Empire Season 2 Finale Recap: The Cycle Never Ends

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After last week’s shocking episode of Empire, I was a little afraid to see what the Season 2 finale would bring.

The last time we saw Jamal, he was being rushed to the hospital after being shot by Freda — who was really aiming for Lucious. Despite the rumors that Jussie Smollett, who plays Jamal, wasn’t returning, I’m happy to say that Jamal is okay! He returns home after three weeks and tells his family that he wants the violent cycle that’s taken over their family to end.

Until that ends, Jamal doesn’t want to sing. Someone please convince Jamal to never stop singing!

Empire-Season2-Finale-LuciousAnika visits Lucious to tell him and Cookie that she was questioned by some federal agents. They know it was Tariq and asks what questions they were asking. All of a sudden, Andre and Rhonda walk in and Rhonda starts a cat fight with Anika. She grabs her by the neck and starts choking her. This is too funny! It only gets better when Rhonda gives Anika a good sock in the face.

Rhonda starts telling everyone about how she saw Anika’s shoes when she regained consciousness after being pushed down the stairs. No one believes poor Rhonda, not even Andre. Don’t worry Rhonda, I believe you!

Lucious pays Freda a visit in jail and tells her that he shouldn’t have listened to Gail. He promises her that he never laid a finger on her dad. I guess he’s not exactly lying since he had some henchmen do his dirty work for him. I see what games you’re playing, Lucious.

Lucious tries pinning Jamal’s new outlook on life on Freda. He asks for her to help to get Jamal out of the bad place he’s in and gives her a new song to listen to. She seems to like it and starts rapping away. Girl’s got talent.

Lucious gives Jamal the song that Freda just recorded and it looks like it worked! Jamal listens to it and immediately comes up with ideas for a song. He begins writing and then starts piecing together the whole song. I guess Lucious still has some love left for his son.

Cookie is forced to invite Shyne Johnson to Hakeem and Laura’s wedding in order to keep him quiet about Lucious’ past. Shyne has a notorious reputation for being violent, and this doesn’t sit well with Laura’s parents at all. Given the pressure from Tariq, Lucious and Cookie know that they need to keep Shyne happy in order to keep him quiet about Lucious murderous past.


I’m not sure what’s up with Anika, but she showed up to Empire and thought it would be the perfect place to kill herself. Hakeem pulls Cookie and Lucious from a meeting to find Anika sitting on the ledge of the balcony. She says she’d rather die than have to snitch on Lucious, but is that really why she’s willing to die? Thankfully, Cookie and Lucious are able to convince Anika not to jump. That would’ve been horrible to lose two Lyon babies!

Then it’s the day of Hakeem’s wedding. That sure came up quick! As the men are getting dressed, Jamal asks his grandmother what she meant earlier when she said they were paying for the crime of Lucious’ dad. Since Lucious isn’t around, Leah talks about Joe and says he got what he deserved. It seems that Lucious saw his dad die right in front of him, but Lucious walks in just in time to tell his boys not to listen to a word their grandmother says.

Why would this be a secret that Lucious is so concerned with protecting?

Just as the beautiful bride was going to make her entrance, a woman posing as a server at the wedding hands Anika papers and tells her that she’s been served. She quickly runs away before anyone can catch her, and on her way out, she runs into Shyne. Of course he starts pushing people because he loves to get in a fight and right as the bride enters the room, everything is a mess and people are wrestling on the floor like kids.

Laura starts crying and her parents tell her this is exactly what they were worried about her marrying Hakeem. Laura tells Hakeem that she can’t proceed with the wedding and her dad tells Hakeem that they’re all just “a bunch of thugs” who can’t seem to keep things under control. Way to ruin a wedding, Shyne! It was partially your fault too, Anika.


Anika tells Lucious that she’ll do anything in order to not have to testify against him. It seems that the only way this could be possible is if Anika and Lucious get married … like, today! They already were engaged, so they have the marriage license part covered. Cookie doesn’t want Lucious to get married because she still has feelings for him. She leaves without seeing Andre marry Lucious and Anika. I don’t blame her. Poor Cookie!

As the unhappy newlyweds walk down the aisle, Lucious tells Anika that he knows she pushed Rhonda. Anika excuses herself from Lucious before walking to the back of the room. I’m not sure if Lucious is angry, upset or depressed at this point. I think it’s a mix of all.

As if we didn’t have enough shocking moments, Tariq shows up to the wedding and Mama Walker recognizes him as Lucious’ half-brother. What?!

Yes! More catfighting! Rhonda comes out of nowhere and starts beating on Anika. She gets Anika to admit that she wanted her child to be the only heir, proving she pushed Rhonda. Of course, the two are fighting over a railing on a huge balcony. Andre arrives on the scene, but it looks like he was just a little too late. We hear someone scream, but I can’t make out who it is. Andre looks concerned, but I think he’d be worried about either one at this point. I’d be shocked if I witnessed that too! I guess this would be a bad time to mention how Jamal wanted this whole violent cycle to end, right?

What were your thoughts on the Season 2 finale of Empire? Do you think Jamal will return to his music? I really hope he does because he has the voice of an angel! Do you think Tariq will get under Lucious’ skin and make him crack? It’s crazy to find out they’re related! What will Hakeem and Laura’s fate be? I want to see them get back together. I was actually looking forward to seeing how their relationship would blossom. Will Cookie ever forgive Lucious? The big question: who do you think fell? Was it Rhonda or Anika? As much as I don’t care for Boo Boo Kitty, I’d hate to see either go. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. When is Taraji going to announce her pregnancy? Cookie’s fashion style evolved from Season 1’s tight and sexy looks that showed off her amazing body to Season 2’s loose coats, peplum tops, and wrap skirts. And that purple dress?!? In the pic above, Lady T looks 5 months pregnant. (My guess is with a girl). If she is expecting — I wonder if the pregnancy will be written into the storyline. Empire is returning in the fall and taking the winter off, so maybe she’ll deliver at the end of fall production (Late summer-ish)

  2. Empire Season 2 Finale was Great! I wanted Lucious to marry Cookie but I knew he was going to marry Boo Boo Kitty so she wouldn’t have to testify! Rhonda is a true gangsta, I hope she didn’t die! That will mean Andre who is Bipolar lost his unborn son & wife in a matter of months! That’s devastating! I hope it’s Boo Boo Kitty because Lucious going to be the Lyon Heir’s Daddy & Granddaddy! That’s just too much! Plus that tramp Boo Boo Kitty pushed Rhonda & screwed Lucious & his damn near jail bait son barely out his teens! Scandalous! Rhonda, if it is Boo Boo Kitty has stuck again, she killed Vernon! #TeamRhonda all the way! A true Gangsta!

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