Jane the Virgin Chapter 43 recap: Happy Birthday, Mateo!

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With Jane’s wedding just two weeks away and Mateo’s birthday party celebration coming up, too, there’s a lot to plan on this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin. Hopefully Mateo’s party will keep everyone sane instead of worrying about things like Derek and Mutter.

Jane finally wedding planning under control, and Rogelio was able to get the new location on his set. But it doesn’t last. The cast of Tiago feels they are working too many hours, for too little pay. What does this mean? A strike, of course! Now Jane has to try to have the wedding earlier than planned.

Jane the Virgin Chapter 43Rogelio knows he messed up with his crew and wants to fix things for Jane, too. He comes up with a deal with the crew that if he can last a week in their shoes, they’ll wait to have the strike until after Jane’s wedding. If Rogelio doesn’t make it, he’ll become the face of their strike. That’s a lot he’s willing to give up. Let’s hope this diva can make good on his word.

The competition between Jane and Petra is heating up. They’re battling between each other to see who is going to convince Rafael about what to do about his brother blackmailing him. Jane wants Rafael to work with the police, but Petra wants Rafael to listen to her plan. These mamas know how to bring the drama.

Jane the Virgin Chapter 43 Jane Petra Raphael

And here goes Anezka messing things up, again. Since Rafael told Jane and Petra that he was going with Petra’s plan, Anezka plants the idea in Petra’s head that he’s falling for her again. It’s obvious that Petra still has feelings for Rafael and would love for this to be true, so she believes it. When is this girl going to learn to keep her mouth shut?!

Oh boy! The FBI arrives at Rafael’s office and raided the place. Derek just so happened to be there when things went down, but he said he had nothing to do with it. I didn’t believe him at first, but turns out this was all a part of Petra’s plan. They wanted to make it look like Rafael was being investigated by the FBI. I guess they hoped that would make Derek worried enough to come clean.

Things were working out with Petra’s plan — until Rafael made it obvious that he was trying to record his brother’s confession on tape. Derek made Rafael hand over the recorder before he called the cops. This can’t be good.

Jane the Virgin Chapter 43 Derek Rafael

Rogelio was able to keep up with the crew during the week, and even overcame his fear of heights to change a lightbulb himself. Seeing his determination and love for his daughter, the crew agreed to hold off the strike until after Jane’s wedding.

And then poor little Mateo has a health scare. He had some troubles with a cough and breathing, which made Jane take him into the emergency room. I’m glad everything is OK with Mateo, but his father still has a lot to worry about. In the hospital room, Rafael tells Jane that Petra’s plan didn’t work and he had to sign over the Fairwick to Derek. I just hope this means no more trouble with Derek, but I’m not too sure we should celebrate just yet.

Mateo is officially a one-year-old! Since Mateo is in the hospital overnight to make sure he’s OK, Jane has to cancel his party. There will be plenty more birthdays to celebrate.

Rafael and Jane look back at the year they’ve spent with Mateo and all the memories they had together as a couple. Jane doesn’t seem as moved as Rafael since she now has Michael to worry about. One thing that hasn’t changed within this year is Rafael’s love for Jane. His heart starts to glow and all he can do is look at Jane like a sad puppy dog. Jane, just look at the guy, please! I’m still holding out for these two as a couple.


So Jane might have to change her wedding date after all. The network executives hired new people to work for the crew members who go on strike, meaning Jane can’t keep her wedding date. The only problem was that Michael’s mom couldn’t attend the wedding if the date is changed. Have no fear! Rogelio already has that covered. Michael’s mom could be flown in by private helicopter — for $3,500. I thought Jane would laugh at this, but she’s in!

Michael has a theory that the Fairwick is so valued by Derek because there are underground tunnels connecting the Fariwick to the Marbella. He grabs his ex-partner Susanna to investigate — and he’s right! However, they were expecting to find money in a hole in the ground of the hotel, not Mutter chained up. Now Derek is the one with the money and on the loose.

Here we go again. Anezka is impersonating Petra and this time she’s visiting their mother in jail! Anezka says that she won’t ruin the plan that she and her mother have worked on for a year. What plan?! How did Petra not find out about this?

What were your thoughts on tonight’s episode of Jane the Virgin? Do you think Jane’s wedding will go as planned, since she’s already had issues with planning? I’m waiting to see if Michael survives. What would you have done if you were Rafael? I don’t think Petra’s plan was the greatest, so I’m surprised he picked it. Can you believe that Mateo is already one?! It hurt me to watch Rafael sit there, not being able to tell Jane how he really feels. Why do you think Derek chained Mutter up? Where does he plan to go with that money? What is this plan that Anezka and her mother are talking about? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I am wondering if Michael won’t be arrested before the wedding. He has a shady past and, even as perfect as he appears, could be involved in some kind of criminal activity. As a cop he certainly went outside the law at times. Then he would be out of the picture again.

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