Empire Season 2 Episode 17 Recap: Lyon Down

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With the scare Lucious’ mother, Leah Walker, gave us last week on Empire, it’s good to see Lucious alive and preparing for the ASAs tomorrow. I’m not sure Lucious gave Cookie all the details about what happened that night with the cakes, but she thinks Lucious needs to work things out with his mother. He might need to hurry because as Leah was watching TV, she saw Lucious’ music video. You know, the one about his childhood living with a bipolar mother who apparently shot herself. I bet Leah’s not happy about that!

I’m not sure whatever D-Major and Jamal are labeling themselves right now, but I don’t like him telling Jamal to drop Cookie. That’s his mom and she helped get him to where he is now. You need to check yourself, D-Major!


Lucious and Cookie know something is up with Carol’s new fling, Tariq. He says he’s not working with the force anymore, but they’re worried he’s working with the feds and they want to know why. Carol thinks Cookie is just trying to steal another one of her boyfriends by questioning why Tariq is hanging out with her. Since Carol can’t say anything nice at all, Cookie throws her sister out of her apartment. Now where are you going to stay, Carol?

Lucious and Jamal are at it again. This time, things get real serious, real quick. Lucious walks in on D-Major and Jamal having a moment and D-Major plays it off as if Jamal was the one pushing himself onto him. Once the liar leaves, Lucious tells Jamal that he knows about D-Major’s secret and knows that what he’s doing to Jamal is a common ritual that he does.


Lucious tells Jamal that he’s tried to be sensitive to Jamal’s “way of life,” but all Jamal can do is bring up something Lucious did to him 20 years ago. That’s when Jamal turns the tables around on Lucious and tells him that he’s done the same thing with his mom and what she did 40 years ago. Lucious is the one crying and not able to look his mother in the eye.

Lucious always told Jamal to not be a sissy and put it in the music, instead. Jamal gives his dad the same advice and that’s when Lucious snaps. He tells Jamal that he’s nothing but a disappointment and that the day he dies from AIDS, Lucious is going to celebrate. Yeah, I bet that’s going to be something Jamal will write a song about. That had to cut super deep.

Cookie finally comes clean about her connection with the Gathers family. She tells Jamal that he needs to forget about working with Freda because Frank Gathers is the man Cookie snitched on. He’s also the man who ended up in jail at the same time Lucious was in and they might have a connection. Cookie warns Jamal that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and that Freda is dangerous.

I’d take her advice, Jamal! Can you imagine what she’d do if she found out about Cookie and Lucious’ connection to her father?


It’s the night of the ASAs and unfortunately, Andre won’t be attending. He wanted to try to sneak his grandmother into the event, but Lucious already had that one covered. Now Andre and his grandmother get to watch the show from the comforts of a small room with a huge vault door locking them inside.

OEmpire-Season2-EP17-Carolh no she didn’t! Way to go, drunk Carol! You just had to show up to the ASA red carpet plastered and then tell Freda that she wouldn’t be where she is today if it weren’t for Lucious feeling bad about what he did to her dad. I doubt she’ll think it was just the liquor talking.

OMG! I was right! Freda starts remembering her father warning her about Lucious, and seeing Lucious in jail when she visited her fdad. She immediately rushes towards a police officer on the red carpet, grabs his gun and books it toward the Lyon family. She aims the gun at Lucious, but Jamal notices her before anyone else. He steps in front of his father and gets shot in the side.

I’m going through so many emotions right now. I’m shocked, angry and sad, all while crying and hoping Jamal makes it.

Oh no, I forgot about Andre and Leah in the safe room. Thirsty has them locked up and Andre is freaking out. That’s his brother that he just witnessed get shot on television! At least Thirsty was nice enough to take Andre and Leah to the hospital. Now we wait for Jamal to get out of surgery.

After the night he’s had, Jamal didn’t even win Best Song of the Year at the ASAs. Neither did Lucious. All that fighting was for nothing. Now everyone’s in a hospital, waiting to hear any sort of news about Jamal.

So Tariq thinks he’s going to make this huge case against Lucious for all the murders he’s committed. He brings in Anika for questioning. I wonder if she’ll crack?

Oh boy. Like we needed more drama added to the current situation. Someone wasn’t watching Leah and she managed to find her way outside the hospital. Of course the paparazzi are outside and notice her. They question if she’s a part of the family and she says she is. They ask her for her name and that’s where the episode cuts off.

My guess is she’ll reveal who she is because she’s angry that Lucious locked her up again and lied about her with his music video.

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode of Empire? I cannot believe Freda just went all in and shot Jamal. Cookie did warn him about Freda being dangerous with a little foreshadowing. Do you think Jamal is going to survive? I really hope he does! What do you think this will mean for Lucious and Jamal’s relationship? Will this make it weaker or stronger? What do you think Lucious will do to Freda? Kill her just like her father? I don’t think he’d go that far, but Lucious is full of surprises. What do you think Tariq will get out of Anika? Do you think Leah will reveal who she is? The press would eat that up! Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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