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Sunday, July 17: Danny McBride and Walton Goggins are Vice Principals

HBO Vice Principals © HBO Credit: Fred Norris

All Times Eastern.

Sunday, July 17

Vice Principals
HBO, 10:30pm
New Series!
Danny McBride and Walton Goggins play rival vice principals who compete for their school’s top job when the principal retires. And to play the outgoing administrator, the dark comedy went all-in, enlisting comedy legend Bill Murray for the hilarious cameo. Goggins says of the experience, “It became very sobering for me by starting out this entire experience standing 2 feet away against the god of all comedians for most actors, Bill Murray. I just couldn’t stop smiling.” And when Goggins got the giggles, Murray gifted him with a jewel of advice, saying, “Here’s the golden rule: You don’t @#$% up another person’s take by laughing.”

Kids’ Choice Sports 2016
Nickelodeon, 8pm
Russell Wilson returns to host the annual celebration of everything that kids and families love about sports. The night will feature the world’s biggest and best athletes, outrageous competitions, unique categories and — of course — epic slimings.

Preacher: “El Valero”
AMC, 9pm
Jesse (Dominic Cooper) engages in a fierce gun battle with Quincannon (Jackie Earle Haley) and the Meat Men to protect his church. Tulip (Ruth Negga) tries to save a friend.

The Hunt: “Hide and Seek — Jungles”
BBC America, 9pm
This episode follows tigers, harpy eagles, chimpanzees, army ants and other predators as they rise to the challenge of hunting within the forest, a dense, confusing, three-dimensional world in which even finding prey is a maddening task. Forests cover one-third of the land surface, and concealed within are over half of the species on Earth.

Starz, 9pm
Season Premiere!
Season 3 finds James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) as the owner of new nightclubs, out of the drug game, and in a rekindled relationship with his first love, Angela (Lela Loren) — the assistant U.S. attorney sworn to bring him to justice. But just as they begin to believe James’ past criminal persona of “Ghost” may finally be behind them, they are forced to face the consequences of running from a life in which no one gets away clean. James’ estranged best friend Tommy (Joseph Sikora) has just reunited with his newly returned love, Holly (Lucy Walters), but he must attempt to not only rebuild Lobos’ (Enrique Murciano) devastated drug organization, but also to kill Ghost — turning brother against brother.
Shorter version:
He’s on the verge of having everything he’s ever wanted, but will this new phase of James St. Patrick’s (Omari Hardwick) life end before it begins with old sins and the specter of “Ghost” coming back to haunt him?

Ride With Norman Reedus: “The Keys With Peter Fonda”
AMC, 10pm
Season Finale!
Peter Fonda — writer, producer and star of the iconic biker film Easy Rider — joins Norman for a Floridian adventure from Naples to Key West.

HBO, 10pm
Season Premiere!
Andy Garcia joins the cast as Andre, a big-deal Miami money manager who presents a serious challenge to Dwayne Johnson’s Spencer Strasmore and Rob Corddry’s Joe Krutel as they try to grow the sports division of Anderson Financial. “Spencer has a personal beef with [Andre] and wants to take him down,” Corddry explains. “That’s basically the arc of the whole season. [But] I always had an admiration for this guy, no matter how sleazy he is. It becomes a huge thing.”

VH1, 10pm Live
New Series!
CNN commentator and BET News host Marc Lamont Hill anchors a weekly series delivering VH1’s pop culture spin on the hottest entertainment news and gossip.
Hill will also dish on pop culture with some of VH1’s biggest stars to get exclusive, behind-the-scenes buzz from VH1’s top rated shows.

Life’s a Beach
Travel Channel, 11pm
New Series!
This series celebrates the real stories of people who left their normal lives behind to pursue an everlasting beach paradise.

Monday, July 18

2016 Republican National Convention
Various Networks, Live
Donald Trump is the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican Party; the nomination will be confirmed during the four days of this convention, held in Cleveland. All of the usual news networks will feature some sort of coverage during this span, and even Comedy Central will feature coverage via The Daily Show.

The Simpsons
FXX, beginning at 6pm
Twelve Simpsons classics air on FXX tonight, including early-season favorites like “Simpson and Delilah,” “Lisa the Greek,” “Mr. Plow” and “Homer Goes to College.”

Open Your Eyes
HBO, 7:30pm
Filmed over three days, this documentary follows Manisara and Durga — among the many residents of rural Nepal who have slowly been blinded by cataracts caused by the intense Himalayan sun — as they embark on a journey to see again.

American Ninja Warrior: “Atlanta Finals”
NBC, 8pm
The show returns to Atlanta, where the top 30 competitors from the city qualifier tackle an even more challenging course that includes 10 obstacles.

Devious Maids: “Blood, Sweat and Smears”
Lifetime, 9pm
Rosie (Dania Ramirez) uncovers one of Peri’s (Mariana Klaveno) best-kept secrets. Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) pulls a fast one on Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez). Carmen finds herself in a new relationship, while Marisol (Ana Ortiz) struggles with Peter’s (James Denton) absence. Genevieve (Susan Lucci) plots to get Zoila’s (Judy Reyes) attention.

12 Monkeys: “Memory of Tomorrow”
Syfy, 9pm
Season Finale!
Cole and Railly try to find peace living in the past. But when a mysterious woman with apocalyptic visions of the future tells Cole it’s not over, he must do the unthinkable to save the world.

The Making of the Mob: Chicago: “A Death in the Family”
AMC, 10pm
A new mayor forces Torrio and Capone to flee Chicago for nearby Cicero, where Capone’s brother Frank fixes an election, endangering himself.

BrainDead: “Back to Work: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Congress and How It Gets Things Done (and Often Doesn’t)”
CBS, 10pm
In this new episode, Laurel (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) asks her brother, Luke (Danny Pino), for his help to get the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate the bugs, but he insists she first consult with entomologist Dr. Joanne Alaimo (guest star Margo Martindale).