Animal Planet’s Monster Week 2016 Begins Tonight

Jeff Pfeiffer

One of Animal Planet’s fan-favorite annual programming events begins its latest installment tonight, May 26. Monster Week 2016 kicks off at 9pm ET/PT with the “Devil of the Deep” episode of River Monsters, and runs through the season finale of River Monsters on June 2 at 8pm ET/PT. The network says that 11 new specials will be featured during the week. (Sorry, no new mermaid specials this year, although the original Mermaids will air on May 28.)

According to Animal Planet, last year’s Monster Week drove the network to rank among the top 10 ad-supported cable networks among Men 25-54 and Men 18-49 in both Primetime (No. 9 for both demos) and Late Night (No. 8 for both demos). The week drew in over 16 million unique viewers.


Monster Week 2016 premiere specials include:

Killer Swarms (May 27): A look at groups of animals on the rise around the world due to habitat destruction, human encroachment and global warming.

Urban Predator: Lion on the Loose (May 27): Renowned game tracker Rory Young travels from Africa to Milwaukee to pursue answers and search for the elusive big African lion said to be stalking the streets of the city.

Rabid (May 28): Monsters Inside Me host/biologist Dan Riskin explores the insidious rabies virus, and how it can be just as dangerous to a human as any animal they encounter.

9-1-1 Encounters (May 28): This special documents the thousands of calls Americans make each year when dialing 9-1-1 after suddenly being caught in life-and-death situations with animals.

Yeti or Not (May 29): Dr. Mark Evans, a veterinarian and explorer, searches for a rational explanation for the mysterious Himalayan biped known as the Yeti.

Weird, True and Freaky: Real Monsters (May 30): A top-10 countdown of the most ferocious animal attacks caught on tape.

Deadliest Place on Earth (May 30): Expert analysis and victim testimony examines the most frightening Australian animals and animal encounters.

Extinct or Alive: Tasmanian Tiger (May 31): A deep dive into the “lazarus” species, one of which is the Tasmanian tiger, which was declared extinct over 80 years ago. Experts venture into the wilds of Tasmania to find the truth.

Grizzly Uprising (May 31): Tales of people who have experienced grizzly and black bear attacks.

Lair of the Killer Crocs (June 1): Paul “Gator Boy” Bedard and croc hunter “Crocodile Mick Pittman” journey through the Northern Territory of Australia to explore a crocodile invasion.

Attack of the Killer Dragons (June 1): Two of the world’s most dangerous reptiles, the Komodo Dragon and Nile Monitor lizard, are featured.

During Monster Week 2016, Animal Planet will also be teasing sneak peeks of two new, non-monster-related series it has coming up: The Vet Life and Lone Star Law.

Monster Week 2016 airs May 26-June 2 on Animal Planet.


Photo: Animal Planet


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