USA Wants More Chrisley Knows Best

Oh. My. Todd.

Chrisley Knows Best Andrew Eccles/USA Network
Todd Chrisley wraps his tough-love parenting style in a peacock's feathers. The result is TV perfection.

USA Network has announced that it has added more episodes to the current Season 4 run of reality sensation, Chrisley Knows Best and has ordered a fifth season of the reality mega-hit.

The first half of the series, which follows the antics of self-professed “Patriarch of Perfection” Todd Chrisley and his charming and photogenic family, aired between March 8 and June 14. The mid-season finale featured Chrisley performing a duet with Country superstar Sara Evans as he embarked on a career in country music. I must admit that I have been very vocal about the song’s excellence — it is really, really good. The back half of Season 4 will premiere this fall and bring the season’s total to 26 episodes.

Take a peek at what’s to come for the Chrisley family.

The 12 episode fifth season will premiere in 2017, with a strong possibility of more episodes added.