Serena on EPIX: New doc displays tennis champ’s heart, determination

Serena on EPIX EPIX

The new EPIX documentary Serena brilliantly details the trials, defeats and ultimate successes tennis player Serena Williams experiences in her career.

The film — which premieres Wednesday, June 22 — takes the audience on a behind-the-scenes tour of what goes on in Williams’ relatively private life. Williams deals with a variety of issues in the film — from her age to her race and even her gender — but she lets nothing hold her back.

She knocks off her opponents one by one in her ultimate quest, earning 21 Grand Slam wins (and she’s not done yet). The seemingly unstoppable Williams plays the game with such passion and strength, and we get to see just why the game means so much to her.

Though I’m not a follower of sports myself, the compelling documentary touches on drive, determination and passion — principles applicable to everyday life. Sports fanatic or not, the inspirational story will warm everyone’s hearts.

Serena on EPIX

Continuously an afterthought and always in her sister Venus’ shadow growing up, Williams takes people’s negativity and uses it as fuel to prove people wrong, time and again. The documentary focuses on her 2015 season, but the film is shaded with flashbacks in order to illustrate Williams’ compelling journey from nothing to something great.

To the public, Williams is a star athlete, but this also film shows her inner circle, and just how important family and friends are in her life. The mental and physical demands on Williams are displayed for the world to see, making her vulnerable, and that openness is what makes the documentary truly unique. The audience feels that vulnerability along with Williams.

Williams’ spunk and dominant personality come to light in Serena, as she demonstrates how she does things her own way and that there is no single “right” way to achieve your dreams.

Serena premieres on EPIX on June 22 at 8pm ET/PT.