Devious Maids Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: Killer party


We open up Season 4 of Devious Maids with a special appearance from the show’s executive producer, Eva Longoria. Marisol’s book is getting made into a Hollywood film and Longoria is playing the role of Evelyn’s murdered maid, Flora. Marisol is trying to prove how her book is about the maids and Latina empowerment, but the actresses playing Flora and Evelyn don’t seem to get it. I’m surprise Carmen didn’t ask to be squeezed in.


The Season 3 finale was an explosive episode…literally. Evelyn’s house blew up with Sebastien and Adrian still inside. We were left without knowing if Adrian survived, but I can now confirm that he is alive and still a thorn in Evelyn’s side. Adrian survived the explosion but was left paralyzed. However, Evelyn says the doctors are still optimistic. I’m not sure how she feels about it.

Another person we weren’t sure would make it out alive was Zoila. I’m thrilled to see that she’s still alive! I guess Genevieve made the call to prioritize Zoila over the baby. They don’t talk about a baby, other than a sad day at the hospital, but Genevieve does mention that Zoila just returned from a trip to New York to visit Remi and Valentina.

Since Zoila stopped working for Genevieve, Rosie stepped in. How could anyone hate the sweet little “Mr. Spence” Rosie, right?! I guess Genevieve found a way. Apparently Genevieve doesn’t like the way that Rosie talks; in fact, she called it “whining.” How dare you, Genevieve! Well, you’re going to have to get used to it, because Zoila doesn’t want to take Rosie’s spot — so what brilliant idea does Genevieve come up with? Hire Zoila too and have two maids. Oh boy!


Carmen gets a visit from her cousin, Daniela. The freaky part is, that’s not Carmen’s cousin. It’s her daughter. The apple must not fall too far from the tree because Daniela wants to be a singer just like her mother, Carmen. Yikes!

Poor Rosie is still being pushed to the curb thanks to Peri shoving her way back into Spence’s life after he lost his memory. Not only did Peri lie to Spence about Rosie and their relationship, but now she’s spreading lies about Rosie, too. I think she gained inspiration for her choice of words from what people would call her for what she’s doing. The plan is for Spence and Peri to get married again, but it looks like some of Spence’s memory is coming back. He remembers someone calling him Mr. Spence. Aw, that was Rosie! He’s finally remembering! Of course Peri isn’t having it and calls someone for backup. What an evil witch!

Devious-Maids-Season4-EP1-JesseYay! Jesse is back! Boo! He pulled Rosie away from trying to interact with Spence at his house! I guess Jesse works for the Westmores now as their butler and occasionally as their bodyguard when Rosie tries to intrude.

Rosie tries to convince Jesse of how horrible Peri is, but I think it’s obvious that he already knows that. He warns Rosie to leave and never come back if she doesn’t want to end up in jail. As long as Jesse isn’t the guy Peri called for help, I feel bad for him because he’s stuck in the middle of this situation.

Hold on tight because we’re about to get real serious. It’s clear to Genevieve that Zoila hasn’t been acting herself since she came back from New York and started working again. Anything Genevieve says is wrong. Finally, Genevieve asks Zoila to talk about what’s wrong because she can’t continue to tiptoe around her.

Zoila confesses that she thought she could continue working for Genevieve, but she can’t. She straight out tells Genevieve that Genevieve made the wrong decision six months ago when she decided to save Zoila’s life over the baby’s. Zoila understands why Genevieve made her decision and shouldn’t blame her, but she does. Being around Genevieve’s house and seeing her each day can’t take away all the anger and pain that Zoila feels inside. Zoila leaves Genevieve’s house keys on the table because Genevieve refuses to take them from her. These two are just breaking my heart all over again. I hope they don’t drift apart!

I think Evelyn is the most enthusiastic about Adrian having a speedy recovery. Turns out she still wants to leave him. She wanted to divorce Adrian before the house exploded, but now that he’s in this horrible condition, she doesn’t want people to think poorly of her for leaving her paralyzed husband. Makes sense … I guess? Seems like Evelyn might have to reconsider how much she cares about what the community thinks of her because the doctor just told her that Adrian will never walk again.

Jesse noticed that something wasn’t right with Spence. After Jesse ran a quick errand, Spence’s whole attitude changed. He went from almost turning into the Hulk to a peaceful lamb. Jesse tried asking Spence about what happened, but he saw Peri talking to her manager, Ben — who also happens to be Spence’s best friend and counselor. After seeing that unsettling conversation between Peri and her manager, Jesse immediately ran over by Rosie and told her that she needed to help Spence.

Jesse helped Rosie get into a party that Peri and Spence were hosting by disguising herself as one of the caterers. Jesse told Rosie that Spence was alone in a room upstairs for her to get a chance to talk to him, away from everyone else.


When Rosie went up to Spence’s room, he recognized her but thought of her as an enemy for breaking up his marriage. Rosie gave Spence a big ‘ol smooch and asked if he still thought she was lying. He told her that she was crazy and to get out of his house. Before she left, she said her famous, “Mr. Spence,” and that clicked for Spence. Before he could catch her, Rosie darted out of the room and headed straight towards the front door, running into someone who spilled drinks all over the floor. Spence ran after Rosie, slipped on the drinks that were covering the floor and hit his head upon landing. We got to see a beautiful montage of clips with Spence and Rosie as their relationship developed and just like that, Spence remembered everything. It was the “Mr. Spence” that saved the day! Yay!

Now that Spence can remember everything about Rosie, he’s furious. He waits for Peri to have her time in the spotlight with her friends (AKA the cameras) and to talk about her new award before he confronts her. This means it gives him some time to liquor up and gain some more courage to confront her. When Spence finally does confront Peri, he grabs her by the arms, pins her against the wall and tells her that she’ll pay for all that she’s done. Of course the cameras were there to capture everything, including Peri asking Spence to stop because he was hurting her. Now he’s going to be the bad guy.

It’s clear that Marisol still isn’t over Jesse. She tries to play it off like she is by going out on a date with Peter, the head of the movie studio where Marisol’s movie is being filmed. Even Peter tells Marisol that she’s still hung up on Jesse. Ouch. Since she doesn’t want to seem like Jesse has control over her, Marisol grabs Peter and starts kissing him. You’re not convincing me, Marisol. Jesse is hard to get over so quickly.

Devious Maids Season 4 Ana Ortiz James Denton

I knew it! Adrian isn’t paralyzed and is just paying the doctor to tell Evelyn that so she will stay with Adrian. That’s cold. One day she’ll find him up, walking out of his wheelchair. Then she might kill him herself.

It’s obvious Spence had a few too many to drink. When he wakes up the next morning, it makes sense that he’s confused and shocked at finding Peri dead on the floor with her award sticking out of her throat. Although, I think he would’ve remembered killing someone. He could’ve been drugged and this was all a setup to pin the murder on Spence since he did just display his anger towards Peri the night before at the party. Plus, as Peri was searching for her manager, Ben, instead of Spence, she opened up one of the doors in her house and was shocked to see what was inside. Maybe she saw something she wasn’t supposed to.

What were your thoughts on the Season 4 premiere episode of Devious Maids? Do you think Adrian will get his way by lying about being paralyzed? Evelyn is a smart cookie, so I think she’ll find a way to catch him. What are your thoughts on Zoila’s decision to not work for Genevieve? Do you think this means they won’t stay friends and ruin their relationship? Do you think Carmen will tell Daniela the truth? Mr. Spence finally remembers Rosie! Do you think he’s going to run back to her? Will Rosie take him with open arms or be guarded? Now that Spence found Peri dead, will this hinder his chances with Rosie? Who do you think killed Peri? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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