Devious Maids Season 4 Episode 3 recap: Keeping up appearances

Devious Maids Marisol Geneveieve Lifetime Photo by Annette Brown Copyright 2016
Ana Ortiz and Susan Lucci stars in season 4 of Devious Maids

A lot of buttons will be pushed on this week’s episode of Devious Maids. How long will it be before someone finally snaps?

Remember when Genevieve told Marisol that if she continues to see Peter, that meant war? Well, Genevieve meant it. And it starts with canceling Marisol’s dinner reservations for a date night with Peter. Of course, Genevieve is also at the restaurant and has a table for two set up. She asks Peter if he’d like to join her, since it’s a shame he can’t be seated with Marisol. You’d think she’d stop there, but oh no! Genevieve found a way to write a nasty message on Marisol’s car for her to see when the valet drove up. That’s low, Genevieve.

Oh no, Mr. Spence! Orange doesn’t suit you!

Rosie visits Spence in jail where he tells her that Ben, his sponsor, stopped by before he confessed. Rosie doesn’t know who Ben is, but Spence says he feels like he’s known him for years. Looks like Spence has been tricked. Ben was the one who helped Spence piece together the night Peri was murdered. Yeah, right!

One of the guards was listening in on Spence and Rosie’s conversation. Looks like Ben wanted to keep eyes on Spence while he was inside. The guard calls Ben to let him know that he overheard Rosie say she had an alibi for him. I’m sure Ben will fix that. What a sleazy guy!

Peri’s sister, Shannon, pops into the Westmore’s house unannounced while Rosie and Jesse are there. Rosie was trying to help Jesse with watching Tucker since Spence had just asked her to watch over him now that he doesn’t have any parents watching him. It’s clear that Shannon is only interested in the house that Peri left to her. While Tucker should be Shannon’s top priority since he’s now in her custody, Shannon is too busy wondering how many rooms are in the grand house.

Rosie asks Shannon if she could still stay in Tucker’s life, because that’s what his father wants, but Shannon doesn’t care what Spence wants. She thinks he killed her sister. Then Shannon gets sidetracked with the tennis court in the backyard and ignores Rosie. I hope Jesse doesn’t have to suffer by coming with the house deal too!

Adrian does not know how to romance a lady. Especially someone like Evelyn. He thinks he can win her back by cutting off her funds and proving what it would be like to live without him. I’m sure she’s going to love this!

You sure did it now, Zoila! After getting to know Kyle’s mother, Frances, and her elite group of friends, Zoila accepted invitations to multiple dinners with the rich folk. I guess it’s a problem when you attend a lot of these social gatherings but never actually host one yourself. In order to fix that, Frances told everyone that Zoila was going to host cocktails at her house … in two days! Frances tells Zoila not to worry about the short notice because Zoila’s maid can do all the work. Now this I have to see!

Carmen’s trying to be the cool aunt for Daniela since she wanted to escape from her protective mother at home. Even though Carmen isn’t telling Daniela the truth, Carmen is having a hard time keeping her mouth shut and not sounding like Daniela’s mother. After catching Daniela smoking weed, crashing Adrian’s Bentley, having some random guys sleep over and getting a tattoo for a lousy $20 dare that says “No Regerts,” Carmen is one more Daniela mistake away from exploding. But hey, Daniela is just living her life the way her tattoo says: “No Regerts.”

Devious Maids Carmen Daniela
Roselyn Sanchez and Sol Rodriguez star in season 4 of Devious Maids. Bob Mahoney Copyright 2016

In order to make Zoila’s party look legit, Carmen and Daniela are helping by playing the maids. Well, at least Daniela was supposed to be there to pay Carmen back for fixing Adrian’s car. After getting a call from Carmen, reminding Daniela that she was supposed to be helping, Daniela gets noticed by Jesse at the bar. He asks if he could buy her a drink as a way to make it up to her for not letting her into the Westmore’s murderous party the other night. I wouldn’t turn down Jesse’s offer and neither is Daniela. I hope this doesn’t turn into a thing.

Rosie finds her way back into Tucker’s life by convincing Shannon that she’s the only one who knows Tucker well enough to calm him down and take care of him. I guess it helps that Tucker acts like the Tasmanian devil unless he has his special support toy with him. Only Jesse and Rosie know about that little secret to keep Tucker quiet.

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and that’s exactly what Marisol did with Genevieve. She had help with turning Genevieve’s hair into a Grinch styled mess and you bet Genevieve was furious. For some reason, Genevieve thinks that Peter would still get back with her even though he knows that she cheated on him. She thinks she could spend the rest of her life making it up to him, but Marisol tells Genevieve that’s not how things work.

The real problem is that Genevieve is lonely. Zoila was always there for Genevieve with her other breakups and acted as her constant partner in her life. Marisol tells Genevieve to give Zoila time and eventually she’ll come around. I sure hope Marisol is right. I don’t like seeing Genevieve act like this and I don’t like seeing these two not talking.

Uh oh. It seems like Daniela was better off not working at Zoila’s gathering. She ends up spilling wine on Frances’ shirt. Of course, Frances freaks out in fancy rich people talk and some French. Daniela’s quite fluent in smart talk and uses it on Frances by telling her that her shirt is ugly. Frances snaps back at Daniela and here comes mommy to the rescue, Carmen, to continue the use of smart mouthing Frances.

Zoila asks Carmen and Daniela to please apologize to her friend, Frances, and Carmen isn’t happy. She refuses to apologize so Zoila fires both the girls in front of everyone. Carmen tells Zoila it’s okay because they quit, and I’m sure she’s not talking about the fake maid job for the night. I doubt they’ll be talking for a while.

Evelyn is serious about not getting back with Adrian. So serious that she’s moving in with Marisol so she has a place to stay. When Marisol said she was there for Evelyn if she needed anything, I don’t think she meant barging in on her date with Peter so she can move herself in.

Rosie was supposed to talk to Cinnamon with a lawyer, but Ben took care of that. Looks like Peri’s sister is in on Ben’s little plan too. In fact, Shannon is all over Ben. It’s kind of nasty.

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Devious Maids? What do you think Ben did to Cinnamon? She didn’t show up for work so does that mean he has her hostage or even worse, killed her? If Rosie doesn’t remember Ben, do you think Spence doesn’t really know him either? It’s clear Peri and Shannon know who he is. What would you do if you were in Carmen’s situation with Daniela? I think she’ll eventually have to tell her the truth. Do you think Evelyn will be able to survive on this new “poor” lifestyle? Will Zoila be able to convince her new friends for much longer? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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