Jane the Virgin Chapter 44 recap: Happily Never After?

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It’s the Season 2 finale of Jane the Virgin and that means it’s finally time for Jane’s wedding! Let the adventure begin!

Another huge milestone in this episode: Mateo finally takes his first few steps. How convenient that he learned how to walk just in time for his mom’s wedding.

Michael’s back on the force. I guess his discovery of Rafael’s mom being tied up had something to do with that. In the end, I’m glad that he’s back to his job and doing what he loves.

Remember when Xo slept with Rogelio’s No. 1 enemy last week? Yeah, well Esteban wanted to repay Xo with a “sex basket” for the other night. Sadly, Rogelio saw the basket and didn’t take it very well. I don’t think he’s upset that Xo slept with someone. It’s probably the person who she slept with that he’s so angry about.


Jane wants to change her thesis because she’s just not passionate about it anymore. The only problem is, time’s up. If she wants to change her mind, she’s going to have to present her new idea in front of a committee during their meeting. Did I mention this is all 79 minutes before her wedding? I guess Jane is really passionate about her new idea for her thesis: Alba’s love story.

Jane’s new thesis was approved, but now, with only less than a half hour away from her wedding, Jane doesn’t have transportation to get there. Rogelio was trying to be nice by leaving the car running with the AC on so Jane’s makeup wouldn’t be ruined. Unfortunately, this didn’t help the car and it started to smoke when Rogelio tried to move it. Now the bride and her father are on a city bus, with 17 stops before they reach their destination. Yikes! Although, in my mind, the bride is the one who controls the wedding. It doesn’t start until she arrives.


When Jane finally makes it to her wedding, she sees Rafael outside with Mateo. Rafael is still in love with Jane, but,  taking Luisa’s advice, he doesn’t tell Jane how he really feels. He truly loves Jane and since he sees how happy she is in that moment, he doesn’t want to ruin it and stays quiet. What? This is a wedding. I’m allowed to cry!

Jane makes her way down the aisle, looking beautiful in her gown, with Alba and Xo on either side of her. Rogelio is there to give his daughter away and sneak in a long, awkward hug from Michael before the wedding starts.


I’ve been Team Rafael this whole time, but I’ll admit, once Michael started saying vows to Jane in Spanish, my heart just melted. That was very smooth on your end, Michael. Very smooth. Turns out he had help from Alba.

I can’t believe it! Michael and Jane are actually a married couple. I never thought this would actually happen, but it did. Now the whole church, even the Virgin Mary statue, are singing for Jane to go have sex. Orders are orders, right Jane?

Anezka was found on the floor, unconscious in the nursery at Petra’s. Once at the hospital, the doctors said that it was due to her seizures and that all voluntary muscles are paralyzed, except for her eyes. The doctor doesn’t want to keep Petra’s hopes up and tells her that Anezka won’t improve much. She’s aware that Petra is there, so the doctor encourages Petra to speak to her sister.

Jane-the-virgin-chapter-44-PetraNo way! I was waiting for Petra to speak to Anezka alone in the room to see if she’d change her voice and sure enough, she did. What the heck did Anezka do to Petra?! That’s not Anezka laying in the hospital bed, paralyzed — that’s Petra!

Looks like Anezka jabbed a needle of something into Petra to make her pass out and proceeded to dye her hair, while Anezka dyed hers. This is like a sick and twisted take on The Parent Trap. But it looks like Rafael is the one involved in this Anezka trap. I hope he sees through it!

There’s way too much baby-making business going on in this episode to keep up. First off, it appears Xo is pregnant with Esteban’s child! That’s definitely going to be a hard one to hide. Secondly, Anezka didn’t waste any time getting freaky with Rafael. I’m not sure if he’s just upset about Jane getting married or what, but this is not OK!

It’s obvious that Jane and Michael want to remove “virgin” from her title after getting married. However, before that, Michael has to go get some ice for the champagne. He sees Susanna in the hallway and tells her a classic Tuscaloosa line, of “Roll Tide!” She was supposed to say “Roll!” back, but he caught her in a trap. That’s when Michael realizes Susanna is the one who has been leading them to Mutter. He asks who she’s working for and that’s when she shoots him in what appears to be the heart.

Susanna comes back to the room where Luisa is waiting for her and tells her that they need to leave, immediately. She unveils herself by taking off a mask, to reveal that she’s actually Rose. WHAT?! I can’t get over Michael just being shot, possibly dead, and now this?!

What were your thoughts on the season two finale of Jane the Virgin? I’m surprised that Jane and Michael actually got married. I thought Michael would’ve been killed before that happened, but it looks like it was only shortly after that he was shot. Do you think Michael is still alive? Did you think Susanna was Rose? Could you believe Anezka?! So does this mean that Petra is going to stay paralyzed forever? What about this new relationship Anezka is trying to create with Rafael? I hope it doesn’t stick. Do you think Xo is really pregnant with Esteban’s kid? How is Jane going to react to all of this horrible news?! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I’m glad she stuck with Michael! They have a lot of past and I always thought he was the one she should be with! But I hate that the night of there wedding he gets shot….. I hope he’s ok and doesn’t die! Hurry back for the next season the suspense is KILLING ME!!! #TeamMichael

  2. Great show. The only problem is when you will return with the next show on the internet. Good acting, great writing. I like all the twists and turns. love Rogelio!!!!!

  3. I really felt bad about Jane choosing Michael because Michael had sex with her co-worker while Rafael had been faithful to Jane even though he broke up with her.
    I still hope that Jane and Rafael would end up together.:)

  4. Well I didnt like Jane marring Michael…. Raphael is sooooo much Hotter and better for Jane!
    Sooo exited for season 3

  5. michael better NOT be dead fuck that!! and that was soo shocking, Can yall hurry up so we can see whats next :/ such a twisting end. But sooo exited to see what will happen next.

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