Look at some amazing RVs, and the people who drive them in Going RV

Going-RVSeveral years ago our former publisher did the whole bucket-list checkoff thing and rented an RV so he (along with his wife and three big dogs) could set out on a Midwest mini-roadtrip over the Thanksgiving holiday. Man, we were in awe — I mean how cool to finally rent one of those things and take to the open roads — and props to him for just having the guts to even drive that thing. While the stories that came out of that disastrous adventure could have been straight out of a National Lampoon movie (and could still support a 13-episode comedy series), our fascination with RVs has never faltered.

Great American Country has tapped into that sentiment with their lineup of RV focused programming, which includes Going RV, a series that follows hardworking couples and families who ditch ordinary home life for an adventure out on the open road. Going RV returns for a second season beginning tonight (Wednesdays) at 9pmET.

Back-to-back new episodes kick off Season 2 tonight. The first episode features newlyweds Heath and Alyssa, from Austin, Texas, who love to travel. The couple spent their first year of marriage visiting all 50 states in their 29-foot Class C RV (they affectionately named Franklin). Now they want to upgrade to something newer that fits their personal taste and “open road” lifestyle. They are also looking for something more spacious — larger kitchen, a king size bed, more storage. Their budget is $125,000.

Fans of any of the House Hunter-like series will appreciate Going RV‘s similar format that walks potential buyers through three different RVs with varying price points, detailing the potential buyer’s pros and cons on each.

In the second episode, viewers meet James and Shelly, who are ready to go from camping to “glamping.” Glamping is the new word for glamorous camping (some of these RVs are pricing out at close to one million). These newlyweds need a fifth wheel model that can hold their large family for their travel adventures.

The series is a fun look at the people buying the RVs and the amazing amenities that now go into them.

As to where to find Great American Country? The network is available on:
DISH Network on Channel 165
DirecTV on Channel 326
Comcact Cable on Channel 484 (although check local lineups as it varies)
Time Warner Cable (check local lineup)
AT&T U-verse on Channel 529 (check local lineup)
as well as other cable providers