Epic O.J.: Made In America Is The Biggest, Best Portrait Of O.J. Simpson

O.J.: Made in America Ryan Berenz

If you were burned out by media coverage of the O.J. Simpson case 21 years ago, then 2016 has not been your year. Now ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 sports documentary series widens the scope of last century’s “Trial of the Century” with the 10-hour, five-part documentary miniseries O.J.: Made in America, premiering Saturday, June 11, on ABC. “It is sort of a story about race and celebrity in America, and it’s going to really touch on O.J.’s life as a whole, but also it’s a story about the city of Los Angeles and race going back to the ’50s and ’60s,” director Ezra Edelman says. “What is hopefully different about this is a total engagement of a narrative that takes place over the course of 40 years and not one.”

O.J.: Made In America Schedule on ABC & ESPN
Saturday, June 11
9pm ET: Part 1 (Premiere), ABC
Tuesday, June 14
7pm ET: Part 1 (Encore), ESPN
9pm ET: Part 2 (Premiere), ESPN
Wednesday, June 15
7pm ET: Part 2 (Encore), ESPN
9pm ET: Part 3 (Premiere), ESPN
Friday, June 17
7pm ET: Part 3 (Encore), ESPN
9pm ET: Part 4 (Premiere), ESPN
Saturday, June 18
7pm ET: Part 4 (Encore), ESPN
9pm ET: Part 5 (Series Finale Premiere), ESPN

All five parts will be available on WatchESPN beginning June 14.

O.J.: Made In America Episodes
PART ONE: In an America combusting with racial upheaval, a young black star named O.J. Simpson becomes one of the country’s most popular athletes.
PART TWO: As decades of racial tensions boil over in Los Angeles in the early 1990’s, O.J. Simpson remains a world apart in exclusive Brentwood, cultivating a perfect image atop a life of secrets.
PART THREE: O.J. Simpson is arrested and charged with the murders of his estranged wife and an acquaintance, and a saga unlike any in American history begins.
PART FOUR: The trial of the century unfolds in downtown Los Angeles, riveting the country for months, and reshaping the media and cultural landscape.
PART FIVE: After O.J. Simpson is acquitted of murder, his life takes ever stranger turns, culminating in a new arrest and – this time – a conviction.

O.J.: Made in America

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