Devious Maids Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: This means war

After last week’s Devious Maids Season 4 premiere, we were relieved when Spence knocked his head on the floor and regained all his memories of Rosie. We were just as shocked as Spence, after a night of too many drinks, woke up to find Peri’s dead body on the floor. While it’s unclear who killed Peri, it appears that someone is trying to frame Spence.


At six in the morning, Genevieve might not want to hear Rosie’s wonderful news about Spence calling her 15 times, but I know I do! Spence left Rosie a voicemail telling her, with very slurred words, that he loves her and will do anything to get her back. Everything sounds great — and even Genevieve seems a little happy for Rosie — until Genevieve turns the news on. Peri is dead and Spence is the prime suspect at this point in the investigation.

Just as I suspected, the fight that was caught on camera during the party is being used as evidence for Spence having a motive to kill Peri.

Devious Maids Season 4 Genevieve

Uh oh! Looks like Marisol might have to get into a catfight with Genevieve if she really wants this thing with Peter to work out. See, Peter Hudson was husband No. 3 — and the one that got away — for Genevieve. And she thinks there’s still a spark that could be ignited. Even though she’s watching Miguel for Rosie, Genevieve has Miguel fetch her Jimmy Choos for her so they can go on a little field trip to visit Peter.

Adrian isn’t so slick like he thinks he is. While Evelyn is out of the house trying to come up with a Plan B on how to divorce Adrian, she gets a call from the liar that she’s still married to. He asks where the good bourbon is and finds out that Evelyn had to hide it on the top shelf, because the construction workers were stealing sips.

Thinking no one was in the house, Adrian gets out of his wheelchair and walks over to the top shelf to get himself a fine glass of bourbon from the top shelf. Only problem is, Daniela caught him in the act. Busted! However, Adrian is a man with a lot of money and Daniela is a young girl who wants to become a famous singer and just told her mother that she’s staying in Los Angeles to pursue her career. I think I could see these two working out a deal together.

Rosie was able to make it to Spence’s house just in time to see him. She told Spence that she received all of his messages, but Spence doesn’t even remember leaving her any voicemails. Rosie tells Spence that he wasn’t the one who killed Peri and she’s certain it wasn’t him because she knows what a sweet and gentle man he is. Sadly, the cops don’t agree.

After only speaking with Spence for a few minutes, Rosie has to see Spence handcuffed and placed under arrest for Peri’s murder. The cops said they found Spence’s fingerprints on the murder weapon, which happened to be Peri’s award. Wouldn’t it make sense that his prints would be on the award if it was an item that was in his own home?

Devious Maids Season4 EP2 Daniela

Just as I thought, Daniela worked out a deal with Adrian. I’m not sure why Daniela thought it’d be wise to tell Carmen about Adrian’s secret, but she did. Daniela told Carmen that she found out about Adrian’s secret and that he told her she could have anything she wanted in order to keep her mouth shut. So what did she ask for? To be a maid.

Carmen’s response was to flick Daniela on the head, which I think was a wise choice. Daniela could have asked for anything she wanted, but she asked for the same position as Carmen.

Now that Daniela has a job, she’s able to stay in Los Angeles. This is exactly the opposite of what Carmen wanted, and now she’s going after Adrian. Carmen demands that Adrian fire Daniela or she’ll tell Evelyn that he can actually walk.

At first, Adrian seemed to be afraid. However, Adrian knew a secret about Carmen to use against her. He said that if she were to tell Evelyn the truth, he’d go straight to Daniela’s room and tell her the truth about Carmen being her mother. Yikes! How does Adrian always seem to win at these games? The King of Blackmail won yet again and left Carmen speechless.

Zoila’s hot new date, Kyle, might not turn out to be exactly what she was hoping for. Sure, he lives in a fancy neighborhood and believed that Zoila was the new homeowner instead of the maid of the fashion designer that she’s now working for, but he lives with his mom. I understand Zoila isn’t telling the truth either, but can she put up with this Momma Boy situation?

After Peter and Marisol’s date, Marisol found out that Peter didn’t read her book. Bad move, dude. Marisol poured her heart and soul into that book and Peter didn’t read it, but thought flowers would be a good way to keep her by his side. What Peter didn’t see coming was Genevieve being in his office. Completely naked. I guess she thought she could join the couple for dessert. Think again, Genevieve. Marisol has Peter now. Talk about awkward!

Devious Maids Season 4 EP2 Genevieve Peter Marisol 2

Not only did Genevieve ruin Marisol’s date with Peter, but now she wants Marisol to stop dating Peter. I cannot believe this lady! Genevieve goes to Marisol’s house to convince her that they’re truly friends and that friends don’t date each other’s exes. This lady has some real guts!

Oh boy, Evelyn’s got you now, Adrian! After finding out that Adrian hired Daniela, Evelyn convinced Daniela to work on her team to try and catch Adrian having an affair with Daniela on camera. However, Adrian resisted Daniela’s attempts to seduce him. While Evelyn didn’t get what she was hoping to on camera, she did catch Adrian getting up from the bed and walking away from Daniela. Who’s in charge now, Adrian?

Poor, Rosie. She’s one dedicated wife, I know that much! She’s trying to prove that Spence is innocent by giving him an alibi for where he was during the time Peri was murdered. Jesse told Rosie that he took Spence’s keys from him so he couldn’t drive anywhere, which means someone must’ve left the door open for Spence to come back into the house that night. Probably the killer — to frame Spence. If Spence was so intoxicated that night and couldn’t drive, Rosie thinks he must’ve walked to a nearby bar.

Devious-Maids-Season4-EP2-Ben2Rosie finds herself at a strip bar, getting a lap dance from a dancer who is dressed in a maid costume. She might’ve had to pay the girl $20 for information, but if it’s going to help Spence, Rosie doesn’t mind. Plus, this girl seems like Spence’s type with the whole maid outfit.

The dancer, Cinnamon, tells Rosie that she recognizes Spence from the other night and that he kept wanting her to call him, “Mr. Spence.” Since Spence was so wasted, he passed out and she had to kick him out at around 4am, closing time. That means Spence wasn’t at his house between 1 and 3am, which is around the time Peri was murdered.

Yay! Cinnamon to the rescue!

With the evidence on tape, Evelyn thought she could reveal Adrian’s lies in front of everyone at the club. She tried pulling him out from his chair but he fell to the ground like he couldn’t use his legs. Of course, Evelyn ended up looking like a monster in the end. I know she’s not the nicest person, but I feel bad for Evelyn. Now that her reputation is ruined, Evelyn is leaving Adrian for good.

After everything Rosie went through, the detective tells her that the information she’s found is useless because the case is closed. Spence already confessed to the crime and was just about to give his statement. What?! I bet his so-called friend Ben visiting him had something to do with this confession.

I don’t know who you think you are Ben, but Rosie won’t let this happen!

What were your thoughts on this episode of Devious Maids? Do you think Spence killed Peri? Do you think Ben had anything to do with Peri’s murder or Spence’s confession? This dude must be a hypnotist! Will Marisol fight to keep Peter by her side or let Genevieve have him? I’m surprised that Genevieve is so interested in a past relationship. What would you do if you were in Daniela’s position? Would you have taken Adrian’s side and then switched over to Evelyn’s? I was shocked that Evelyn tried to make Adrian walk in front of everyone in the club. I guess at least now she’s free to leave. Do you think Carmen will ever tell Daniela the truth? Will Zoila be okay with Kyle’s relationship with his mom? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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