OutDaughtered sneak peek: Hitting the road! (VIDEO)

OutDaughtered Danielle, Adam and Blayke Busby and the Busby Quintuplets Photo: Danielle and Adam Busby

Tonight on TLC’s OutDaughtered, Adam and Danielle Busby find out that leaving the house with six kids is a whole lot tougher than flying the coop with just one.

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outdaughtered tlc busby familyPrepping for a much-anticipated family day at the home of Danielle’s sister Ashley, the pair discover that just getting out the door with enough diapers, wipes, bottles and places to park baby butts is a major undertaking — never mind getting everyone (and everything) loaded into the van.

But, in an earlier interview, Danielle told us her helpful hubby mastered the task .

“He’s good at the whole aspect of doing the car routine — in and out of the car — and the stroller,” she admitted. “I hate doing that!”

The prospect of a day spent socializing — and letting ever-patient big sister Blayke hang out with her cousins — makes the adventure worth it.

“Did you seriously come to my house at feeding time?” Nick jokes to his brother-in-law.
“I came to a house full of people that want to hold babies,” grins Adam.

Also in tonight’s episode, Danielle’s sisters try to create a calendar of helpers, but organizing everyone isn’t as easy as they hoped.

That, says Danielle, her own skill set comes in.

“In my previous job, I was a coordinator,” she told us, “and a lot of my job was planning and scheduling and organizing — and I was good at it. I knew how to already make a schedule. Obviously I had a hard time learning what to do — and how to do it with five — but to detail and to plan this and schedule that and to make a system, that  I was good at. When I say I was created and made for this, I honestly was. When I was given five babies, I just had to take those skills and adapt it to baby things!”

New episodes of OutDaughtered premiere Tuesday nights at 10/9CT on TLC.

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