Idris Elba Headlining New Discovery Channel Racing Series

Jeff Pfeiffer

Actor/producer Idris Elba is having a fine time of things lately. He’s currently filming the lead role in a feature-film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower set for release next year; he is a favorite choice among some fans as the actor to next portray James Bond on the big screen; and in July, he will have a nearly as action-packed real-life role as host of a new Discovery Channel racing series called Idris Elba No Limits.


In the four-part series, which premieres July 4 at 7pm ET/PT as part of Discovery’s Motor Monday lineup, Elba “will push his body, mind and engineering know-how to the limit by racing on land, water and in the air.”

According to Discovery, “Idris will immerse himself in rally driving, street racing, aerobatics and power boating to master not only the discipline of racing, but also the engineering, science and history behind it. He will join professional teams, take on seemingly impossible challenges, receive coaching by some of the world’s leading drivers and pilots and meet fellow speed freaks to share their secrets of how to get every last ounce of power out of his machines. Each episode starts with Idris visiting a renowned motor sport competition, shot on locations across Florida, California and the British Isles, that will inspire his mission to take on some of the toughest racing disciplines in the world.To push his car, plane or boat to the utter limit, Idris gets under the bonnet and miles under his belt to prepare for the big race day that will see him go head to head with the professionals.”

In a release for the show, Elba said, “I’m taking on the toughest racing challenges of my life for this new Discovery TV series. Along the way I meet extraordinary individuals, spectacular machines and hear amazing stories of how far people go to satisfy their love of speed. The extreme challenges take me right out of my comfort zone as I compete against the best on land, water and in the air.”

Idris Elba No Limits premieres July 4 at 7pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel.


Idris Elba photo courtesy of Discovery Channel