Is there a clue in the Outlander season finale?

Outlander Season 2 finale Credit: Starz

Outlander fans have just one week to prepare for the inevitable heartbreaking end to Season 2. Starz is running an Outlander Season 2 marathon over the holiday weekend and saving the 90-minute emotional season finale for Saturday, July 11. The marathon begins on Saturday, July 2 at 12pmET and features Episodes 1 through 12.

The season finale is titled after Diana Gabaldon’s second book in the Outlander book series, Dragonfly in Amber (of which the entire second season was based).


Earlier this year we asked the stars of the series — Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan — to share their thoughts on what they thought the title meant.

“The whole thing with insects or objects getting petrified in amber is they’re getting locked in time and time is unchanging,” Balfe interprets. “Whether or not that’s a provocation of maybe the storyline in book two because here you have the central characters trying to change time and I guess it’s whether or not that is a possibility. Maybe the image or the symbol of a dragonfly in amber is a clue, or maybe it’s an argument.”

Balfe, who is sitting next to Heughan at a restaurant at The Langham Hotel in Pasadena, turns to her costar and gives him a playful Claire Fraser-like look, curious to see how he will respond.

“It’s such a fragile thing, a dragonfly, as well,” Heughan adds. “In fact, it is yet frozen in time and it can go through time. You find these fossils from hundreds, thousands of years old and I think that’s exactly what it is — it passes through time, not changing — and I think that’s quite interesting. The dragonfly that you get, I think that comes back, doesn’t it. In quite a powerful way. It’s to be played.”

The season finale (Saturday, July 9) flashes forward to 1968, where Claire revisits the past and reveals to her daughter, Brianna, the truth about her parentage. Back in the 18th century, the day we have all been dreading (well, outside of the predicted death of Captain Jonathan “Jack Black” Randall) has finally come. History books tell us that on April 16, 1745 (that’s the old calendar, using today’s calendars it would be April 27, but I digress) the incompetent Prince Charles Edward Stuart leads his Jacobite army into a bloodbath that claimed the lives of over a thousand Highlanders.

Bring your tissues!


  1. Jamie cannot time travel. Diana has said it a thousand times. He will have dreams of the future, but she,said he will NEVER time travel.

    • If that is the case, who was the mysterious Highlander outside Claire’s hotel room when she and Frank were on their second honeymoon in Scotland?

      • That is Jamie’s ghost which will be explained in The Last Book. Jamie cannot travel through the stones, but he can dream…

  2. I would love to see James Frazier transported forward in time to the current year 1968. Can you imagine a Highlander in that timeframe? It would make for a wonderful and maybe lighter season as he tries to navigate our time for a change of pace.

  3. It’s also the wedding gift that the beggar gives Claire,, giving us the visual.

  4. Nothing could be more apt for Claire’s circumstances than this title. It depicts the juxtaposition of something so evanescent and magical as a dragonfly, yet simultaneously trapped – preserved for all time. Even its name evokes an unlikely creature: the fierce fire-breathing underground cave-dweller who yet knows the joy and freedom of flight, transforming itself as it moves between parallel realities.

    The dragonfly In many traditions symbolizes transformation, lightness, and the possibility of shifting into wholly other dimensions. Its fairy-like quality is a perfect metaphor for the mystery of Claire’s time travel when she was “stolen by the fairies.”

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