Exclusive Clip: Boundless France

Boundless France Kellie Freeze
Simon Donato and Paul "Turbo" Trebilcock Photo by: HLP and Partners
Boundless France
Simon Donato and Paul “Turbo” Trebilcock. Photo by: HLP and Partners

This week, the Boundless team is heading to the French Alps to take on the world’s hardest mountain bike race. But luckily for Simon, Turbo and Hunter, the race is in Rory’s backyard and she can offer her expertise in the race’s tricky and unforgiving terrain.

In this exclusive clip, Rory Bosio takes her teammates up into the Alps — Von Trapp Family-style — for a strategy meeting. And while they may be talking about extreme weather on race day, and the perils of the 140km MB Race Culture Velo, you gotta admit — the view is spectacular!

In Boundless: “France 140km Mountain Bike Race,” the athletes encounter a few obstacles; Rory tries to overcome her mountain biking inexperience, Simon’s bike goes missing and is forced to tackle rugged terrain on a rental, and Hunter’s cramping threatens to take him out of the race. On a high note, Turbo decides to go further than he originally planned.

Boundless: France > Esquire > Tuesday, May 10 10pm ET/ 9pm CT

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