Uncover the Secrets of a Captivating Kidnapping in Thirteen

Thirteen ©BBC

BBC America’s dark and dramatic five-part miniseries Thirteen is a compelling abduction mystery with a plot that feels ripped from the headlines. When Ivy Moxam (Jodie Comer) escapes from the cellar where she’s been held captive for 13 years, she tries to reinsert herself into the life she once knew. But instead, she rejoins a world that has moved on without her. As she struggles to return to normalcy, she brings turmoil to those around her. Her family and friends aren’t sure how to treat the person who left as a girl and returned a woman — and neither is Ivy. And although Ivy has escaped her captor, her trauma is far from over.

The scenario is all too real and brings to mind real-life captives like Jaycee Lee Dugard, Elizabeth Smart and the more recent return of the Cleveland abductees, which makes it all the more terrorizing.

The story morphs into a satisfying mystery that already riveted audiences earlier this year when it premiered in the U.K. Comer is engrossing as Ivy in a role that teeters between fearful and fearsome, and every moment that she is onscreen is haunting. Although the series is just five episodes, you won’t soon forget this roller coaster of a ride.

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