Preacher Season 1 Episode 6 – “God don’t make mistakes!”

Preacher episode 6 Jesse LeBlanc Fiore Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC
Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Tom Brooke as Fiore, Anatol Yusef as DeBlanc - Preacher

Welcome back Preacher fans! Last week, we found out Jesse’s definitely not carrying around the Holy Spirit in his belly. This week we find out just what it is … okay, well maybe not exactly, but its name is Genesis, and it ain’t good.

We begin where we left off – the diner. Fiore and DeBlanc want Jesse to give “it” back, but Jesse wants to know what “it” is first. Fiore tells him to mind his own business, but DeBlanc, under Jesse’s spell, spills the story of Genesis – “the most powerful entity every known, the singular force that can threaten all creation” – or in Jesse’s terms, “an angel-demon-baby.”

Every week just gets weirder and weirder …

The discussion is interrupted when Fiore points out a blond woman to DeBlanc. They excuse themselves for a moment, follow her into the parking lot and proceed to kick her ass. Jesse can’t believe what he’s seeing and runs outside to help her. She doesn’t need help. She grabs Jesse by the neck and then DeBlanc. Good thing she’s only got two hands! Fiore shoots her in the head. Of course she’ll be back – she’s got that clone thing going on, too.

Jesse’s in total shock. Fiore and DeBlanc toss her body into the back of her car and insist they get the hell outta there. Jesse protests – they can’t just kill people and run off! Fiore realizes he left his keys in the diner, but before he can get them, a light flashes inside and out comes the woman they just killed. They take Jesse’s truck.

So what the hell was that? A seraph – an angel of the first order – wanting what all seraphim want – “order and control, peace.”   The clone thing is actually called reinvigoration. And here’s another gem – before racing off, Fiore grabs the seraph’s God phone, which Jesse asks about of course, but he can’t use it to call God because he doesn’t have angel hands. Well, that makes perfect sense!

The reinvigorated seraph is mighty smart. She grabs Fiore’s keys, finds their SUV and the hotel Bible (why wouldn’t it be right there in the front seat?), and heads off to the Sundowner Motel.

Fiore, DeBlanc and Jesse are already there. Jesse wants to know why an angel would be after her own kind. Well, because they’re down there without permission – that’s why. Then Jesse says he’ll just smooth everything over with Genesis. DeBlanc makes it very clear that Genesis is not to be used for ANYTHING else. It’s a secret and it better stay that way. Jesse wants to know how they plan to get Genesis out of him. DeBlanc says he’ll sing to it – Fiore says, “Or …” – he really wants to use that chainsaw. They’ll do neither. There’s a knock at the door, and they are put temporarily out of commission by the seraph.

She and Jesse have quite the brawl.   It looks like she’s winning, but Fiore, who the seraph killed before busting in, reinvigorates just in time to save the day! He tries to stop Jesse from killing her, but he’s unsuccessful. Jesse slits her throat, and we discover yet another brilliant thing about reinvigoration. DeBlanc isn’t quite dying, so Fiore shoots him in the head. Death is a requirement. A reinvigorated DeBlanc emerges from the closet. The seraph reinvigorates in the next room – the walls are very thin – and angels react to a nut-punch just like humans.

The seraph must be restrained. This proves to be an incredibly difficult task, but just as it appears to be a possibility, Cassidy walks in and ruins it by shooting her in the head. Oh, great!   Well, he’s got plenty of dead Fiores and DeBlancs to snack on after the seraph kicks his ass. Fiore finally disarticulates her. Very good, then.

Back to Genesis. It needs to be returned to the coffee can. Fiore and DeBlanc are sick of chasing around after it. They don’t know how it got out or why it chose to reside in Jesse. They are merely its custodians. Unfortunately, Jesse’s grown fond of their charge and wants to keep it. What? No! That is unacceptable! Fiore and DeBlanc try to argue, but Jesse thinks he got Genesis for a reason, and he’s not about to let a couple of janitors from Heaven tell him differently. If God wants Genesis back, he can come and collect it Himself. Done.

As he and Cassidy leave the Sundowner, DeBlanc warns him that the mess in their hotel room is just the beginning of the sh-t that will be hitting the fan on a frequent and continuous basis until Genesis is returned. He tells them to stay away from him. Unfortunately, they have to listen – at least for the moment.

The kids at school are being nice to Eugene. I was happy last week when Mrs. Loach forgave him, but I’ve had some time to chew on it, and now that I know even more about Jesse’s gut goblin, I’m scared to death for Eugene.

Emily, home with a sick kid, gets a “visit” from Tulip. She barges in, screams “Stay away from my boyfriend,” breaks a kid’s art project, and then storms out. I’ve been waiting for something to go down between these two.

Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC
Lucy Griffiths as Emily – Preacher Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Television/AMC

Emily cleans up the art project and notices that Tulip is still sitting outside in her car. Emily stomps across the street and bangs on the widow. When Tulip rolls it down, Emily gives it back to her, “You just broke my kid’s art thing! So, yeah! Nice job!”

Of course Tulip can’t just let it end like that, so she goes to Emily’s door and offers to fix what she broke.

Anyway, that stunt Odin Quincannon pulled last week obviously isn’t just going to disappear. Someone’s going to have to answer for it. That someone’s going to be Mayor Miles – as soon as he stops ignoring the multiple messages left by Cynthia at Green Acres.

While Tulip resurrects the “art thing,” Emily makes small talk. She compliments Tulip on her car. Tulip looks around for something to compliment and chooses an ashtray, which is actually a sugar caddy. It’s very sweet … and very strained.

The All Saints sign has been messed with again. “YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO HOME BUT YOU CAN’T PRAY HERE …” Classic, and poignant, all things considered.

Cassidy and Jesse do laundry and get some quality male bonding done … in their undies and over beers at ten in the morning. The lack of clothing leads to a conversation about tattoos. Jesse’s got a tulip on his shoulder. Cassidy doesn’t make the connection. He’s too busy thinking about Genesis. It’s such a terrible name for whatever Jesse’s got rumbling around inside! Additionally, he thinks Jesse would be smart to listen to the angels. Jesse says he’s only gotta listen to God.

I can’t believe he still thinks he’s got some great gift from God. In fact, maybe the exploding preachers from the beginning weren’t false prophets after all – maybe they were too good for Genesis, though I can’t believe that applies to Tom Cruise. Maybe Jesse stayed in one piece because he’s not good at all! And now he’s going to use Genesis to “make more stuff happen” around Annville. Shite.

Emily and Tulip are also bonding. In the midst of folding programs for Sunday’s service, Emily mentions how busy she is. Tulip offers to lend a hand and run some church errands. I imagine she’ll be seeing Cassidy soon.

Outside the church, the discussion between Cassidy and Jesse continues. Cassidy is pretty damn certain that ignoring the angels and hanging onto Genesis is a terrible idea. Jesse again references God, who doesn’t make mistakes. I love Cassidy’s answer. “God may not make mistakes, but people are bloody famous for it!” Truth.

After school, Eugene is invited to hang with his new friends. He’s incredibly uncomfortable as they lead him down into a drainage ditch. Before entering the dark tunnel, it’s obvious he’s worried they mean to harm him. It’s sad. Thankfully he’s wrong. He’s treated to fireworks instead.

While Jesse’s setting up for the biggest church service of his preaching career, Mayor Miles pays a visit. He’s got a quandary. He’s going to do something wrong because he knows doing the right thing would have a far more negative effect. He wants to know how he should go about making the final decision. He won’t tell Jesse a whole lot more, so Jesse tells him to pray for direction. Miles doesn’t know if the voice in his head is really God’s or just his own telling him what he wants to hear. Jesse insists there is a difference and if Miles can’t tell, he’s not listening to God at all. The conversation pisses Jesse off, and I’m pretty sure he’s subconsciously applying it to his own situation.

Tulip rolls up with all kinds of supplies for the Sunday sermon, so the conversation is cut short. She distracts him just long enough for Mayor Miles to make his getaway without saying another word.

As expected, she runs into Cassidy and he makes the connection. Now what? Jesse finds her in the closet, where she conveniently pushes Cassidy behind the door. Jesse is definitely surprised to hear that she’s helping Emily with church stuff and pretty much has been all day. She steps out of the closet and he closes the door behind her. Cassidy remains unseen by Jesse, but we all get to see the look on his face. He’s terribly upset. Not only has he betrayed his mate, even if he didn’t know they’re both in love with the same girl … and when Jesse does find out, I shudder to think what he’ll will on Cassidy.

Jesse hears the voices of parishioners outside. It’s quite the crowd. He wants affirmation from Emily that it’s a good thing – all those people there to be saved and such. She tells him what he wants to hear – the same thing the voice inside his head is telling him. Guess that means he’s not listening to God.

Before the service, he and Eugene have a talk. Eugene wants Jesse to “take it back.” He believes how things went down with Mrs. Loach isn’t what God would want – like he cheated by having Jesse do what he did. Jesse is NOT pleased. He basically tells Eugene he’s an ingrate who likes feeling persecuted. Jesse’s not cheating and damned be Eugene for holding him up with trivial BS – the whole town is waiting to be saved. And once they are, Jesse will have kept his promise and he “will be free!”

But before he opens those doors, Eugene tells him what he’s doing is sinful – that people should choose whether or not to be saved. Jesse doesn’t like this, and that angel-demon-baby comes out. His face turns to the face with which Tulip is likely most familiar – he looks downright evil. His anger escalates, and he screams, “Go to Hell, Eugene!” When he turns around, Eugene is gone.

Mayor Miles is standing at the scene of a car crash. The bodies inside are all burned up. He finally returns Cynthia’s call.

Well, there you have it. I’ve got questions! Sound off in the comments!

  • How are DeBlanc and Fiore going to get Genesis if they can’t get near Jesse?
  • Do you think I’m right about why Jesse didn’t blow up?
  • Will Jesse find out about Tulip and Cassidy, and what do you think will happen if he does?
  • Do they not have forensic science in Texas? Mayor Miles’ staged accident is pretty damn suspect.
  • What about Eugene???

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