Naked and Afraid XL Star Jake Nodar Shares 4 Bad-Ass Survival Tips.

Naked and Afraid XL Discovery Channel
Jake Nodar in South Africa

Jake Nodar is among the dozen former Naked and Afraid survivalists heading to South Africa for a 40-day survival experience in Season 2 of Naked and Afraid XL. Nodar conquered Amazonia in an episode of Naked and Afraid episode that aired in March, but the horse trainer is no stranger to extreme adventures or reality TV. In 2009, Nodar appeared on Discovery’s Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment and has the designation of being the first openly gay man to appear on the network’s programming. He’s also appeared on History’s Full Metal Jousting and in the Logo documentary, Bad Ass Gays. “I try to do something a little adventurous once a year,” Nodar shared, “so when the opportunity for Naked And Afraid arose it was right up my alley. I love being outdoors, and I’m very comfortable out there. The nakedness was new to me, but it seemed like a really cool challenge.”

In a special Naked and Afraid XL preview episode that aired on July 3, Nodar made the statement, “Survival is 80% mental and 20% skill.” The adventurer shared four mental skills he thinks are needed to become an ass-kicking survivalist.

  1. Get Real. Nodar explains, “I think for starters, people need to realize the seriousness of this situation. I’ve seen some people, like my partner in Amazonia. It was very clear the first several days, she was a sweet girl and she had done a lot of survival training, but when you get out there and production leaves at 5pm and you’re out in the middle of nowhere by yourself, it really hits hard. I think you have to be prepared for the worst, and then anything that comes along that’s good, you feel like you’ve won a small victory.”
  1. Break it Down. Nodar is a firm believer in “being able to break things down day by day. I see a lot of people start panicking, because they’re like, ‘Well if things are this rough now, how bad is it going to be in two weeks?’ Whereas my mindset is, ‘Okay, things are bad right now. What can I do in the next several hours to make things better for myself?’ It’s just trying to break things down step-by-step and not get overwhelmed.”
  1. Work it. The on-the-go adventurer says, I’m a big fan of working my butt off. I think some people didn’t really agree with that, but I feel like you gotta give it your all.”
  1. Laugh it off. Nodar is serious about survival, but adds, “I also swear a sense of humor is the biggest key to it all. Being able to make jokes even in the harshest of situations. It helps me, it helps the people around me, and it seems to be a really valuable tool.”

Watch Jake Nodar dominate South Africa on Naked And Afraid XL, Sundays at 10pm ET/9pm CT on Discovery.


  1. I want to make this clear. When I wrote he’s got the whole package. I didn’t mean his private parts. Jake took care of everyone. He was kind and thoughtful,looked out for them. Just a good person. And he said things that reminded me of someone. Example, bitch please.

  2. I would like an update on Jake’s health. I hope he’s ok. Also I wished he didn’t eat that fruit. I wanted him to make it to the end. Wish I knew him. He was my pick out of all the others. He’s got the whole package. Somebody should make Jake star. Loved watching Jake.

  3. I agree, I have watched every episode since the beginning and Jake is the best all around surviver. I hope he is ok. And would love an update on his health!!!!

  4. Jake is the best N & A participant of all time. Most senseable, reasonable & understanding person. Wish he was in my circle of friends!

  5. Love Jake!!!!!! Crazy Hot!!!! Looks like Bert Lancaster. Also very diplomatic and a good personality.My favorite player!

  6. I love Jake, what a guy! He has a killer sense of humor and a great outlook on life. My favorite survivor of all time -all shows!

  7. Jake is awesome!! He is the best. Always trying to make things better thinks of his fellow survivors. Really dislike Ryan. He just comes on like a bull and acts like the know it all and seems to think his way is the only way, doesn’t seem to work well with others….

  8. I have been watching Naked and Afraid since it first aired. There is no-one I am more impressed with than Jake. He is so capable of all his endeavours, while maintaining an awesome sense of humor! You go Jake, you would be my gay best friend of we were to ever meet!!

  9. All of Jake’s points are valid. However, he seems incapable of providing succor to his partner.

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