (as she should be) and he with her, what a great team and I hope, with J.C. that she is merely treated on site and allowed to continue. They are uplifting to watch.

        • KenO. Very good statement about intuitive weapons. I think of the primitive weapons as instinctive. Once you have a good one it feels good in your hand and you know how to use it without a lot of instruction. The same applies to slings or any projectile weapon. A little practice and any reasonably coordinated man can be accomplished. All of them are short range weapons; even bows, if one wants to “clean kill’ animals of any size. The thought of an animal running off to die in agony with an arrow in a shoulder or rump offends me. I have hunted deer and black bear with longbows and recurved bows. I preferred stalking to within 25 yards or lying in wait and ambushing them. The Robin Hood myth of shooting buttons off the Sheriff’s coat at 200 yards is just a myth. I never used or cared for the cam and cable bows which took the instinctive shooting out of the equation (no fun). I would not want to take on an African Lion (Howard Hill did with a bow) with anything less than a .458 Winchester Magnum! Same with a Cape Buffalo. Masai Warriors killed lions with a spear and steel ball club-those were real men who had steel cajones (balls). Maybe just foolish men.

  17. Hi Everybody. I’ve been a longtime fan of N&A and enjoy reading the comments here on Kellie’s page.

    What a show last night! A lot of dynamics in motion now. I’m really sad to see Clarence go. What a twist of fate. After his Sermon by the Lake about coming together like the elephants, I thought he might emerge as a spiritual leader, then zap, heat and dehydration catches up to his obesity. Otherwise, it was great to see Jake and Stacey met up with the Girls. Both groups needed the support of the each other.

    I’m enjoying watching the contrast in hunting styles between Darrin and the Bro’s. The Boys are interested in the Big Game and seem to be wasting time when they fail. I sense their unity is falling apart and descending into finger pointing. Steven wants to “make his own thunder”. Meanwhile, Darrin is taking the more practical approach, chasing something that’s more attainable. And what a shot! Can we believe he took down a monitor lizard with ONE BOW SHOT!
    I’m totally falling in love with Kim. She can pick ticks off me anytime! Hope she stays around…

    • Rwb. No question about it, this was the best episode of all the years of N&A and N&AXL!!!!!

  18. What an interesting,yet completely disjointed and poorly edited episode. I am glad to FINALLY see some positivity/fun,such as the joyous lake union/swim (hopefully they knew beforehand that there were no crocodiles? That would certainly be a buzzkill..). Clarence gets SOME respect for his decision to leave,& again for his SECOND fishing success,but it’s too late. The PORCUPINE POSSE exterminates what’s left of any available H2O & cool air. This is a race for the bottom (i.e.- who is the least stupid!) Kim & Darrin hit hard times,to no fault of their own.This is the saddest story,because they are doing everything right.
    P.S.-I thought Angel fell asleep while “laying in wait”.They showed it multiple times.Even if not,how is that a useful posture to spot/catch game? Also,wasn’t it Steven that threw the spear prematurely,not Ryan (after he warned them to wait for his signal.Ryan showed great restraint not to berate/strangle “the great egotist”,but hopefully that is coming shortly!(if you speak it,you better live it)
    P.P.S.- what’s the deal with dehydration at the lake? So much water, but nothing to drink??
    P.P.P.S.- Darrin & Kim- PG-rated love, but it looks pretty real to me. How sweet!

    • No, it was Ryan who threw first with the crudest spear I have ever seen. His spear barely reached the target and wouldn’t have killed a bunny rabbit. Steven’s dart sailed high but had plenty of velocity to injure the game. It would have been better if they had positions on the flanks. Ryan’s “sniper” position would be fine if they had rifles or a good bow and arrows which they do not have.
      If anyone should be berated, it is Ryan. He yelled, stood up and threw his “spear” and blocked Steven’s throw for a split second. They had a poor strategy.

      • Thanx for the corrections. In all full disclosure, I had a rare beer drinking binge while watching last night. It’s been so damn hot here lately! (but not like Africa, thank God).

        • Because of your warranted beer drinking binge (it’s been really hot here in NC as well) you are forgiven. Steven certainly wouldn’t bother with Ryan’s crappy spear, I wouldn’t either. You actually can’t throw a crooked spear with any accuracy, that’s why early man found ways to straighten lengths of spear making materials. As for Clarence, his skill can be attributed to the “stopped clock” principle. It’s obvious that his strategy of laziness coupled with living off his fat didn’t work. It’s also obvious that he can’t learn from his past as he knew he was liable to high blood pressure and still didn’t stick with staying by the lake and fishing. Glad to see him tap out before his ignorance hurt someone.

          • Worst spear ever! Worth repeating- everytime I picture it in my mind I laugh, & cringe. I also agree with the person who very reasonably commented on Darrin’s choice of going after small game (& Clarence fishing). Phaedra didn’t seem to be able to handle her throwing net even though she claims fishing as a top survival skill..Perhaps macho has gotten in the way of sensibility in Team Alpha?

          • Thanks,Ken. I am in the South as well. I can handle the heat,but the humidity is oppressive. I am a transplanted Northerner with a hairy Eastern European body. Oh well, life is never perfect & I am grateful to be alive.

          • You can straighten a crooked “sapling”? Very interested- please explain? THANX

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