Recap: Naked and Afraid Florida “The Danger Within”

Naked and Afraid Florida Kellie Freeze

This week we’re going to the far-away and exotic destination of Florida. Yup, Naked and Afraid spared no expense and booked this week’s participants a flight on Southwest and it taking the to the Sunshine state, during the rainy season. Have fun!

Let’s meet the people who don’t get a stamp in their passports…

Naked and Afraid Florida

Tawny Lynn
Age: 29 years old
Occupation: Mortgage loan originator, Bartender, Single Mom, Firearms model
Current Residence: Spokane, Washington
Relationship Status: Single
Survival Skills: Fire, Water, Shelter, Knots
Tawny’s a devoted mom and is taking on this challenge to show her daughter that anything is possible. She has a tragic background that makes it very hard for her to trust anyone. If you want to shed a few tears over all that this woman has endured, head over to her Naked and Afraid bio. It’s heartbreaking and really, really honest. And long. She says, “This is either going to make or break me.”

Tawny starts her 21-day experience with an initial Primitive Survival Rating (PSR) of 7.2 out of 10.0.

Naked and Afraid Florida

Julio Castano
Age: 28 years old
Occupation: Office Clerk
Current Residence: Hollywood, Florida
Relationship Status: Married
Survival Skills: Trapping, Purifying Water, Making Cordage, Shelter Building, Knot Making, Fire Making
Julio was born and raised in Colombia before moving to South Florida where he’s lived for the past nine years. Julio learned to love the outdoors at his grandfather’s farm, and was taught many life lessons from his father. He says that he devours every survival book he can find, which may not mean that he has much real-life experience. Julio totally lucks out by getting to survive less than 4 hours from his own backyard.

Julio starts his 21-day experience with an initial PSR of 7.4 out of 10.

Julio loves spiders, Tawny loves her daughter and their home for the next week is Florida’s Seminole Forest, home to:
Diamond back rattlesnakes
Black bears
Giant mosquitos, 20x the size of a normal mosquito
Lots of poisonous spiders, including the golden silk orb-weaver spider

Day 1
Tawny reveals that she’s afraid of spiders, which makes Julio laugh because he collects the arachnids. But Julio admits that he’s afraid of small dogs like Chihuahuas. I’d rather run into a nest of small dogs instead of a nest of venomous spiders.

Although they don’t do the normal, “Let’s look in our bags” scene, we see that Julio and Tawny have a cooking pot with lid, a magnesium fire starter and a blade of some kind.

Tawny and Julio seems to get along pretty well form the start. They both are upbeat and quickly find an area near a stream to build a shelter.

That night, Tawny sees eye shine from some kind of big critter and it leads to a night of no sleep.

Day 2
Julio goes in search of food (without a knife!) and makes the very ill-advised decision to try to catch a rattlesnake with a log. The snake ends up being pretty small, but it’s a minor miracle that he isn’t bitten. Tawny is pretty psyched that her partner has already found food, and it’s only day 2!
It’s a small meal, but a big victory for #TeamJawny.

After they’ve eaten, the rain begins and Julio and Tawny scramble to secure their shelter. Their fire burns out, and they can’t get it relit, so their night is cold and buggy.

Day 3
The terrible night before has both Julio and Tawny’s spirits pretty low. Julio is able to catch a tiny anole that he names “Fernando,” and feels horrible for killing it. It’s a meal that almost isn’t worth eating, and makes him gag, but he’s able to choke it down. I guess calories are calories, no matter how small.

That night, Julio is not himself. He’s been down all day and says he misses his wife. This is usually foreshadowing that someone will not last the entire 21 days. Tawny comforts him but worries about his deteriorating mental state.

Day 4
Julio is still a head-case. He’s acting Shane-crazy. To make her partner feel better, Tawny heads down to the stream to catch tiny fish. But she has to scramble out of the shallows when she spies an 8-foot alligator. Tawny’s catch of a dozen or so fish is smaller than she’d like, but she’s hungry and excited for food. But Julio claims that he isn’t hungry and refuses to eat. Tawny is pissed that her partner isn’t taking in calories. He’s no good to her if he’s not mentally and physically strong.

Day 5

Naked and Afraid Florida
Tawny: “Hey Julio, penny for your thoughts”
Julio: “I want to harm myself … and you.”
Tawny: “Um, never mind.”

Tawny catches another anole, but Julio still refuses to eat. He stares into the camera muttering, “What the hell and I doing here? I don’t belong here.” Later, he makes some psychotic-sounding comments to Tawny. He’s definitely doing off of the deep end. Tawny may want to sleep with one eye open tonight and is worried enough about her partner’s mental health to confront him. She lets him know that she’s concerned, and Julio admits that he’s thinking about doing really bad things to himself and others.

Producers decide that Julio is a danger to himself and others, and removes him from the experience. This is the first time I’ve seen production do this, and thank goodness they did, because he was about to go loco. Julio feels guilty, but Tawny simply adds Julio to the long list of men who have let her down in her life saying, “My life was destroyed by people like him.” Hey Naked and Afraid, awesome job casting this week. Are there any mental health questions in your application? Also, is there post-show counseling that you can offer both Julio and Tawny?

That night is Tawny’s first alone….

Day 6
…well, not really alone. She wakes up covered with hundreds of bug bites.

Naked and Afraid FloridaDay 8
Now that Tawny is alone, she needs a little help catching some food. As if on cue, Tawny spies an otter dragging a fish onto the shore. She sneaks over and when the otter hops in to the water, she ganks the fish! Thanks otter! She doesn’t care that the otter had ben gnawing on her grub mere moments before, it’s food and it’s hers. “Sorry, not sorry!” she calls to her new BFF. But the otter fails to see the humor in such a “basic bitch” comment, and just scowls. High five Tawny — for stealing supper and for dishing snark.

Day 11
A little bit of rain, but nothing much to report here. Except — remember that time when Naked and Afraid brought someone mentally unstable on the show?!? Me to. I totally remember that, because it was like 10 minutes ago.

Day 13
Tawny talks about her adorable daughter whom she calls “The light of my life.” Sweet girl, your mom is tough!

Day 14
Tawny plays eye spy with some bear poop. And pokes it with her stick. Later, the bear stops by camp to borrow a cup of sugar. Not really, it pokes around the camp, but once it catches wind of Tawny’s tang, it runs off.

But that night, Yogi returns to investigate. If I were Tawny, I would be losing my mind with fear. But Tawny is way tougher than I am.

Day 18
The bear continues to stalk Tawny. She looks exhausted and I wonder is she’s slept in days. Her mind is clearly elsewhere because she accidentally sets her shelter on fire. She’s so brain-dead that she pokes at the flamed for a few seconds before realizing that she’s in serious danger. She finally exits the raging inferno and says, “I have no words right now” as she helplessly watches her shelter go up in flames.

Naked and Afraid Florida

I feel bad for Tawny, but she’s a really tough woman, so I hope she regroups, refocuses and rebuilds.

Day 19
Tawny spend the night before lying on the ground, but with the start of a new day comes a new plan. She makes a small, but cute shelter. But she’s only one small, cute person, so she doesn’t need anything more complicated.

Naked and Afraid FloridaDay 21
Morning breaks and Tawny knows that she’s only an extraction hike away from a trip home. But first, she needs to step into some bear poop. Take that bear! Tawny’s extraction hike forces her to meander along the snaking river but she meanders too much and gets lost. But she takes a moment to regroup and finds her bearings and is back on track. When a muddy truck rolls up, she leaps in without a care of who is driving it. It could have been the bear driving, and it wouldn’t have mattered at all to Tawny.

She triumphantly rides off in the truck’s bed and calls, “Florida, I will not miss you!”

Over the course of 21 days, Tawny lost 21 pounds. She dominated the wilds of Florida and her PSR rose from 7.2 to 7.9.

Julio is doing better mentally and physically (than goodness), but his PSR plummets from 7.4 to 4.1.

Holy crap. Naked and Afraid is no joke, but Julio was clearly not meant for this experience. And props to Tawny not only for completing the adventure, but keeping your eye makeup and hair looking good. I know that appearance was the least of your concerns, but you still looked adorable. And I hope that your daughter gets more proof of what a fearless female she has for a mommy.

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  1. Show is interesting, but PSR’s like this episode ” Danger Within”, are B.S.!! Tawney makes it through by herself and they give her a + .7 PSR, but Julio, whp drops out early only drops by 3.3?? COME ON NETWORK, he’s in the show for 1/4 the time . . .so his PDR has dropped by the time involved = 1/4. His PSR should drop to 1.85. And has been said before, why are the gals ALWAYS given a lower PSR to start with, and not given higher PSR’s in the end where rightfully due?

  2. How come some of you people have to attack the real fans of Naked and Afraid and just let people enjoy the show for what it is!
    I enjoy watching the people and their daily struggles. It is a true survivalist show and I enjoy every episode!

  3. I enjoyed the shots of the shocked otter. The little buggers have stolen fish from my string of fish many times. They, raccoons. squirrels and chipmunks are natural born thieves when comes to food.

    • I live in Santa Cruz where otters are treasured by everyone except the abalone divers. There are restaurants at the yacht harbor where you can sit outside and watch otters eat much-wanted clams. On XL, Dani, also from Santa Cruz, saw river otters and didn’t tell the rest of the pack because we all love them here.

    • Hi J. C., where do you live that you have otters? Are they sea otters or river otters? I know Dani J didn’t tell the “rat pack” about the river otters because the HE-MAN, BIG-MOUTH, EEL-KILLER, SUPER-JEFF would have rushed over to kill one; good for Dani. I felt XL did her an injustice; she was a nice woman, maybe not contributing a lot but what did Danielle contribute other than her pretty smile. As I’ve said several times before, there’s no way she could have survived on dried mangoes and flowers for 40 days; I still say she screwed the camera man for a veggie burger. 🙂

      • Laurajane,
        I lived in Livermore 34 years. I live in Arizona now. Wife and I saw many of the sea otters around Monterrey in a restaurant built over the water. I also went fishing out of Monterrey and Santa Cruz, I also played a lot of golf there. The river otters were in the Sacramento river and all over the Rocky Mountains, where I had once lived. I enjoyed watching the sea and river otters antics. I never ever thought of killing anything so cute. The Russians (when they had Alaska) and others almost hunted the sea otters to extinction for their fur pelts.

        • We had a family of otters living in a canal about one block from our house in Daytona Beach Florida. We love them, they’re beautiful, graceful creatures who spend 95% of their time playing. They’ll play with any animal they can get involved, they’re hilarious. Why people killed them out of hand in the US and Canada shows stunning ignorance an insensitivity. Of course, stunning ignorance and insensitivity go hand in hand with anything that creates profits.

  4. I believe that Julio was sexually attracted to Tawny, and being that he thought he was a committed, monogamous man, it shook him to the core. That is why he could not look at her when she was speaking, and he withdrew so much. If you review his statement, I think he was fantasizing about raping her.

    When men whine that they are faithful husbands (or homosexual) and can’t cuddle to share body heat with their female partner “because it just wouldn’t be right.” – those guys make me want to track them down and castrate them. Co-operating is part of the challenge, dudes! If your wife is so jealous that they can’t handle you spooning with some girl you are naked with for 21 days, then I really feel sorry for your relationship. Or is your ego that is the problem, you can’t understand that there will be some erections involved with seeing a naked woman every day for the length of the challenge?

    What happens on N&A stays on N&A. And yes, I am married, for almost 30 years to a man who would have my permission to share his bountiful body heat with any woman on N&A.

    • You’re an idiot. A man who is smart enough not to put himself in a compromising position where something ‘could’ possibly happen is much more trustworthy than a man who thinks himself immune to human nature and male urges. That’s where the phrase “I never planned it, it just happened” comes from! (notwithstanding the fact that going on the show is the first action of putting oneself in a potential compromising position…).

      • If he’s that smart he’s smart enough not to go on a show where he has to be naked with a naked woman in a remote area. Of course none of would consider Julio very smart.

  5. I recently tuned in to the beginning of Season 2 of ALONE, a History Channel survival show which takes place on Vancouver Island. What an improvement over N&A. Supposedly, these 10 people are completely alone having to deal with a high population of black bears. After season one, 3500 people applied and narrowed down to 10. One guy bailed on day one cause he saw bear shit. As Solleia said, she’s tired of listening to people say they’re doing it “for their children” or just to prove to themselves that they “can do it”. They have good incentive to make it on Alone; there’s a $500,000 prize waiting for the last man standing. Check it out on Thursday nights on History, seems like it will be a great show.

      • The winner of Season One on ALONE was male and lasted 57 days before Contestant #2 decided he “should” go home because his mother was dying of cancer and Contestant #3 decided to go home because his wife was about to have a baby and thought he should be with her; duh, don’t these people realize this BEFORE going on the show. Why don’t they just say up front that half a million dollars is the reason they are doing this?

        I have wondered for years why the survivalists are almost always white. I have not seen any Latinos (except for Julio) or blacks (except for Hakim) or Asians (yet) When I watched this season’s preview episode, N&A said they were all NEW survivalists; NOT SO. I saw this woman who was on a couple (or few) years ago. She was the one who wanted her partner to go croc hunting with her cause “it was fun”. She left because of illness and her partner went on to catch a croc all by himself, anyone remember that episode? I saw her on one of the previews of upcoming episodes where she’s partnered with this scrawny little Asian guy with John Lennon glasses and she’s browbeating him and he tells her not to treat him like a kid and she says, “well, if you act like a kid, I’ll treat you like a kid”. I’m looking forward to that upcoming episode. Anyone else remember her; can’t remember her name.

        • Her name is Amber Hargrove. The episode was titled “Alligator Alley.” She got very ill with dysentery or something on the 16th day. She apologized for her remarks to her partner. The previews have shown her with a guy who looks like a scarecrow.

        • The Last Alaskans is a pretty good show too.
          Alone is supposed to switch locations next time. Bears are pretty real out there.

  6. I think its insane that the women always get a low PSR, Tawny put up with a idiot , MADE IT threw the whole time and goes up hardly at all. I am sick of seeing the women get slighted

    • The “survival experts” doing the PSR are no doubt “quirky” males. I don’t know if it helps but I am one male who agrees with you. Invariably the women are screwed on the PSR which is meaningless.

      • From what we’ve all seen it would appear that the PSR’s are Poorly Sourced Ratings, no meaning and no basis in fact. It’s literally galling to watch what the “producers” provide us with. This could be a really, really good show but it’s only really good about every fourth episode.

  7. I have been watching N&A since year one and I will continue to watch and complain about the ridiculousness of the show; it’s just choreographed entertainment. Doesn’t every faithful fan realize that NO ONE is in danger of being attacked by a bear, Florida leopard or a moose? Last week, they showed one wide-scan view of the bear supposedly stalking Tawny, showing both the bear and Tawny. Do you really think the producers and camera crew are going to stand by and film a bear tearing Tawny into shreds; not a chance. The camera crew has rifles and it wouldn’t look good to the audience to see Tawny being eaten by a bear. I’ve camped in Yosemite Valley and seen bears ripping apart cars with food in the trunks, not pretty, and there’s no way they would allow that to happen; why is she even acting scared to death when the camera crew is right there? Has anyone ever noticed that, during interviews with the camera crew, a woman’s hairstyle will change 2-3 times during the same interview; that’s proof that this is all staged. But I love the show. 🙂

    • Laurajane. I am with you 100%. The producers try to introduce a sense of danger when there is none, but it is fun to make fantasies even when we know better. Watching the ridiculous things some of the participants do is even more fun. I like to be entertained even though it is frustrating at times. Except for a few needed basic skills; mind state, ingenuity and intuition are more important than anything else. I like your comments here and elsewhere.

  8. Well thank God Julio was pulled before he could do something everybody would regret. And hopes he gets the help he needs

    • On day 3 or 4, he was crying that he missed his wife so much; well, damn, he knew in advance he’d be gone for at least 30 days, why the F did he even sign up if he couldn’t be away from her for more than 3-4 days. I feel sorry for his wife; he must be a handful.

  9. At the beginning of each show, they say that each survivalist goes through “rigorous mental and physical” tests to come up with their PSR. How did Julio pass the mental test if, after 5 days, he’s thinking about hurting himself or Tawny, really???? He was so messed up that he didn’t even tap out, the producers decided he was a danger to Tawny and himself and drug his sleazy, dangerous ass out of there. Tawny didn’t even want to spend that night with him. She did a great job after he left. What a nutcase. I agree with Ken-O about just telling the producers you’re going to make the jungle your bitch and then you’re in; damn.

    • From the results the “rigorous” mental and physical tests appear to be written exams and some phonyed up videos.

  10. I agree KenO. You are spot on. This season’s episodes have been hit and miss. Mostly miss. Thin and watery. This one was especially ridiculous. And – this is just me but – I’m getting tired of people who are “doing it for their kid(s)”. Really? Just stay home with them and they would probably appreciate it a lot more.

    • Solleia. It isn’t just you! The dumbest statement is “I’m doing it for my kid(s).” Unsaid is: “See how self sacrificing I am; aren’t I a wonderful parent?” Dumb.

  11. I was so glad to see someone from my home town do this, So kudos to Tawny for showing that women can do this. We are just as strong as any one when we set our minds to it. Julio, he needs to grow a pair. As far as people watching this just so they can see private parts, are you serious!? You need to grow up and be an adult. Just saying…

  12. JC, I don’t watch it. It is garbage my friend. Please get help for yourself before it’s too late.

    • You don’t watch it? Do us a favor and leave us alone then. If you don’t have a legitimate perspective you need to be elsewhere.

    • Hey Bob – Yea – right – you dont watch it – you just follow the blogs and comment on it and insult people you know nothing the F*DFJ about.
      Such a @#$@#$ liare. Why dont you go get a life – you !@#$!$# loser.

  13. Only a bunch of no life, creepy voyeurs would watch garbage like this. Folks I know it is hard to do, but elevate your lives, pick yourself out of the garbage heap, and watch real tv that may elevate your minds. The only reason you creeps want to watch this show if for the moments when you think you are going to see some private parts. You are ALL a pack of losers with no life. Please, make believe you all have a reason to live.

    • Voyeurs???? Are you kidding me? Do you think I like watching men’s ass cracks filled with dirt and crap; hardly titillating. Last summer, on XL, Jeff was called “maggot butt” because he didn’t keep himself clean and got maggots in his ass. As Ken-O said, “leave us fans alone”.

  14. I really liked Kellie’s NOT sanitized and encrypted write up of the episode. Kellie’s touch of humor was great!
    Julio became frightened at the beginning when they had a night visit by wildlife. Julio has a streak of cowardice often called “no cajones.”
    Tawny coped and regrouped at every set back. Good for her! She dealt with the curious and lonesome bear by vigilance and humor. I liked that. I hope that someday she meets a man who has “cajones” and will stick with her.
    It seems to me that the men who do not like and respect women (misogyny?) do not do well on this show. I see such men around all the time and they seem weird to me. I do not want to “understand” them!

  15. What is going on with the producers and recruiters at N&A? Are these people this incompetent? All you have to do is tell them that you’re going to make the jungle your bitch and you’re in? No vetting, no background checks? Just the word of some, usually pretty weird people? How many times now have we seen some dippy dude fail whether or not they actually make it to the end? Jesus it’s getting ridiculous to watch. If it weren’t for the unusually pleasant episodes like last week the show would be intolerable to watch. I’m not seeing much credibility, from phony settings and irresponsible casting to impossible restraints placed on participants (don’t kill anything and don’t cut anything down to make shelters).

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