Exclusive Clip: Monica The Medium “A Gift That Keeps on Giving” VIDEO

Monica the Medium Episode 5 Kellie Freeze
Monica delivers a love-filled message to Sadie. Image Credit: Freeform/Rick Rowell
Monica the Medium Episode 5
Monica delivers a love-filled message to Sadie. Image: Freeform/Rick Rowell

This week, America’s most charming medium turns mentor.

When Monica first accepted her gifts as a spirit medium, she sought guidance from several people, including Maureen Hancock, who has become a good friend. Now, Monica continues that tradition by mentoring fledgling medium Emma. While counseling the young woman, she invites the young medium to sit in on a session with a woman who lost her son. And later, Emma gives Krista a reading.

Meanwhile, Monica meets with a group of military service members, including a woman who lost her best friend and fellow soldier. As often happens on Monica the Medium, one woman starts the session as a skeptic, but quickly changes her mind when Monica reveals information that no one would know. Then, Kirsten brings some of her friends along to dinner and Monica connects one of the girls to her mother who has passed.

In this exclusive clip, watch Monica bring Kirsten’s friend to tears.


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  1. There is only one God and “Satan” does not exist except in the minds of men who make “Satan” real by fearing the dark side of themselves and the unknown. God did not create “Satan” men did. They need to become acquainted with I AM of Jesus and “Satan” will disappear. OTR is a divisive one and adherents become no more than cultists and are trapped within their fear, hatred, superstitions and OTR traditions.
    OTR=Old Time Religion

  2. Make no mistake. These so called “mediums” are nothing more then messengers for Satan. Whether or not these poor souls realize it, they are worshiping Satan. We are to out our hope, faith and prayers in God only, not sorcerers, witches and mediums which are vehicles for Satan. Consulting with mediums breaks one of the 10 commandments.

    This is nothing else but Satan worship.

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