Exclusive Clip: Tonight’s Monica the Medium Season Finale

Monica the Medium Season Finale Freeform/Matt Petit
Monica delivers a message to Sergio Azocar and Nina Anctil

Tonight is the Monica the Medium season finale; and while we’ve enjoyed a lot of fun in the sun over this year’s episodes, we’ve also been witness to incredible moments of pain and healing. And Monica may have saved the most jaw-dropping message for last. But first in the episode “School Spirit,” Monica finds time for romance, roommate fun and, of course, Spirit.

In this exclusive clip, Monics gives a group reading at MiraCosta college and gets a message from a newly deceased woman for her daughter and husband. See if you can watch the clip without tearing up; I couldn’t.

When I interviewed Monica Ten-Kate before the start of Season 2, the young medium teased this episode and revealed that San Diego has opened up opportunities that she never would have gotten at Penn State.”I did an event at MiraCosta in San Diego, and this is going to be in episode 10, where mainly everyone in the audience is college kids and my peers.”

I’ve been taking some college classes at MiraCosta that can transfer back to my degree at Penn State, and I had a moment when it really hit me that that is something that I would have ever had an opportunity to do at Penn State. I’m not trying to hate on them, the plan is I hopefully will get my degree through them by finishing online and everything, but just being in that town, I don’t think they would have welcomed me with open arms saying, ‘Come do a medium event on campus in our auditorium and we’ll even promote it on our social media.’ I’d even reached out and tried to offer free readings to families who have lost their children. They do the big dance marathon to raise money for pediatric cancer every year and [Penn State] shot me down.”

She continued, “Here in San Diego, to have an event at the college where I’m taking classes, be so open and so accepting, it got me emotional, because this is just opportunities and experiences that I don’t think I would have ever really been able to get back in Pennsylvania.”

I can’t wait to see what Monica has in store next!

Monica the Medium, season finale > Freeform > Monday, June 27 at 10pm ET/PT

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