Exclusive Clip: BBC America’s The Hunt, Get Hungry Like the Wolf

BBC America's "The Hunt" Grégoire Bouguereau
In the season premiere of The Hunt, a last second leap saves a Thomson’s gazelle from a cheetah’s deadly grip.

Nature is amazing. And gorgeous. And unforgiving. And unforgettable. And BBC America’s gripping new series The Hunt, grants viewers an intimate look at the strategies of hunters and prey and the complex tango employed in the dance for survival. The seven-part series premieres July 3 and each episode will focus on a habitat and the unique strategies and animal behaviors found there. And while the series is about matters of life and death, the innate violence in the struggle for survival is presented in a real, but not-too-graphic manner that is appropriate for family viewing. The Hunt comes from the makers of Planet Earth and is narrated by legendary broadcaster and naturalist, Sir David Attenborough.

In this exclusive clip from the July 31 episode titled, “Nowhere to Hide,” we get a look at the techniques that wily wolves employ in their quest for a meal.

After watching the clip, I am struck by how similar the wolves’ behaviors are to my family dog! Did anyone else catch visage of their precious pooch?!? And where can I find one of these cute wolves? These certainly isn’t the same breed as the terrifying creatures in The Revenant!

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