Tonight on Freeform: Your Newest Guilty Pleasure

Guilt Freeform/Leo Pinter

Tonight, Freeform premieres a murder mystery that seems straight from the true-life saga of American student Amanda Knox. But Guilt takes the nightmare one step further with a sexy scandal that leads straight to the British Royal Family.

When her sister Grace (Daisy Head) becomes the prime suspect in her roommate’s murder and a popular target for the press, prosecuting attorney Natalie (Emily Tremaine) leaves her life in Boston and heads to London to defend her. With the help of a morally ambiguous ex-pat lawyer (Billy Zane), Natalie questions her sister’s innocence as ugly truths start to emerge. Oh Freeform, you and this sexy, soapy drama are summer’s best new reason to stay in on Monday nights.

Take a look at the series’ steamy trailer.

ZOMG Daisy Head, when I first saw your giant blue eyes, I though you had to be a sister of Michelle Trachtenberg! And gotta say it Billy Zane; I ❤️ you and your bald head. Clean pate = great.

Guilt > Freeform > Mondays at 9pm ET beginning June 13