WreckedLost Meets Laughs in New TBS Comedy

Brian Sacca plays Danny on the new TBS comedy Wrecked TBS
Wrecked — Brian Sacca as Danny. Photo: TBS

Wrecked premieres with back-to-back episodes Tuesday, June 14, at 10/9CT on TBS.

Sure, Lost was some seriously iconic television, but it was also just so … earnest. For their new TBS comedy Wrecked, creators Jordan and Justin Shipley also bring down a plane on a deserted isle, but swap out the supernatural navel-gazing for a whole bunch of funny.

In the half-hour laugher, which filmed in Puerto Rico, a goofy batch of Thailand-bound travelers must learn to live with one another — and without modern comforts — post-plane crash.

Among your companions on this ill-fated trip:

About A Boy‘s Zach Cregger as Owen, a less-than-enthusiastic flight attendant who really just wants the free travel.

The Wolf of Wall Street‘s Brian Sacca as aspiring cop Danny who’s just a little lacking in the fearlessness and leadership departments.

• Asif Ali (Mr. Robinson) as sports agent Pack, who survives the crash but may expire from the lack of cell service.

Days of Our Lives stud James Scott as Liam, a former British Special Forces agent whose handsomeness is only rivaled by his need to do helpful things.

Flight of the Choncords‘ Rhys Darby as dog-lover Steve.

The Middle‘s Brooke Dillman as a tech exec who embraces her inner Survivor with gusto.

• Ginger Gonzaga (Ted) as Emma, a med school drop-out who is traveling with her pretentious pal Florence. (Jessica Lowe).

OK, so Wrecked is probably not the show to watch right before you jet off on your summer vacation (if only for in the in-your-face reminder of the mixed bag of nuts that likely await you on the plane). But for summer slapstick fun delivered by a game cast of comic up-and-comers, it makes for a great escape.

Wrecked premieres with back-to-back episodes Tuesday, June 14, at 10/9CT on TBS.

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