Devious Maids Season 4 Episode 6 recap: Crashes and burns …

Annette Brown Copyright 2016
(L to R) Dania Ramirez, Ana Ortiz, Roselyn Sanchez and Judy Reyes star in season 4 of Devious Maids

On last week’s episode of Devious Maids, we discovered Kyle’s true identity. He’s working with Ben and “The Circle,” but that doesn’t stop Zoila from pursing her relationship with Kyle. Sure, they have to sneak around Kyle’s mom— also a member of “The Circle” — but Zoila seems okay with falling through the second story window onto a pile of leaves on the ground. For now.

Ah, Carmen is finally turning the prime age of 40. Of course she doesn’t want to admit it. In fact, she thinks she’s so young that she takes one of Danni’s auditions. I guess since Danni isn’t there anymore, it’s okay to do that? Nah, I still don’t think it’s right.

Ana Ortiz stars in season 4 of Devious Maids
Ana Ortiz stars in season 4 of Devious Maids Annette Brown Copyright 2016

Marisol thought she was finally going to get to tell the true story behind her book with the new movie production. Think again, poor Marisol. Seems the addition of a “sexy maids’ locker room” is just what Marisol’s story needed. Ugh, men. Why can’t Marisol be trusted to run everything herself? I mean, she did live through these events and wrote the book the movie is based off of.

Thanks to Fabian’s big mouth, Rosie finds out that Peri was a part of “The Circle” before she died. Unfortunately, only those with a lot of money are invited to be a member of this group, and Rosie’s booted out— so the best way for Rosie to infiltrate the group is to convince Genevieve to join. I know Genevieve isn’t as close to Rosie as she was with Zoila, so let’s hope she still helps out.

Looks like Evelyn might have a new man in her life. Her date with Reverend James Hamilton went much better than she had expected. I guess there really is a man out there who can be both a saint and have a little devious side to him.

Oh wow! This whole “Circle” thing is a lot creepier than I thought. So Ben and Kyle aren’t actually brothers. Turns out only Kyle is Frances’ biological son. She just refers to Ben as her son because he’s a part of “The Circle” and she considers all those who are members her family.

Frances isn’t very happy with Ben right now. She knows Rosie is asking questions and wants Ben to finally put an end to it. Talk about a psycho! How do people even come up with an idea like this group? And how do they find crazy enough people to join and not go to the cops?!

Marisol was willing to give it another go with some editing on the movie…until her character was called unlikeable. Not only was Marisol personally offended, but the director thought she should be changed into a Mrs. Doubtfire type of character … played by Will Ferrell. All of these changes are deemed necessary because Marisol’s story seemed too unbelievable to be played by a woman. Well, guess what, dudes? She really lived it!

Zoila thought it would be a good idea for Frances to “accidentally” find her and Kyle together, since she couldn’t come clean to her. Adrian helped Zoila out by making plans with Frances and canceling on her at the last minute so she would go home. Zoila was already conveniently at Kyle’s when Frances showed up, just as planned. Zoila thought everyone could be adults about the situation but that’s far from what happened. Frances immediately told Zoila to get out of her house and that she’s never welcome back. Wow! That plan backfired.

Judy Reyes stars in season 4 of Devious Maids
Judy Reyes stars in season 4 of Devious Maids Annette Brown Copyright 2016

Just as Carmen crushed her young competition in a dance battle audition, she throws her back out. I was actually rooting for Carmen for proving that age is just a number, but I guess one’s age will always come back to remind you just how old you really are. Maybe that was karma for stealing Danni’s audition.

Surprisingly, Genevieve was very open to joining “The Circle” to help Rosie. She’s been a part of something like this before, back in the ’80s. As a part of her initiation, Fabian asks Genevieve a lot of personal questions. Fabian doesn’t stop asking until he gets Genevieve to tell the truth. It was as if he was making her spill all her secrets. Since everyone has to do this as a part of their initiation, Rosie thinks something Peri could’ve said made her a target.

OMG! Is the world ending? Evelyn is actually reading The Bible?! She even tells Marisol that she’s going to need to revamp her entire personality because she’s falling for a kind man. And here comes Adrian, trying to ruin everything good in Evelyn’s life. He makes the Reverend an offer: Leave Evelyn in exchange for the generous donation check that Adrian has in his hands. What is this man’s deal?! Leave Evelyn alone! I think he’s just extremely jealous.

Peter tries to sit down with Marisol and the director to set things straight. When it comes down to either the director or Marisol, Peter makes the dumbest decision of sticking with the director. Not only did Marisol walk out of that room, but she also walked out of his life. She tells Peter that she needs some time to think about things and I think that’s what’s best for her. Bye bye, haters!

James Denton and Ana Ortiz star in season 4 of Devious Maids
James Denton and Ana Ortiz star in season 4 of Devious Maids Annette Brown Copyright 2016

Looks like Kyle found his big boy pants and put them on to tell his mom to go to hell when she shut down his relationship with Zoila once again. I didn’t think Kyle had it in him, but he sure told his mom where to go! I know he’s biologically her son but I think she’d still want to harm him after that.

Rosie was able to take Tucker to visit Spence. Everything went well during their visit. Too well. So well that something horrible was just waiting to happen. During the ride home from the jail, Ben crashed his car into Rosie’s at a stop sign. He directly hit Rosie, but it’s uncertain how little Tucker was impacted. Mr. Spence, help!

The Reverend tells Evelyn about Adrian’s charitable work that he’s been doing lately. Instead of taking the money, the Reverend gives it to Evelyn and tells her to hire the best attorneys to finally get away from Adrian. The two will need to keep things hush-hush, but it was truly Evelyn’s money to begin with too. I hope he’s not lying to Evelyn. She’s been through enough with Adrian. He’s like a cockroach that won’t die.

Thank God, Rosie and Tucker are okay! Rosie knows that this was just a warning from “The Circle” because she’s getting closer to the truth. I don’t think Ben will be bothering Rosie anymore. Looks like Frances was tired of being disappointed by Ben’s actions. She didn’t like that Tucker was also in the car because Tucker is “the key to everything.” So what does a loving mother do? Teach her son a lesson. Or in this psycho mother’s case, poison her son.

What were your thoughts on this episode of Devious Maids? What would you have done if you were in Marisol’s shoes? I’m glad she stood up for herself and said something. I would not sit there silently either. Do you think it was a good idea for Genevieve to get involved with “The Circle”? I like Evelyn’s new relationship with the Reverend. Do you think it will last? Do you think Kyle is going to end up like Ben for standing up to his mom the way he did? Why do you think Tucker is “the key” in this? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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